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ISRAEL – Short-Term Work Visa Program Renewed

5 Feb

The 30-day Short Employment Authorization (SEA) visa program has been re-implemented after its suspension at the end of 2014. This short term work visa authorizes stays for up to thirty days over a twelve month period. While the standard B1 work authorization process takes approximately nine weeks, applicants under the SEA program are typically issued their SEA permit within 2-3 business days. Once the SEA has been issued, the applicant may enter the country and begin work immediately; however, they are required to apply at the Ministry of Interior for a B1 work visa within two (2) business days of arrival.

The SEA program is only available to visitor visa waiver nationals. The program is currently implemented on a trial basis, available only until June 30, 2015, unless extended by the Israeli authorities. While the SEA program provides benefits for individuals needing to travel to Israel on an urgent, short-term basis, prospective applicants should be aware that this type of work authorization may only be issued once per 12-month period. In addition, recipients of this short-term authorization are not eligible to apply for the long-term B1 work authorization until a full year has elapsed from their entry under the SEA work permit.

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