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By Gary Endelman There is a fascinating observation in a recent column by noted demographer Michael Barone. Listen to what he says: “The 2010 Census tells something else that may prove important: There’s been a slowdown of immigration since the recession began in 2007 and even some reverse migration. If […]

By Gary Endelman Until I looked at the new DS-5513 Biographical Questionnaire for a US Passport in the February 24th issue of Federal Register, I did not fully comprehend that extent to which the State Department would go to prevent adopted children from travelling internationally.  Now I know. […]

No Visas Comrade!

13 Mar

By Gary Endelman Interesting tidbit in today’s newspaper of record that fans of the Visa Waiver program would be well to note. Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden join in supporting the idea of making Russia the latest member of the visa waive club. Whether this is a good idea […]

Civil War Within the GOP

4 Mar

By Gary Endelman We tend to forget it now, and so do they, but the Republican Party was born in protest. The political expression of the Northern revulsion against the Dred Scott decision, the GOP embodied an aggressive nationalism that helped to usher America into the modern era.  For some […]