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Trump and the Dreamers

14 Feb

The Wall Street Journal Senators are debating immigration this week in a way the Senate was intended to function—with open debate and amendments. Imagine that. No one knows how it will turn out, but this is the best chance the U.S. has in years to break the right-left stalemate, if […]

By Thomas B. Edsall, The New York Times President Trump’s immigration proposal has put Democrats in a bind; they know it and he knows it. Trump’s immigration “framework” — first outlined on Jan. 25 — represents an unusually sophisticated strategy. He proposes to more than double the number of Dreamers […]

By Maria Sacchetti, Washington Post President Trump’s latest immigration proposal contains bitter pills for people on both sides of the debate to swallow. At once expansive and restrictive, it offers a path to citizenship for up to 1.8 million undocumented immigrants brought here as children but severely curtails options for […]