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HISD helps immigrant students realize college dreams

17 Dec

Cristian Aguilar wrote four words when asked to describe who he is: immigrant, past, present and future.

He’s eager to escape his past and the man who tried to attack him multiple times and who forced him to flee his native Honduras two years ago. He’s thrown himself into his school work in the present, working to learn English at Liberty High School as a senior and acing his other courses.

But, more than anything, he’s focused on his future dreams of attending college.

“I want to change everything in my life,” Aguilar said. “I want to start a career to help me and to help others be successful.”

On Saturday, he and nearly 300 immigrant Houston ISD students and parents attended the district’s fourth annual DREAM Summit to learn how to market themselves to colleges and navigate the often-complicated path to higher education. Click here to continue reading…