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PHILIPPINES – Annual In-Person Reporting Requirement for All Registered Aliens

31 Dec

The Commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) in the Philippines requires that all registered aliens make an in-person reporting appearance to the BI office with jurisdiction over their residence within the first sixty (60) days of the 2015 calendar year. As part of the reporting process, individuals are required to present their original Alien Certificate of Registration identity cards (ACR I-Card), complete the application materials, and pay a fee of PHP 310 to the BI office. Third-party representatives are generally not able to undertake the annual reporting requirement on behalf of foreign nationals, as was the practice in the past. However, foreign nationals who made the in-person appearance in 2014 can have their personal appearance waived for 2015 and a legal representative can appear on their behalf, but they must pay an additional non-appearance government fee. A parent or legal guardian is able report on behalf foreign national dependents under the age of fourteen (14).

Foreign nationals who fail to report by the March 1, 2015 deadline will be subject to a monthly fine of PHP 200. Failure to report in person to the applicable BI office may result in an administrative fine, deportation, and, in certain extreme circumstances, imprisonment. Foreign nationals who travel frequently and are likely to be outside of the country during the Annual Reporting time period must make the in-person filing within 30 days of returning to the country.

As a critical component of Philippine immigration compliance, all foreign nationals and companies should prepare to undertake the reporting activities during the required time frame. As always, Foster will continue to monitor global immigration regulations, requirements, and procedures and will provide future updates via our firm’s website at