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Immigration News – 2006

2 Jan

The links to the PDFs below represent immigration news and updates that occurred during 2012 and are provided as resources.

Date News Stories

12/22/2006 Judge Orders Saudi Princess Deported
12/20/2006 Governor and National Guard Chief Criticize ICE Raids on Swift & Company
12/19/2006 Colleges Offering Majors In Homeland Security
12/18/2006 State Department Publishes Final Rule Enumerating the Circumstances in Which a Personal Appearance for a Visa Application May be Waived
12/15/2006 $5 Million Fine for Hiring Illegal Immigrants
12/15/2006 U.S. Is Dropping Effort to Track if Visitors Leave
12/14/2006 Government touts plant raids
12/14/2006 Dispute Over Immigration Throws Dutch Cabinet Into a Political Bind
12/13/2006 ICE Fact Sheet On Detentions From Raids of Swift Plants
12/13/2006 U.S. Raids 6 Meat Plants in ID Case
12/13/2006 Workers say 400 detained in Worthington raid
12/13/2006 People Want to Work; Help Them Out or Turn Them In?
12/12/2006 U.S. Immigration Officials Commence Employee Interviews at Six Swift & Company Facilities
12/12/2006 ICE raids Swift & Co. plants
12/12/2006 Ice Press Release: ICE executes warrants in worksite enforcement investigation involving a large—scale identity theft scheme
12/12/2006 Massachusetts Set for Its Officers to Enforce Immigration Law
12/11/2006 Judge: ‘Wilson Four’ were wrongly targeted
12/8/2006 Agri-Food Industry’s Deadly Cycle Feeds Immigration
12/8/2006 Girl Delivered Aboard Flight From Mexico Could Be Eligible For U.S. Citizenship
12/6/2006 Court Rejects Interpretation of Immigration Drug Law
12/6/2006 Immigration Fees Will Go Up, Director Says
12/5/2006 Senator’s Wife Can Stay in U.S.
12/5/2006 CIS Announces Cap Has Been Reached for H-2bs for First Half of Fiscal Year
12/5/2006 Court bars deportation for minor drug offenses
12/4/2006 USCIS Announces Centralized Repository For Background Checks
12/4/2006 Judge scraps deportation order against lawmaker’s wife
12/3/2006 H-2b used as an Interim Solution for West Texas Basin’s oilfield vacancies
12/3/2006 To Meet Modern Needs, States Put Birth Records on Computers
12/3/2006 Georgia Legislator’s Wife Battles Deportation Order
12/1/2006 What it means to be an American
12/1/2006 Homeland Security assigns terror scores to travelers
11/30/2006 CIS Naturalization Redesign Press Release
11/30/2006 CIS Naturalization Redesign Fact Sheet
11/30/2006 State Department Fact Sheet Regarding Changes to US Passport Requirement
11/28/2006 Immigration Files Missing
11/27/2006 Judge Writes Children’s Book About Illegal Immigration
11/24/2006 Border Watchers Sued By Immigrants
11/22/2006 FAQs Regarding the New DHS Passport Requirement
11/21/2006 Homeland Security to require passports for U.S. entry
11/21/2006 New York State Plea Agreement Provokes Anger Among Officials North of the Border
11/21/2006 Georgia Imam Pleads Guilty to Support of Terrorist Group
11/17/2006 Hundreds, All Nonunion, Walk Out at Pork Plant in N.C. Over treatment Of Immigrants
11/16/2006 Texas Lawmakers Put New Focus on Illegal Immigration
11/16/2006 DOJ Esclates Probe of Immigration Judges
11/16/2006 Council passes tough anti-immigration measures
11/15/2006 A New Push To Raise Cap On H-1B Visa
11/15/2006 Guest workers’ sue companies over pay: Foreign laborers in visa program allege exploitation
11/14/2006 CIS Announces Transfer of Fiancée Petitions for Adjudication Purpose
11/13/2006 A Decline in Foreign Students Is Reversed
11/12/2006 Immigrant Protection Rules Draw Fire
11/8/2006 Immigrant Petitions for Aliens Of Extraordinary Ability to Receive 15 day Adjudication With Payment of Premium Processing Fee
11/1/2006 DHS Fact Sheet Explains How Current Identification Systems Interact
10/31/2006 Ponzi Scheme or Variety Show? Scams Use Leased Radio Time To Target Immigrant Listeners
10/30/2006 US tightens screening of 2006 nursing board passers
10/26/2006 Bush Signs Bill Ordering Fence on Mexican Border
10/25/2006 Britain to Restrict Workers From Bulgaria and Romania
10/24/2006 At U.S. Borders, Laptops Have No Right to Privacy
10/23/2006 CIS Announces H-2B Cap Extension
10/23/2006 Citizenship Backlog Reduction Depends on Which Pending Applications DHS Chooses to Count
10/18/2006 Suit Seeks Data on Immigration Profiling of Arabs
10/17/2006 Expunged Criminal Records Live to Tell Tales
10/17/2006 Skills Gap Hurts Technology Boom in India
10/16/2006 Many taking military shortcut to U.S. citizenship
10/9/2006 More Changes To Passport Rules For 2007
10/7/2006 Mexican immigrants file suit: Cafe Express held out money, law firm missed deadline, they say
10/6/2006 Department of Labor Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Labor Certification Conversion
10/4/2006 Company President Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Hire Undocumented Aliens
10/4/2006 Child Support Arrears Can Lead to Passport Denial
10/4/2006 CIS Advises Adjustment Applicants to Apply For Advance Parole Before Filing
10/4/2006 Justices Ponder Conditions for Automatic Deportation
9/29/2006 CIS Memo on Procedures for Those Employment Authorization Documents Still on File with CIS District Offices
9/26/2006 DHS Backlog Reduction Statistical Chart
9/22/2006 USCIS to Expand Premium Processing Service to Selective Immigrant Petitions
9/22/2006 New DOS Rule Restates that Non-Immigrant Visa Refusals Must be Reviewed Promptly By Supervisors
9/21/2006 G.O.P. in Senate Narrows Immigration Focus to 700-Mile Fence
9/19/2006 Illegal immigrants sue Cafe Express over papers
9/18/2006 DHS Announces Termination of the Designation of Liberia For Temporary Protected Status
9/18/2006 CIS Eliminates Less Secure Form of Employment Authorization Document
9/16/2006 The ID Chip You Don’t Want in Your Passport
9/15/2006 USCIS Announces Elimination of Naturalization Application Backlog
9/15/2006 Nervous Employers Re-Examine Practices in Wake of Immigration Raids
9/9/2006 DHS Proposes Rule on Additional Enrollment in US-VISIT
9/9/2006 Boston Tests System Connecting Fingerprints to Records of Immigration Violations
9/4/2006 Some ID Theft Is Not for Profit, but to Get a Job
9/3/2006 France Deports More Illegal Immigrants, but Shies From Children
8/30/2006 Wal-Mart Suit Dismissed
8/26/2006 State Dept. official indicted for accepting bribes to expedite appointments
8/23/2006 CIS Changes the Way it Reports Adjudication Timelines
8/23/2006 Deported Man Was Actually U.S. Citizen
8/22/2006 ICE officers in Houston arrest 326 criminals, fugitives and immigration violators during “Operation Return to Sender”
8/22/2006 Britain Faces Soaring Immigration from Eastern Europe
8/19/2006 Chicago Woman’s Stand Stirs Immigration Debate
8/18/2006 CIS Expands Premium Processing Service to Immigrant Petitions
8/13/2006 USCIS To Expands Premium Processing Services
8/13/2006 Entry into US not same for all
8/12/2006 Prescreening Draws Interest as Lines Grow at Terminals
8/11/2006 U.S. to begin issuing electronic passports on Monday
8/11/2006 Immigration and Jobs Link Is Disputed
8/11/2006 DHS Announces Additional Measures to Combat Alien Smuggling of Cubans
8/11/2006 USCIS Will Further Strengthen Measures That Support the Reunification of Families Separated By the Castro Regime
8/10/2006 Immigration Judges Facing Performance Reviews
8/9/2006 Words cloud ‘illegals’ debate
8/9/2006 Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales Outlines Reforms for Immigration Courts and Board of Immigration Appeals
8/8/2006 DHS Implements Background Check Procedures for Those In Immigration Court Proceedings
8/8/2006 White House Weighs Change to Cuba Policy
8/3/2006 CIS Reminds Salvadorans to Register For TPS Prior to September 1, 2006
8/3/2006 Special Immigrant Status Now Available for Military Translators
8/2/2006 Out Of Visas Again, Wall Street Journal Opinion Page
8/1/2006 For Some Travelers, a Shorter Wait at Border
7/31/2006 Study Finds Disparities in Immigration Judges’ Asylum Rulings
7/31/2006 Federal Indictment U.S. Puts Onus on Employers of Immigrants
7/28/2006 CIS Announces it has Reached the H-1b Master’s Degree Cap for FY2007
7/27/2006 U.S. Seeks Employers’ Aid on Immigration
7/27/2006 Green Cards Would Mean Fingerprinting at Airports
7/26/2006 DHS Highlights Unveils New “IMAGE” Program to Assist in Maintaining Legal Workforces
7/26/2006 Disbarred Attorney in Court on Federal Charges For Filing False Documents
7/24/2006 Bush Tries to Gain Momentum on Immigration
7/20/2006 Criminal Complaint Charges Company Supervisors With Money Laundering Where Subcontractor Knowingly Hires Undocumented Aliens
7/3/2006 Automatic Extension of Employment Authorization Documentation for El Salvadoran TPS Beneficiaries
7/1/2006 France Approves Immigration Law That Favors Skilled Workers
6/30/2006 House, Senate want electronic employment verification
6/29/2006 Ex-judge gets six years in immigration scam
6/28/2006 Pro-Legal Immigration Congressman crushes challenger, 56-44%
6/23/2006 Two groups say Houston is a ‘sanctuary city’; mayor, several lawyers disagree
6/20/2006 House G.O.P. Leaders Delay Action on Immigration
6/19/2006 White House Press Release on Worksite Enforcement
6/18/2006 Change in Visa Paperwork Stalls 10,000 Trips to the Altar
6/18/2006 Mexico Worries About Its Own Southern Border
6/16/2006 Seismic firm to pay in case of visa fraud
6/15/2006 DHS Press Release with Q & A on El Salvadoran TPS Extension
6/15/2006 Judge Rules That U.S. Has Broad Powers to Detain Noncitizens Indefinitely
6/14/2006 Nationwide sweep nets more than 2,000 suspected illegal immigrants
6/14/2006 Employers divided over immigration reform
6/13/2006 CIS Issues Corrected Policy Notice on New Fiance Procedures
6/13/2006 Change in forms slows process for foreign spouses seeking visas
6/8/2006 Multiplying Migration to Europe Proving Major Challenge
6/7/2006 State Department Publishes New Extension Rule For Au Pairs in Exchange Visitor Programs
6/6/2006 Bush Confident Immigration Deal Possible
6/2/2006 The Gauls at Home in Erin
6/1/2006 USCIS Reaches H-1B Cap
6/1/2006 President Discusses Comprehensive Immigration Reform
6/1/2006 Bush Urges Congress to Find Compromise on Immigration
6/1/2006 USCIS Reaches H1B Cap
5/31/2006 Hurdle for U.S. in Getting Data on Passengers
5/30/2006 Mexican Nationals Must Now Secure a Mexican Federal Passport BEFORE Applying for a US Border Crossing Card/”Laser Visa”
5/26/2006 Senate, in Bipartisan Act, Passes an Immigration Bill
5/25/2006 Senate Passes Comprehensive Immigration Reform! — House Remain Obstacle
5/24/2006 Senate Advances Sweeping Immigration Bill
5/24/2006 Senate Backs Job Verification for Immigrants
5/18/2006 France: Lower House Backs Selective Immigration
5/18/2006 Senate Continues to Work on Immigration Bill
5/18/2006 At a Glance: Immigration Legislation
5/17/2006 DHS Extends Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Nationals of El Salvador until September 9, 2007
5/17/2006 State Department Plans Changes for Student, Intern Visas
5/16/2006 How Grandma Got Legal
5/16/2006 ICE Arrests Unauthorized Workers at L.A. Department of Water and Power
5/15/2006 DHS Opens New Facility to Detain Entire Immigrant Families
5/15/2006 President Bush Addresses the Nation on Immigration Reform
5/15/2006 Fact Sheet: Overview: Comprehensive Immigration Reform
5/14/2006 Has Pork Barrell Politics Trumped National Security?
5/12/2006 Failure Of Lawful Permanent Resident to Secure A Re-Entry Permit Leads to Deportation Order
5/11/2006 Senate Leaders Expect Immigration Bill Next Week
5/11/2006 Senate Deal Breathes Life Into Immigration Bill
5/9/2006 Construction Supervisors Charged with Alien Smuggling/Harboring
5/4/2006 Mandate for ID Meets Resistance from States
5/4/2006 The Wrong Place to Stop Terrorists
5/2/2006 CIS Reminds Eligible Hondurans And Nicaraguans to File For Temporary Protected Status
4/28/2006 Consolidation of CBP Databases for Expediting “Trusted Travelers”
4/28/2006 Brothers In Congress Split on Immigration
4/26/2006 U.S. Citizen Questioned by Immigration Officials
4/26/2006 President Encourages Immigration Compromise with Congressional Leaders Who Hope to Pass a Bill By Memorial Day
4/25/2006 At U.S. Entries, No Welcome Mat
4/24/2006 Fact Sheet: Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Securing Our Border
4/24/2006 In Immigration Remarks, Bush Hints He Favors Senate Plan
4/24/2006 Bush Urges Congress to Develop Immigration Reform Bill
4/20/2006 Department of Homeland Security Unveils Comprehensive Immigration Enforcement Strategy for the Nation’s Interior
4/20/2006 ICE Agents Arrest Seven Managers of Nationwide Pallet Company and 1,187 of the Firm’s Illegal Alien Employees in 26 States
4/20/2006 U.S. Cracks Down on Hiring of Illegal Immigrants
4/19/2006 Immigration Officials Raid Houston Business
4/18/2006 DHS Completes International “e-Passports” Live Test
4/18/2006 Migration Raid, Shooting Park Riot
4/14/2006 Path to Deportation Can Start With a Traffic Stop
4/10/2006 USCIS Formally Establishes National Security & Records Verification Directorate
4/6/2006 Congress Nears Deal on Illegal Immigrants
4/6/2006 Senate Republicans Strike Immigration Deal
4/6/2006 USCIS Reaches H-2 Cap for Second Half of Fiscal Year 2006
4/5/2006 Joint Task Forces Created in 10 Cities to Combat Document & Benefit Fraud
4/5/2006 Republicans Tweak Immigration Alternative
4/4/2006 McCain Lacks votes for Guest-Worker Plan
4/3/2006 USCIS Warns of Spoof H-1B Release
4/1/2006 Bush & Fox Repeat Vows on Immigration
3/31/2006 Conservatives Stand Firm on Immigration
3/30/2006 DHS Announces Publication of Notices in the Federal Register for 12-month Extensions of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Nationals of Honduras & Nicaragua
3/30/2006 Supreme Court Hears Arguments Over Foreigner’s Rights in U.S.
3/28/2006 Bill to Broaden Immigration Law Gains in Senate
3/27/2006 Fact Sheet: Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Securing Our Border, Enforcing Our Laws, & Upholding Our Values
3/27/2006 Senate Panel Passes Bill Allowing Guest Workers
3/24/2006 Immigration Rallies Draw Thousands Nationwide
3/24/2006 Bush Is Facing A Difficult Path on Immigration
3/22/2006 International Students Show New Interest in Coming to U.S.
3/22/2006 Cuban American Tapped for Key Federal Position
3/19/2006 Rift on Immigration Widens for Conservatives & Cardinals
3/17/2006 As Senators Debate Immigration Bill, Frist Offers His Own
3/16/2006 Border-Security Debate Seen as Threat to Immigration Law
3/13/2006 Changes in Earliest Issuance & Admission Dates for F, M, & J Visas
3/9/2006 New Immigration Chief Says U.S. to be Ready for Guest Workers
3/8/2006 Senator Clinton Slams GOP Immigration Bill
3/5/2006 The Search for Illegal Immigrants Stops at the Workplace
2/25/2006 Senator Introduces Bill Creating Guest-Worker Program
2/23/2006 World Science Body Slams Togher U.S. Visa Rules
2/23/2006 Indian Scientists’ Visa Denial Sparks Outrage
2/21/2006 State Department Unveils Trial of Electronic Passports
2/20/2006 Rights Groups Criticize Speedy Deportations
2/16/2006 Outsourcing Is Climbing Skills Ladder
2/14/2006 Protests Brew Over Attempt to Deport a Woman
2/14/2006 11 Countries Plan to Lobby Against U.S. Immigration Law
2/11/2006 U.S. Officials Defend Ploys to Catch Immigrants
2/10/2006 U.S. Department of Labor Announces Proposed Rule Changes to Combat Fraud in Permanent Labor Certification Plan
2/10/2006 Seized With Heavy Hand at the Border, for Paperwork Errors
2/6/2006 Attorney General Abbott Gets $10 Million Judgement Against Houston Immigration Services Scam
2/6/2006 President Calls on Congress to Raise H-1B Cap
2/2/2006 The New Immigration Cops: Cities & States Take on Difficult Duty of Handling Undocumented Workers
2/1/2006 State Department Identifies Details of Additional APIS Passenger Data Required From Airlines
1/31/2006 Review of Vulnerabilities & Potential Abuses of the L-1 Visa Program
1/30/2006 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence
1/30/2006 DHS Asks Industry To Help Secure Borders
1/30/2006 Further DHS Implementation of Expedited Removal
1/28/2006 Who Are the Illegal Immigrants?
1/24/2006 CIS Announces New Policy On Not Grouping Family Naturalization Applications
1/23/2006 State Department Remarks Positively on Outlook for Employment-Based Visa Numbers
1/23/2006 DOS Clarifies Whether F-1 Student Visas Remain Valid after a Break in Studies
1/23/2006 DOS Restates that Waiver of Fingerprinting Requirement is to be Extremely Rare
1/23/2006 DOS Cable on Dermining Prevailing Wage Requirement for Visas of Domestic Employees
1/21/2006 GOP Backs Bush on Guest-Worker Plan
1/20/2006 Tight Immigration Policy Hits Roadblock of Reality
1/18/2006 H-1B Cap for U.S. Master’s Degree Has Been Met for FY 2006
1/18/2006 U.S. Citizens to Get Break on Border Passport Requirements
1/17/2006 Join DOS/DHS Announcement on the Rice-Chertoff Joint Vision
1/17/2006 Thousands May Lose Special U.S. Status
1/17/2006 State, DHS Put Technology Punch at Borders
1/14/2006 INS Official Gets 3 Years Probation
1/13/2006 E-Passport Testing to Begin at San Francisco International Airport
1/10/2006 Labor Condition Applications Must Now Be Filed Online
1/9/2006 Attorney General Investigates Intemperate and Abusive Immigration Judges
1/9/2006 DHS Completes Foundation of Biometric Entry System
1/8/2006 Democrats Criticize Appointment at Immigration Agency
1/6/2006 USCIS Issues E-3 Guidance
1/5/2006 USCIS Introduces New Director