Visa Bulletin Update – EB5 Vietnam

As the EB-5 industry expected, the EB-5 category for Vietnamese nationals is no longer current for this fiscal year. However, we do expect the priority date for Vietnamese nationals to advance over time more quickly than we have seen for mainland born Chinese nationals.

Vietnam: New 30-Day E-Visa Pilot Program for Business and Tourist Travel

Guidelines were introduced by Decree 07/2017/ND-CP to begin implementation on February 1, 2017, of a new 30-day e-visa pilot program for business and tourist travel to Vietnam.  Although not fully implemented and explained by regulation at this time, the Vietnam government’s...

VIETNAM – Intra-Company Transfers Eligible for Work Permit Exemption

Effective December 22, 2014, intra-company transferees to Vietnam may qualify for an exemption to the normal work permit requirements. This exemption is limited to individuals working for entities in eleven targeted service sectors including the communication, construction,...