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Reinstatement of Canadian Visitor Visas for Mexicans

4 Mar

 Effective February 29, 2024, the Canadian government has changed its visa requirements for citizens of Mexico. Previously, Mexican citizens had been eligible for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to travel visa-free to Canada since 2016.  

 Unless they meet the eTA eligibility criteria for visa-exempt travel, Mexicans will immediately be required to obtain a visitor visa in order to travel to Canada.  To continue to qualify for visa-exempt travel with an eTA, Mexican citizens who are travelling to Canada by air will either need to have held a Canadian visa in the last 10 years or hold a valid U.S. non-immigrant visa. Existing eTAs will remain valid for Mexican citizens with Canadian work or study permits.  

 The new policy applies to Mexican travelers whose travel arrangements were already made before the implementation of the new requirement. Mexican visitors already in Canada may remain in Canada for their entire authorized period of stay but will require visas for their next travel. 

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