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Governments Continue to Warn Citizens Against International Travel

22 Jan

As countries across the globe continue to battle the spread of COVID-19, governments continue to warn citizens against international travel. Since March 2020, countries have implemented and revised global travel restrictions to minimize the spread of the virus. Approaching a year later, many countries face the same struggle. 

For example, recently Canada has strongly considered implementing an international travel ban as the government implores citizens not to leave the country. A ban of this nature would mirror strict international travel restrictions some countries, including Australia and New Zealand, have followed since the beginning of the pandemic. These two countries have severely restricted travel both into and out of the country. 

International travel continues to be problematic as countries may impose travel restrictions at any time and without notice, which could affect a traveler’s ability to return home when planned. Just this week on January 20th, the Netherlands announced a one-month ban on flights from the United Kingdom, South Africa, and many South American countries. There was only 3 days’ notice, as the ban begins Saturday, January 23rd. As restrictions of this nature continue to be implemented, the risk of traveling internationally persists as travel restrictions may also include required COVID-19 testing, mandatory quarantine before or after entry, or an outright travel ban resulting in few or no available flights. 

The United States also continues to take measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, and as the new administration takes over, the government may impose new travel restrictions, COVID-19 testing requirements, and quarantine requirements at any time. The current restrictions and the possible imposition of new travel restrictions could leave travelers outside the U.S. who are unable to readily return when scheduled.  

In cases where a visa application is needed, appointment availability at U.S. Consulates and Embassies is limited. Most Consular posts are still closed to routine visa services, and there is no published timetable for resuming full visa services.  

Foster will continue to monitor developments in connection with international travel restrictions and will make future updates available on our firm’s website at