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By Soni Sangha Students waiting for the school bus or walking to school are at risk of being targeted by immigration enforcement agents, advocates say, stirring fear and distress that is impacting on fellow students, school enrollment and school reform efforts on diversity. The hot-button issue will be addressed in […]

by Julián Aguilar When thousands of Central American children began flooding across the Texas border in 2014, the state’s legal community said it was ready to pitch in and help minors seeking asylum in the United States navigate a system that doesn’t guarantee a right to counsel. Two years later however, some of […]

LOS ANGELES — At 1-year-old, a wide-eyed, restless Joshua Tinoco faces the prospect of deportation to his native Honduras, one of tens of thousands of children who arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border last year. While his teenage mother has been allowed to stay in the U.S. and seek a green […]

By David Rogers The Justice Department is asking a federal judge in Seattle to stay all further court action on the due process claims of child migrants while it appeals his decision last month to take up the question of whether juveniles have a right to counsel under the Constitution. […]