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Next year is a presidential election year, and electioneering has already begun to gain momentum in both parties.  There’s no doubt the ever-increasing political rhetoric has begun to motivate future voters at both ends of the political spectrum who may qualify to become U.S. citizens.  As immigration attorneys, we see […]

In March of 2019, the Social Security Administration(SSA) resumed issuing “no-match” letters to employers, a practice it had discontinued in 2012.  Re-branded as “Employer Correction Requests”, these “no-match” letters are currently being issued to employers with at least one employee whose name and social security number as listed on the […]

Click here to view 2019 June Visa Bulletin The U.S. Department of State (DOS) posted the Monthly Visa Bulletin for June 2019, reflecting slight forward progress in the  EB-1 preference category for all chargeability areas except China, which remains the same & India, which retrogressed substantially. EB-2 remains current for all countries […]

LOS ANGELES — The Trump administration is notifying tens of thousands of employers that the names of some of their employees do not match their Social Security numbers, a move that is forcing businesses across the country to brace for the loss of thousands of workers who lack legal status. […]