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by Moriah Balingit, The Washington Post Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Tuesday walked back controversial remarks she made to Congress two weeks ago, clarifying in a Senate hearing that she does not think teachers and principals can report students to immigration authorities. DeVos told the House Committee on Education and […]

By Elizabeth Redden, Inside Higher Ed Two major news organizations are reporting that the Trump administration is considering restrictions on visas for Chinese citizens, including students, as part of a forthcoming package of tariffs and investment restrictions against China. The Wall Street Journal and Politico have both reported that the […]

CHICAGO — Nearly half the recent immigrants to the United States have college degrees, reflecting a steady increase in educational attainment fueled largely by growing numbers of people from Asia, a study released on Thursday showed. Rising immigration from countries such as India, China and the Philippines helped increase the […]

The im­mig­rants who have re­cently come to the United States are the most highly edu­cated in his­tory. A Pew Re­search Cen­ter ana­lys­is of U.S. Census Bur­eau data shows that 41 per­cent of im­mig­rants ar­riv­ing in the past five years had com­pleted at least a bach­el­or’s de­gree. By com­par­is­on, only 20 per­cent of newly […]