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November 2019 Visa Bulletin – Continued Acceptance Based on Dates for Filing and Modest Progression of Backlogged Priority Dates

21 Oct

Click here to view November 2019 Visa Bulletin.

The U.S. Department of State (DOS) published the Monthly Visa Bulletin for November 2019, which reflects no changes from October 2019 in the “Dates for Filing” dates but otherwise generally shows modest forward movement in the “Final Action Dates,” or priority dates, across the majority of backlogged preference categories.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) also confirmed on its website that beneficiaries of employment-based immigrant petitions should continue to use the Dates for Filing rather than the Final Action Dates when filing during the month of October 2019.  In the recent past, CIS had generally required employment-based immigrant visa applications to be filed based on the Final Action Dates, which were typically later than the Dates for Filing.

The following Dates for Filing remained the same dates as in the October 2019 Visa Bulletin and are much earlier than the Final Action Dates. Although applications may be accepted earlier by CIS, applications cannot be ultimately approved until after the Final Action Date, or priority date.

Beneficiaries of approved employment-based immigrant petitions who may be eligible to file adjustment of status applications in November are recommended to start preparation of these applications as soon as possible with their Foster immigration attorney to plan for the earliest possible filing date in the month of November. 

Foster LLP will continue to monitor immigrant visa availability and provide updates via future Immigration Updates© and posts on our website at