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Daily Archives: April 12, 2018

By Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN Jessica Bailiff looked out at her class and saw empty desks where her students were supposed to be. The physics teacher’s heart sank. She knew why they weren’t there. The day before, federal authorities had swept through a nearby meatpacking plant, rounding up nearly 100 […]

By Tal Kopan, CNN Washington (CNN)The Trump administration is suspending a program that provides legal advice for undocumented immigrants, a Justice Department official confirmed Wednesday. Immigrant advocacy groups immediately were concerned that the move could be an attempt to undercut the rights of immigrants pursuing the ability to stay in […]

This year’s research features 639 leading corporate immigration attorneys who come highly regarded for their experience in the legal immigration and naturalisation of skilled workers. The individuals listed here specialise in assisting corporate entities navigate the increasingly complex regulatory environments in jurisdictions around the world through sophisticated immigration planning and […]