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BRAZIL — Visa-Exempt Travel for Australian, Canadian, U.S. and Japanese Citizens

2 Apr

Effective June 17, 2019, nationals of Australia, Canada, Japan, and the United States will be able to travel to Brazil without a visa for stays up to 90 days as a visitor.

Visitors to Brazil without a visa may:

1. Vacation, engage certain business activities, transit through Brazil, participate in artistic or sports activities, and under exceptional circumstances engage in activities promoting the national interest.

2. Apply to extend their stay for an additional 90 days after their 90-day entry expires, but may not stay in Brazil for longer than 180 days in any 12-month period, meaning that the total time spent in Brazil over twelve months must be less than 180 days.

Until June 17, 2019, when the visa exemption becomes effective, citizens of Australia, Canada, Japan, and the United States are currently required to obtain a visa to travel to Brazil for any purpose. For visitor travel, a VIVIS visa may be obtained through application at a Brazilian consular post; however, these nationalities have the unique additional option to apply for an e-Visa online with a $44.24 visa and service fee, in advance of travel to Brazil. The e-Visa offers a relatively fast processing time of five (5) business days and is issued electronically and emailed directly to the applicant’s email address. Travelers with e-Visas are presently required to present a printed copy of the e-Visa and their valid passport at the airport to travel to Brazil.

Brazilian immigration laws previously required nationals of these countries, and nationals of other countries which require a visa to travel to Brazil, to apply for visas at a Brazilian Embassy or Consulate. Now after less than a year of implementing the e-Visa process for only United States, Australian, Canadian, and Japanese citizens, the Brazilian immigration authorities have already noted a substantial increase by approximately 35% in Brazilian visitor visa applications as part of efforts to promote tourism and economic growth through facilitating business and investment in the country.

Foster will continue to monitor developments in the entry requirements to Brazil and will provide future updates as they become available in Foster Immigration Updates© or on our Firm’s website at