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Immigration In The News

29 May








  •   Lawsuit says Kia benefited from labor of misled Mexican migrants

Georgia’s sole automaker — the Kia manufacturing plant in West Point — has been accused in a lawsuit of taking part in a scheme to lure engineers from Mexico through fake job offers.

In the class-action lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Atlanta and amended late last month, lawyers representing the Mexican workers accused the Korean car maker of benefiting from “exploited” workers. The plaintiffs say they were lured to Georgia through a visa program meant for white-collar immigrants, but then ordered to work low-paid assembly line jobs. Read more >>


  • Immigration Service Likely To Change H-1B Visa Lottery 

According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, H-1B registrations set a record for FY 2024 due to multiple entries for the same individuals, which will likely cause the agency to change the H-1B lottery process. Reforms could increase the selection rate in next year’s lottery. However, attention to the registration process obscures a more fundamental issue. USCIS data show due to the low annual H-1B limit, over 75% of H-1B registrations for FY 2024 would have been rejected even if beneficiaries with multiple registrations were excluded from the lottery. Read more >>


  • Georgia farm workers class action alleges labor trafficking

A class action lawsuit has been filed against a Georgia woman and a blueberry grower on behalf of immigrant farm workers who allege the defendants subjected them to forced work for little pay in abusive conditions. Read more >>


  • HSI investigation results in woman’s guilty plea for wire fraud, impersonation of federal employee

EL PASO, Texas — An El Paso woman pleaded guilty April 10 to 11 criminal counts related to wire fraud and impersonation of a federal employee following an investigation by Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). Read more >>