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Immigrant Woman

28 Sep

By Liliana Kottwitz

Immigrant woman your blood carries your father’s struggle, and your mother’s dreams,

You will never wane before adversity, you walk forward; you are a warrior with strong giant strides.

Woman, although your skin is tattooed with the immigrant’s stigma you know very well that dignity is not defined by anyone, and that dreams may not be restrained.

Impetuous woman, today you proudly raise the flag of the country whose name is freedom and whose only reality is the respect for diversity.

Immigrant woman you tear down walls, you defy stereotypes, break schemes, free from chains and with your sword you fight unjust condemnations because ideals cannot be imprisoned.

Woman with your example you open new frontiers, and create a beautiful garden with flowers painted in the colors of multiple flags which are impregnated with the fragrance of tolerance and brotherhood.

Your struggle is not simply a fleeting chimera, for you are the symbol of a girl who in the midst of war, silently longs for peace; you are also the hope of a young dreamer who in a distant country fights for her right to education, and you are the courage of a mother who arduously works from sunrise to sunset and yet in the distance, heartbroken cries for her children.

You represent us all, courageous immigrant woman and you already are the sprit of a great champion.