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Individuals and Families

Immigration Lawyers Serving the Dallas, Houston, & Austin, TX Areas

At Foster, we’re proud of our long history of service and advocacy on behalf of individuals and families. Life happens, and it isn’t always easy, but having a trusted advisor to help you navigate the immigration landscape gives you the freedom and flexibility to pursue your dreams, unite with your family, or simply adjust to life’s surprises.

Why Should You Use an Immigration Attorney?

United States immigration law is extremely complex; going through a licensed immigration lawyer ensures that you are taking the right steps. In most cases, hiring an immigration attorney can save you time, stress, and even money. If you do not use an attorney, you might find yourself having to pay to redo an application done incorrectly the first time; you might also face removal proceedings if something in your application is missing or incorrectly filled out.

The following is a list of potential situations where choosing an immigration law firm to assist you may be helpful.

  • You are uncertain about your eligibility for a green card or other immigration benefits
  • You are having difficulty obtaining a green card, citizenship, or other benefits
  • You need emergency assistance with an immigration matter
  • You are planning to move to the U.S. to work for a local employer but have not received assistance with the immigration process
  • You are confused or too busy to deal with the necessary forms and documents
  • You are requesting some sort of discretionary relief due to extreme circumstance

If any of these circumstances apply to you, call Foster LLP today to schedule a consult.

What Does an Immigration Attorney Do?

Moving to a new country can be a challenge, as it can involve many different legal requirements and documentation. This can quickly become overwhelming, especially if English is not your first language. Hiring an immigration attorney can be incredibly helpful as you navigate this process. Our firm specializes in immigration law and can help you navigate the immigration system in the Houston, Austin, and Dallas, TX areas. Here are some of the ways that we can assist you on your journey: 

  • Legal Guidance: If you are not familiar with the immigration process, an attorney can be an invaluable resource. Our office can help you gain a clear understanding of the available actions, requirements, and potential challenges you may face. We have the experience to help you make informed decisions and develop a comprehensive plan to work towards your goals.
  • Assistance with Visa Applications: The visa application process can be incredibly difficult without professional help. Our office will work with you to ensure that all necessary documents are gathered, completed correctly, and submitted within the required timelines. Regardless of the type of visa you are applying for, working with an immigration attorney can increase your chances of achieving a successful outcome.
  • Representation: In cases where you or a loved one face deportation or removal proceedings, an immigration attorney can represent you in immigration court. Our extensive knowledge and experience helps us present legal arguments and evidence to advocate on your behalf and strive for the best possible outcome.
  • Assistance with Immigration Appeals: If your initial immigration application is denied, you have the chance to appeal the decision. An immigration attorney can be incredibly helpful with this process. We will review the reasons for your denial, identify potential grounds for appeal, and prepare a strong case to present to the appropriate party. We’ll make sure that everything is filled out correctly and submitted on time, increasing your chances for a successful outcome.
  • Keeping Up with Changing Immigration Laws: Immigration laws and regulations are subject to frequent changes and updates. We stay up to date with these changes and will make sure that you are aware of any new requirements or procedures that may affect your immigration status. This helps you take appropriate action when necessary.

If you’re navigating the immigration process, give the office of Foster LLP a call! By working with an immigration attorney, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a dedicated professional advocating for your interests. Our offices in Houston, Dallas, and Austin, TX are always ready to help.

Our Individual and Family-Based Services Include:

Contact Our Law Firm for Assistance with Employment Visas & Green Card Applications

If you’re in need of a reliable immigration attorney, turn to the team at Foster LLP. For years, we’ve provided quality legal assistance to clients across Houston, Austin, Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas. Our immigration law firm has experience with employment visas and the green card application process. No matter your needs, we’re here to help you work towards gaining your U.S. citizenship. Our lawyers will ensure that you have all the proper paperwork for your visa or green card application. If you’re interested in learning more, don’t waste another moment. Contact our law firm to get started on filing for an employment visa or green card.