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🔊 UPCOMING WEBINAR: Get Your Business Immigration Policy Ready for 2024

29 Nov

🔊 UPCOMING #WEBINAR: Get Your Business Immigration Policy Ready for 2024 with Foster Partners Helene Dang and Sandra Dorsthorst

Register in the following link:…/6918801598122326620 

A well-crafted immigration policy helps U.S. employers recruit international talent to fill critical roles within their organization while aligning with legal compliance and business goals. This webinar will touch on what employers need to know in order to develop or update, as well as implement, their immigration policy for the best chance of success in 2024.

🧠 Learning Objectives/Topics
1-Educate HR professionals on legal, business, and practical considerations for companies in developing and implementing an immigration policy that aligns with business objectives.
2- Discuss key elements of a policy, such as deciding when to sponsor for work visas or green cards, payments of fees and travel costs, and managing employer compliance.
3- Explore effective ways to implement your immigration policy within your organization.

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