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Immigration News – 2005

2 Jan

The links to the PDFs below represent immigration news and updates that occurred during 2012 and are provided as resources.

Date News Stories

12/30/2005 Bill on Illegal-Immigrant Aid Draws Fire
12/30/2005 Border Patrol Takes One Leap Forward
12/26/2005 Indians Find They Can Go Home Again
12/21/2005 US Eases Policy on Immigration Settlements
12/20/2005 High Court Will Hear Mohawk’s Bid to Toss RICO Suit by Employee
12/19/2005 High-Tech Visa Plan Dropped From Bill
12/18/2005 Thousands of Scholarships Lift Saudi Enrollments in U.S.
12/16/2005 CIS Announces H-2b Cap Reached for First Half of Fiscal Year 2006
12/7/2005 Citizenship Test, Called ‘Too Simple,’ Will Be Rewritten
12/7/2005 Over 45% of Taiwan Workers Travel to China
12/7/2005 Most Mexican Immigrants In New Study Gave Up Jobs to Take Their Chances in U.S.
12/6/2005 Green Cards Recalled Because of a Glitch
12/5/2005 Real Border Security
12/3/2005 Imported Brains
12/2/2005 New Checks Planned for Illegal Workers and Their Employers
11/30/2005 Immigration Office Ignores Fake Marriages
11/29/2005 France to tighten immigration controls after riots
11/29/2005 Attorney General Abbott Sues Laredo Woman For Fraudulent Immigration Consulting Activities
11/29/2005 Bush Renews Push to Overhaul Immigration
11/27/2005 ‘Made in Mexico’ Uniforms Miff Border Cops
11/26/2005 Universities Say New Rules Could Hurt U.S. Research
11/21/2005 Computer Staffing Firm to Pay $2.65 Million In Back Wages and Penalties for Immigration Law Violations
11/18/2005 Wal-Mart Site Raided
11/17/2005 CIS Announces Expedited Removal Policy for Salvadorians
11/17/2005 DHS Lists of FBI Name Check Criteria
11/17/2005 DOL Issues Memorandum on Foreign Labor Certification Applications Affected by Hurricanes
11/17/2005 Fellow Republicans, Open Your Doors
11/16/2005 America’s Future Is Stuck Overseas
11/15/2005 Immigration and Terrorism: Moving Beyond The 9/11 Staff Report on Terrorist Travel
11/15/2005 Federal Judge Troubled By Wrongful Deportation
11/14/2005 Houston “Notario” Permanently Shut Down and Fined $1.6 Million
11/14/2005 Foreign Student Enrollment Drops
11/10/2005 Immigrants May Increase Wages for U.S.-born Workers
11/9/2005 State Department Memo on Students And Immigrant Intent
11/9/2005 A Pilgrim’s Paradise
11/6/2005 Deportation to Nowhere