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Immigration News – 2008

2 Jan

The links to the PDFs below represent immigration news and updates that occurred during 2012 and are provided as resources.

Date News Stories

12/10/2008 Magali Suarez Candler KENS Interview on Immigration and Domestic Violence (en Español)
9/11/2008 Southern California’s Dual Citizens See Little Conflict
9/11/2008 Court Allows Chinese Woman New Deportation Hearing
9/11/2008 51 Illegal Immigrants, 2 Others Arrested in Raid at Palm Springs Bakery
9/11/2008 Immigration Attorney Sentenced to 366 Days in Prison
9/11/2008 Illegal Alien Poses as Border Patrol Agent
9/11/2008 ICE Executes Federal Search Warrant at Palm Springs Bakery in Ongoing Probe
9/10/2008 RI Judge to Rule Soon on Immigration Order
7/22/2008 Immigration law means a borderline existence for U.S. wife of Mexican
7/22/2008 Chief of BP’s Russian Venture Faces Visa Snag
7/21/2008 In Immigration Cases, Employers Feel the Pressure
7/21/2008 Pushing Back on Immigration
7/20/2008 Immigrant, Pregnant, Is Jailed Under Pact
7/18/2008 22 kidnap victims freed in San Marcos
7/18/2008 4 charged after immigrant smuggling bust
7/17/2008 Alberta, Canada Welcomes H-1B Visa Holders and Their Families While the U.S. Rejects them
7/17/2008 Border Arrests Cram Courts, Fill Cells in Neighbor States
7/17/2008 German Migrant Rules Change
7/17/2008 AIDS bill gains Senate renewal
7/17/2008 U.S. Fines McDonald’s Franchisee in Immigration Case
7/16/2008 Spanish welcome for migrants wears thin
7/16/2008 Dozens arrested in raids at courthouses
7/16/2008 US ban on visitors with HIV could end soon
7/15/2008 Criminal Charges Filed Against Immigrants at Unprecedented Rate
7/14/2008 Immigration enforcement brings unintended results
7/14/2008 Losing workers? Blame Canada!
7/11/2008 Employers the key to immigration reform
7/11/2008 EU Ruling Extends Discrimination Law
7/11/2008 An Interpreter Speaking Up for Migrants
7/10/2008 AGMukaseyHintsAtRevisionOfMcNultyMemo, Spars With Senators at Hearing
7/10/2008 Deportations on the rise in Florida
7/9/2008 Myth vs. Fact: Worksite Enforcement
7/9/2008 The Immigration Equation
7/9/2008 6 killed in ‘terrorist attack’ at U.S. consulate
7/9/2008 Turkey consulate attack ‘terrorism’, says U.S. envoy
7/8/2008 U.S. Department of Labor initiates supervised recruitment of permanent labor certification applications filed by immigration law firm
7/8/2008 Use of false IDs not necessarily illegal in Pilgrim’s Pride case
7/8/2008 Hearing shows informants profited in Action Rags raid
7/8/2008 Obama, McCain target Latino vote, differ on immigration reform
7/8/2008 U.S. Department of Labor announces debarment of immigration software company
7/7/2008 New Missouri law goes after illegal immigrants
7/7/2008 A green card, and a wife overseas
7/7/2008 EU Immigration Pact: Key Points
7/6/2008 Most immigrants arrested for traffic offenses
7/6/2008 Employers Fight Tough Measures on Immigration
7/6/2008 Feds want employers to voluntarily check Social Security numbers; Some employers say databases can’t be trusted
7/6/2008 Amid employer objections, policing immigration targets the workplace
7/4/2008 Federal immigration raids: ‘These are shameful’ Cathedral hosts hearing on national commission’s investigation of alleged abuse by ICE agents at worksites
7/4/2008 2 Supervisors Are Arrested After Sweep at Meat Plant
7/3/2008 Comprehensive immigration reform a must
7/2/2008 Farmers get help with workers’ visas
7/2/2008 Owners arrested after ICE raid at Houston company
7/1/2008 Singapore to Implement New Regulations for Hiring Foreign Workers
7/1/2008 Iraqis who helped American soldiers are being slaughtered. A small band of U.S. lawyers is fighting to save their lives
6/30/2008 CBP Laptop Searches CBP
6/30/2008 McCain’s Delicate Immigration Dance
6/30/2008 Immigration raids often spare employers
6/28/2008 Where You Stand on E-Verify Depends on Where You Sit
6/27/2008 Labor Audit Frustrates Companies
6/26/2008 ICE Arrest 32 at Aircraft Plant
6/26/2008 Building a Wall Against Talent
6/26/2008 Raw Nerves Remain After New ICE Arrest in Iowa
6/26/2008 Immigration Detention System Greatly Expanded
6/26/2008 Employer arrests could follow Houston immigration
6/25/2008 East Houston workers detained in ICE raid
6/25/2008 ICE’s Deporting Valedictorians
6/25/2008 U.S. deporting Christian pastors
6/25/2008 Children Paying a Heavy Price for ICE’s Immigration Raids
6/24/2008 U.S., United Kingdom Border Agencies Agree to Expedite Travel Between Nations
6/24/2008 Major immigration law firm under scrutiny
6/24/2008 Those doing business with the government must use E-Verify to determine eligibility
6/24/2008 Time to refocus on immigration
6/24/2008 Labor probing work of major immigration law firm
6/23/2008 Texas farms are suffering from a labor crisis
6/23/2008 Harvard report finds immigration, other demographic trends will fuel housing demand over the next decade
6/20/2008 West Coast mayors decry immigration raids
6/20/2008 Chavez threatens to halt oil exports to EU over immigration rules
6/19/2008 Immigration Raids Lead U.S. to a Moral, Legal Crisis
6/19/2008 The DREAM Act Might Be Dead, But These Kids’ Hopes Are Not
6/18/2008 Study: Immigration cases crowd U.S. courts
6/18/2008 Raids Traumatizing Immigrant Children
6/18/2008 New ICE family detention centers a step in wrong direction
6/18/2008 European Parliament approves new rules on illegal immigrants
6/17/2008 Dems Raise Stakes on Immigration
6/16/2008 The absence of comprehensive immigration reform from Congress is resulting in a crackdown — a repudiation of who we are as a nation
6/16/2008 Top court eases rules for foreigners to try to stay in US
6/13/2008 Senator tries to keep valedictorian from deportation
6/13/2008 Flag Day celebrates the gift of immigrants
6/12/2008 In Congress, H-1B issue pits tech workers against farm groups
6/11/2008 Innovation and Immigration
6/11/2008 Local government can’t fix federal failings on immigration
6/11/2008 Fun-park raids may test state hiring law
6/11/2008 Immigration bill for Fashion Models?
6/10/2008 Spain, Like U.S., Grapples With Immigration
6/9/2008 Immigration, economics: a symbiotic relationship
6/9/2008 Woman, 97, Battles Voter ID Law
6/9/2008 States Take New Tack on Illegal Immigration
6/9/2008 Report: FBI’s immigration checks too slow
6/9/2008 Executive Order Requires Federal Contractors To Use E-Verify System
6/9/2008 Bush orders contractors to check legal status of employees
6/8/2008 ICE involved in Texas crackdown on gangs which snares 149 suspects
6/6/2008 Study cites immigrants’ economic impact
6/6/2008 Factories Turn to Refugee Workers
6/5/2008 USCIS Centralizes Initial Naturalization Application Processing Change to Increase Efficiency and Improve Customer Service
6/5/2008 Two foremen charged criminally; 32 farm workers arrested on immigration violations
6/5/2008 EU ministers discuss immigration, travel
6/5/2008 SC’s Sanford signs illegal immigration bill
6/4/2008 Court Delays Enforcement of Oklahoma Immigration Law Judge says “substantially likely” immigration law is unconstitutional
6/3/2008 Fact Sheet: Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA)
6/3/2008 Frequently Asked Questions: Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA)
6/3/2008 Delays in visas for foreign workers keep shore businesses waiting
6/3/2008 Battle over illegal immigration snags solution to shortage of seasonal visas
6/3/2008 The Great Immigration Panic
6/2/2008 State needs well-reasoned immigration policy
6/2/2008 U.S. Department of Labor auditing all permanent labor certification filed by Fragommen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy LLP
5/31/2008 H-1B opponents challenge Bush administration in court
5/30/2008 CBP to Issue New Frequent Traveler Cards
5/30/2008 Illegal immigration is emerging as a top issue in this year’s U.S. Senate race in North Carolina
5/30/2008 The government’s immigration enforcers run amok
5/29/2008 Federal judge strikes down Farmers Branch immigrant rental ban
5/29/2008 Farms facing raids as Congress ignores immigration issue
5/29/2008 Hispanic Caucus Blocks Piecemeal Immigration Reform
5/28/2008 A corrupt and broken immigration policy
5/28/2008 A risky trip? Officials say fewer Central Americans immigrating
5/28/2008 Judge: Farmers Branch Illegal Immigrant Rule Unconstitutional
5/27/2008 New Visa Curbs Hit Seasonal Employees
5/27/2008 More than 300 L.A.-area arrests made in crackdown on immigration violations
5/22/2008 Missouri to curb illegal immigration
5/22/2008 McCain Says Immigration Reform Should Be Top Priority
5/22/2008 EU states endorse controversial deal on return of illegal migrants
5/20/2008 85 Sentenced For Criminal Offenses In one Day Following ICE Operation in Iowa
5/20/2008 Economic impact:They may be illegal but we still need them
5/19/2008 U.S. would lose $1.8 trillion if undocumented immigrants vanished
5/18/2008 Immigration’s Human Rights Shame is Now A Moral Crisis
5/16/2008 Federal class-action lawsuit filed in immigration raid
5/15/2008 305 Arrested in Iowa Immigration Raid
5/15/2008 Senate panel adds immigration measure to Iraq supplemental
5/15/2008 Tough New British Laws To Combat Visa Fraud And Immigration Abuse
5/14/2008 Italian’s Detention Illustrates Dangers Foreign Visitors Face
5/14/2008 With H-1B in limbo, congressional backers push green card fix
5/14/2008 Immigration: Denying entry
5/13/2008 Immigration raid: Workers take care, take cover
5/13/2008 Hundreds Are Arrested in U.S. Sweep of Meat Plant
5/13/2008 Blunt Federal Letters Tell Students They’re Security Threats
5/12/2008 CBP Now Accepting Applications for Global Entry Pilot Program
5/12/2008 Illegal immigrant raid strikes heartland
5/12/2008 What Social Security Isn’t Meant to Do
5/11/2008 Business of reform: America’s employers finally speak out for sound immigration policy
5/8/2008 Illegal immigrant in North Carolina jailed on identity theft charges
5/8/2008 Stop Making Employers the Immigration Enemy
5/8/2008 Islamic Divorce Ruled Not Valid in Maryland
5/7/2008 S.C. farmers warn state can’t fix problem
5/7/2008 ICE raids on homes panic schools, politicians
5/7/2008 Applicants for Citizenship Take To the Courts to Force Action
5/7/2008 Federal agents arrest illegal immigrants leaving U.S.
5/7/2008 EU Discord Stalls Action on Illegal Immigration
5/6/2008 Employment verification days are numbered
5/6/2008 U.S. lease of Waterloo fairgrounds raises ICE raid and detention questions
5/6/2008 U.S. immigration raids are about to get ugly
5/6/2008 Britain Tightens Visa Regulations
5/6/2008 Mexico bill to decriminalize migrants
5/5/2008 Fake documents swamp Houston
5/5/2008 Story on deaths of detainees
5/5/2008 E-Verify Enhanced to Include Naturalization and Arrival /Departure Data
5/4/2008 Border Patrol Checks Bus Boarders
5/4/2008 As Federal Presence at County Jail Grows, So Do Numbers of Immigrant Detainees
5/3/2008 Immigration raids at 11 El Balazo restaurants – 63 seized
5/1/2008 Business joins May Day reform cry in L.A.
4/28/2008 Work is Criminal for Mississippi Undocumented
4/28/2008 Commentary: 10 ugly things about the immigration debate
4/27/2008 Temporary worker standoff irks business owners
4/25/2008 Study: Illegal worker crackdown would cost employers $1B
4/25/2008 $20M Virtual Fence to be scrapped
4/25/2008 Cost of illegal worker crackdown questioned
4/24/2008 Bracing for Games, China Sets Rules That Complicate Life for Foreigners
4/22/2008 Conservative Texas legislators take new aim at illegal immigration
4/22/2008 Illegal Immigrants Who Were Arrested at Poultry Plant in Arkansas to Be Found Guilty of False Documentation and Deported
4/21/2008 U.S. immigration laws sapping trade, businesses say
4/21/2008 Houston Shipley raid first in broad crackdown
4/17/2008 Immigration, Off the Books
4/17/2008 Immigration Sweep Ends in 280 Arrests at 5 Plants
4/16/2008 Lawmakers plead for more foreign workers
4/16/2008 Immigration agents arrest nearly 300 at Pilgrim’s Pride plants
4/16/2008 Immigration crackdowns reported in 6 states
4/16/2008 Immigration raid nets 20 arrests at Houston Shipley Do-Nut plant
4/14/2008 Commentary: The ugly Mexican-American immigration debate
4/10/2008 Man charged in visa fraud scheme
4/10/2008 Visa Violators Swept Up In Widening Dragnet
4/9/2008 Houston immigrant groups set to march on May 1
4/9/2008 Judge rules UK immigration policy ‘unfair and unlawful’
4/9/2008 Immigration, Outsourced
4/8/2008 USCIS Reaches FY 2009 H-1B Cap
4/6/2008 Immigration points system ‘will cause chaos’
4/6/2008 San Francisco Reaches Out to Immigrants
4/4/2008 DHS Promulgates OPT Extension for those Employers Who Are Participants in E-Verify
4/3/2008 New Bill May Speed U.S. Visas for Artists
4/2/2008 CIS Announces Increase in Citizenship Adjudication Rate
4/2/2008 USCIS And FBI Release Joint Plan To Eliminate Backlog Of FBI Name Checks
4/1/2008 The Immigrant Gap
4/1/2008 Visa Application Period Opens for Highly Skilled Workers
3/31/2008 Skilled-Worker Visa Applicants Expected to Soar
3/31/2008 Another Wave of H-1Bs on the Way
3/28/2008 Office of Special Counsel’s Antidiscrimination Guidance for Employers Following the DHS Safe-Harbor Procedures
3/28/2008 New Labor Rules Make Some Fear Decline in Work Force
3/28/2008 Companies prepare for H-1B scramble: Cap on applicants forces employers to act fast
3/28/2008 DHS/State Department Publish FAQs On Upcoming Western Hemisphere Passport/Secure Travel Document Requirements
3/27/2008 Letter to Democratic Colleagues from the Ways and Means Committee Identifying Defects In ICE Policy
3/27/2008 A Foolish Immigration Purge
3/26/2008 10 Prints Are Better Than 2, Homeland Security Says
3/24/2008 Burden shift to employers ensure legal workers
3/24/2008 Businesses Say New York’s Clout Is Emigrating, With Visa Policies to Blame
3/22/2008 Feds to re-try Social Security job matching program
3/19/2008 CIS Announces Rule on H-1b Filings
3/19/2008 More Visas, More Jobs
3/19/2008 Boston Financier Steps In to Bail Out Illegal Immigrants
3/17/2008 Electronic Employment Eligibility Verification: Franz Kafka’s Solution To Illegal Immigration
3/15/2008 Goal Set for Reducing Backlog on Citizenship Applications
3/14/2008 Workers in raid get right to legal counsel
3/14/2008 CIS Director Announces 3-4 month Improvement in Backlog Projections
3/14/2008 Businesses Face Cut in Immigrant Work Force
3/14/2008 Immigration Chief Resigns, Will Return to Miami
3/13/2008 Gates Tells Congress What Is Needed for Better Work Force
3/12/2008 DHS Releases Q&A on TPS for Somalians
3/11/2008 California takes small step away from Real ID
3/11/2008 Workers Sue Gulf Coast Company That Imported Them
3/10/2008 Study: H-1Bs prompt more, not fewer, American hires
3/10/2008 TPS extended for Somalis by 18 months
3/7/2008 U.S. worried that high H-1B demand may tempt some to ‘game’ visa lottery
3/7/2008 Latinos Seek Citizenship in Time for Voting
3/7/2008 Britain to Issue Identity Cards for Foreigners in November
3/5/2008 The Role of Local Police in Immigration
3/5/2008 GOP senators to introduce toughest-yet immigration package
3/4/2008 Immigration Tax Scam Convictions
2/29/2008 McCain Says Citizenship Issue Put to Rest Long Ago
2/28/2008 Immigration Attorney and Legal Assistant Indicted in Fraudulent Asylum Scheme
2/28/2008 CIS Updated Q&A on Changes to Background Check Procedures
2/27/2008 McCain Retools Immigration Stance
2/25/2008 Immigration Has Little To Do With California Crime
2/22/2008 DHS/Justice Department Press Release On Increase in Immigration Enforcement
2/22/2008 Crime study disputes immigration claims
2/22/2008 Colorado may hire Mexican farm workers
2/22/2008 DOJ Announces Higher Civil Fines Against Employers for Immigration Violations
2/22/2008 Protesters Attack U.S. Embassy in Belgrade
2/21/2008 GOP lobbyist had no work permit
2/20/2008 Court: Immigrants Suffer Bad Lawyers
2/20/2008 CIS Q&A on New FBI Background Check Policy
2/19/2008 U.S. set to avert mass Cuban migration
2/16/2008 Fowl Lawsuit
2/16/2008 Phoenix Police to Check Arrestees’ Immigrant Status
2/15/2008 AJC Appeals to Cable TV Executives to End Airing of Anti-Immigrant Hate
2/15/2008 Michigan: Licenses for Some Immigrants
2/14/2008 Immigration: A Reality Check
2/14/2008 House panel questions U.S. immigration raids
2/13/2008 EU unveils plans to further fortify Europe’s borders and follow up on overstays
2/13/2008 U.S. Program to Verify Worker Status Is Growing
2/13/2008 Federal Court Ends County Official’s Policy Of Denying Marriage Licenses Based On Immigration Status
2/12/2008 European Union to Tighten Border Entry Rules
2/12/2008 Rules Eased to Expedite Green Card Applications
2/11/2008 U.S. to give green cards, then check backgrounds
2/11/2008 Proportion of Immigrants in U.S. Rises
2/10/2008 Where have the illegal immigrants gone?
2/10/2008 In Reversal, Courts Uphold Local Immigration Laws
2/10/2008 U.S. Universities Rush to Set Up Outposts Abroad
2/8/2008 RAIDS: ICE executes federal search warrant at Van Nuys, California
2/8/2008 Arizona Law Banning the Hiring of Illegal Immigrants Is Upheld
2/7/2008 Amy Winehouse’s Request for Visa Denied
2/7/2008 ICE Worksite Advisory for February 2007
2/7/2008 White House Moves to Ease Guest Worker Program
2/6/2008 Connecticut City Plans to Team Its Police With Federal Immigration Agents
2/6/2008 Immigration training for jails draws praise
2/5/2008 Immigration Misfire
2/4/2008 White House Announces 2009 Immigration Budget Proposal
2/1/2008 DHS to Begin Collecting Fingerprints of Both Hands at Airports in Atlanta, Houston, Chicago etc.
2/1/2008 Arizona Seizes Spotlight In U.S. Immigration Debate
2/1/2008 Lawmaker on Long Island Wants Worker Status Verified
1/31/2008 Apartments going empty as hiring law hits migrants
1/31/2008 CIS Announces Important Changes to Documentation Requirements at the Land and Sea Borders
1/30/2008 Country Music Artist Sets Travel Document Message to Song
1/30/2008 Immigration Issue Not Shaping Up to be the Republican Electoral Wedge Some Predicted
1/25/2008 EU Plans To Fingerprint, Record Entry Of All Visitors
1/24/2008 Immigration officials detaining, deporting American citizens
1/23/2008 Justices Broaden Immunity for Officers
1/23/2008 Dallas suburb bans rentals by illegal immigrants
1/23/2008 CIS Vermont Service Center Employees Consider Unionizing
1/21/2008 Immigration Attorney Charles Foster Honored with Institute of Human Relations Award
1/18/2008 Legal Immigrants Facing a Longer Wait
1/15/2008 U.S. to Speed Deportation of Criminals in Jail
1/14/2008 Five myths of anti-immigration talk
1/12/2008 Agency Acts to Cut Delay in Gaining Citizenship
1/11/2008 DHS Real ID Q & A
1/10/2008 Strict immigration law rattles Oklahoma businesses
1/3/2008 CIS Reaches H-2b Cap for Second Half of Fiscal Year