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By NICHOLAS KULISH, GARDINER HARRIS and RON NIXON Much of the criticism of the executive order signed by President Trump has focused on foreigners prevented from entering the country, but a court filing in the legal battle over the travel ban reveals a far broader impact, imperiling the residency status […]

CEOs of some of the world’s biggest companies are fighting back against President Donald Trump’s temporary immigration ban, calling it un-American and bad for business. The heads of Apple, Ford and Goldman Sachs said that they don’t support the executive order the president signed last week, which bans immigrants from […]

By Laura D. Francis U.S. companies are scrambling in response to President Donald Trump’s Jan. 27 immigration executive order, which could have a bigger impact on immigrant workers than originally thought. “Employers are very concerned” about how the order will affect their workers’ ability to come or return to the […]