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Immigration News – 2011

2 Jan

The links to the PDFs below represent immigration news and updates that occurred during 2012 and are provided as resources.

Date News Stories

12/31/2011 State’s immigration crackdown is about to expand
12/30/2011 Justice Department Settles Allegations of Citizenship Status Discrimination and Retaliation Against Georgia Rug Manufacturer
12/30/2011 Justice Department Settles Allegations of Citizenship Status Discrimination and Retaliation Against Georgia Rug Manufacturer
12/29/2011 U.S. sets up hotline for detained immigrants
12/28/2011 Justice Department Reaches Settlement with Virginia-Based BAE Systems Ship Repair Inc.
12/28/2011 Justice Department Reaches Settlement with Virginia-Based BAE Systems Ship Repair Inc.
12/23/2011 South Carolina Immigration Law Partly Blocked by U.S. Court
12/23/2011 Immigration Foundry Fires Hundreds After ICE Audit As ACLU Seeks I-9 Data Under an FOIA
12/22/2011 Immigrants Don’t Take Jobs, They Create Them: Why We Need More Immigration
12/21/2011 Alabama Revenue Department clarifies business transactions covered by new immigration law
12/21/2011 How Immigrant Entrepreneurs Turbocharge U.S. Trade
12/21/2011 ICE deports convicted Rwandan to serve sentence for role in 1994 genocide
12/20/2011 Looking to Streamline Airport Security Screenings
12/20/2011 Immigration agents to screen Arizona jail inmates
12/20/2011 Immigrants founded half of top U.S. start-up companies
12/20/2011 States make daily life harder for illegal immigrants
12/19/2011 A CEO’s Demand: Fix Immigration
12/16/2011 Department of Justice Files Lawsuit Alleging Employment Discrimination by Florida Home Health Care Company
12/15/2011 Foreign STEM Graduates Boost Jobs for Native-Born Workers, Report Finds
12/15/2011 Arizona Sheriff’s Office Targeted Latinos, Justice Department Says
12/14/2011 Mexican national indicted for document fraud, identity theft
12/14/2011 Human Rights Watch criticizes Alabama immigration law
12/13/2011 Immigration Crackdown Also Snares Americans
12/13/2011 Justice Department Resolves Citizenship Status Discrimination Charge Against Pennsylvania Employer Sernak Farms
12/13/2011 Bill could help, hurt immigrants waiting for green cards
12/13/2011 Justice Department Resolves Citizenship Status Discrimination Charge Against Pennsylvania Employer Sernak Farms
12/9/2011 Houston undocumented worker debate intensifies
12/8/2011 Feds push immigration officials to focus on deporting criminals
12/6/2011 Senators talk immigration policy
12/6/2011 Justice Department Files Lawsuit Alleging Immigration-Related Employment Discrimination by University of California, San Diego Medical Center
12/6/2011 Public Wants Immigrants to Be Able to Stay
12/6/2011 Woman immigrant in same-sex marriage won’t be deported
12/5/2011 Ala. governor reassures foreign industries
12/5/2011 Deportations tear some families apart
12/5/2011 State: Stop running immigration status on car tags
12/4/2011 From Capitol Hill to Silicon Valley, a debate over highly skilled immigrants
12/4/2011 Alabama immigration law: Long waits face many who wish to immigrate
12/4/2011 Alabama to stop immigration checks for government transactions, but fed help may be months away
12/3/2011 Arrests of illegal migrants on U.S.-Mexico border plummet
12/3/2011 Visas for dollars: Give me your Gucci-clad masses
12/1/2011 Immigration scam awareness campaign goes national
11/30/2011 Ally aims to help man stay in U.S.
11/30/2011 Alabama immigration law blamed for drop in construction jobs
11/30/2011 15 arrested as U.S. immigration officials raid southwest Detroit box company
11/29/2011 Massachusetts man charged with concealing past ties to El Salvadoran military to remain in US
11/29/2011 Highly Skilled May Wait Less for Visas
11/28/2011 New border plan will track everyone entering, leaving Canada
11/28/2011 Federal officials report more than 1,000 complaints about Alabama immigration law
11/28/2011 Department of Justice Update: Immigration Status and National Origin Discrimination in Employment
11/27/2011 A small piece of immigration reform
11/27/2011 New immigration laws could hit farmers, drive up food prices
11/27/2011 Alabama immigration law: Non-citizens make up less than 1% of state prisons
11/24/2011 Ruling on Ala. immigration law averts exodus, groups say
11/22/2011 2 alien smugglers sentenced to a 17-year combined sentence
11/22/2011 Immigration law raises worries over foreign investment in Alabama
11/21/2011 What Impact Would H-1B Visa Reform Have on a Company’s Ability to Create Jobs and Innovate?
11/21/2011 Alabama immigration law sweeps up Mercedes-Benz exec
11/20/2011 N.J. Indonesian immigrants facing deportation for overstaying tourism visas
11/18/2011 USCIS Reminds Haitians to Follow Late Filing Instructions for TPS
11/17/2011 U.S. to Review Cases Seeking Deportations
11/16/2011 Farmers, restaurant owners say Georgia immigration law hurting business
11/15/2011 Milwaukee man from India found guilty in religious worker visa fraud scheme
11/15/2011 Crackdown Resumes on Firms’ Illegal Hires
11/14/2011 Immigrants Are Still Fitting In
11/12/2011 Deportations Under New U.S. Policy Are Inconsistent
11/10/2011 Minhaz Kahn, DREAM Act-Eligible Neuroscience Grad, Set For Deportation
11/9/2011 Economy, lack of engineers could hinder U.S. innovation
11/9/2011 Brazilian woman convicted of visa fraud conspiracy involving more than 1,000 illegal workers
11/9/2011 Information for Workers on Proving Work Eligibility to Prospective Employers
11/9/2011 The Tide Starts to Turn
11/9/2011 Houston to celebrate third annual Citizenship Week
11/8/2011 Moving to U.S. and Amassing a Fortune, No English Needed
11/8/2011 2 arrested in Georgia worksite enforcement operation
11/8/2011 L-1 Visa Approvals Decline Significantly at U.S. Posts in India in 2011
11/8/2011 Facebook blames US immigration policy for Silicon Valley talent war
11/6/2011 For wealthy elites, investment can buy residency in U.S.
11/5/2011 Licensed jobs hit in new immigration law
11/4/2011 Several major US employers join ICE employment compliance program
11/3/2011 Illegal alien sentenced to 40 months for re-entering US after being deported
11/3/2011 U.S.-born children take fight over tuition to court
11/3/2011 In D.C. region, more immigrants seeking public office
11/3/2011 Louisiana Man Pleads Guilty to Threatening Four Hispanic Men
11/2/2011 Many Rich Chinese Consider Leaving
11/1/2011 U.S. sues South Carolina over immigration law
11/1/2011 Immigrant Creates U.S. Jobs, Gets Boot Over Visa
11/1/2011 Alabama immigration law doubles Latino student absentee rate, targets Supreme Court ruling
10/31/2011 E-Verify use increases
10/30/2011 Children of immigrants hit an economic ceiling
10/30/2011 OCAHO Orders Drywall Company To Pay $173,250 in Penalities
10/29/2011 Huntsville Police Department beginning to enforce Alabama immigration law
10/29/2011 US northern border checks scaled back
10/27/2011 El Paso hotel owner sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for smuggling and harboring illegal aliens, money laundering and income tax fraud
10/27/2011 Critics See ‘Chilling Effect’ in Alabama Immigration Law
10/26/2011 Napolitano: No help on Alabama immigration law
10/26/2011 From cops to courts, confusion over Alabama law
10/25/2011 S. Carolina immigration law will also affect legal residents
10/25/2011 USCIS Redesigns Employment Authorization Document and Certificate of Citizenship to Enhance Security and Combat Fraud
10/24/2011 Immigrants find legal paths to U.S. long, difficult
10/22/2011 Customs turns back Russian engineers working for Boeing
10/21/2011 New forensic lab helps ICE intensify investigative efforts to solve crimes
10/21/2011 Americans show little interest in jobs created by Ala.’s immigrant law; some quit after 1 day
10/20/2011 Mexico: Deportations From U.S. Fuels Violence
10/20/2011 Obama administration deports record number of illegal immigrants
10/18/2011 FY 2011: ICE announces year-end removal numbers, highlights focus on key priorities including threats to public safety and national security
10/14/2011 Head of New York law firm charged with immigration fraud
10/14/2011 Broken Promises
10/13/2011 France to Allow Work Visas for More Graduates
10/11/2011 USCIS Shuts down Monte Regional Center in California
10/6/2011 Global Seagulls and the New Reality of Immigration
10/5/2011 Immigrants Play Key Role As Entrepreneurs in City
10/5/2011 4 hotel operators arrested for filing false DHS documents
10/5/2011 Hiring Locally for Farm Work Is No Cure-All
10/3/2011 Australia Sets Out Plan to Liberalize Visas for Foreign Students
10/3/2011 After Ruling, Hispanics Flee an Alabama Town
10/2/2011 To boost flagging economy, U.S. wants to import more shoppers
10/1/2011 Putin’s Eye for Power Leads Some in Russia to Ponder Life Abroad
9/30/2011 Illegal Immigrants Taking a Risk for Harvest
9/30/2011 Justice Department Files Lawsuit Against California Healthcare Provider Alleging Discrimination
9/28/2011 2,901 Arrested in Crackdown on Criminal Immigrants
9/28/2011 ICE arrests more than 2,900 convicted criminal aliens, fugitives in enforcement operation throughout all 50 states
9/28/2011 Companies Use Immigration Crackdown to Turn a Profit
9/27/2011 Even Those Cleared of Crimes Can Stay on F.B.I.’s Watch List
9/22/2011 Europe Denies 2 Nations Entry to Travel Zone
9/22/2011 House Judiciary Committee Approves Smith’s Mandatory E-Verify Legislation
9/16/2011 Migration Prompts E.U. to Seek New Travel Rules
9/16/2011 Be a patriot: Hire an illegal alien
9/15/2011 Deportation Program Sows Mistrust, U.S. Is Told
9/15/2011 CBP Preps Traveling Public for Enhanced Pedestrian Entry System
9/15/2011 Illegal Immigration, Jobs Back in Spotlight at E-Verify Heraing
9/15/2011 Smith Pushes to Mandate Use of E-Verify Nationwide
9/15/2011 IFCO senior managers plead guilty to unlawful employment of illegal aliens
9/15/2011 Inspector General says H-1B workers abuse work privileges
9/15/2011 Los Angeles-area immigration consultants charged in asylum fraud scheme
9/15/2011 25 arrested in Chicago area during ICE operation targeting gang members
9/15/2011 Ottawa calls for probe of PEI immigration program
9/14/2011 Mexican fugitive wanted for murder removed from U.S.
9/13/2011 U.S. Inquiry Traces Foreigners With Visas
9/12/2011 La. Business Owners Sue Over New Rules for Guest Workers
9/12/2011 Illegal border crossings down: More officers, border wall deter immigrants
9/12/2011 3 plead guilty to conspiracy to provide material support to the Pakistani Taliban
9/9/2011 Virginia Woman Loses Us Citizenship and is Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for Importing and Selling Counterfeit Cisco Computer Equipment
9/8/2011 E-Verify Requirement Must Be Part of Larger Immigration Plan, Napolitano Insists
9/8/2011 Three individuals sentenced in Mexico for human trafficking
9/8/2011 For Illegal-Immigrant Students, New Policy on Deportations Offers Limited Relief
9/8/2011 Lawmaker Offers Plan to Lure Migrant Farm Workers
9/7/2011 Immigration Shift Hasn’t Trickled Down to Border Patrol
9/7/2011 ICE deports Mexican fugitive wanted for murder
9/7/2011 Top of Chinese Wealthy’s Wish List? To Leave China
9/6/2011 Everify: A Pancea or Burden For Employers?
9/3/2011 New Conservatism in Europe Impedes Two of Its Nations
9/1/2011 America’s Most Wanted Fugitive Arrested
8/31/2011 Justice Department Settles Allegations of Immigration-Related Employment Discrimination Against Kinro
8/31/2011 Iowa roofing business owner pleads guilty to harboring illegal aliens
8/30/2011 Former CBP Agent Took Bribes to Alter Immigration Data
8/30/2011 Owners/operators of Deming, N.M., gun shop arrested on federal firearms-smuggling and money-laundering charges
8/30/2011 Surge in Global Migration Expands Scale of an Aid Group’s Influence
8/27/2011 Woodlands a haven for Mexican entrepreneurs
8/27/2011 Immigration Attorneys: U.S. Deportation Policy Shift Starting
8/24/2011 Owner Who Cut Wages, Fired H-1B Doctors Must Pay $1.1 Million Award, Court Affirms
8/24/2011 Alabama Businesses Ruled By State’s New Immigration Law
8/23/2011 Urgent Advisory on Potential Immigration Fraud
8/22/2011 Canadian murder suspect featured on ‘America’s Most Wanted’ captured in Los Angeles area
8/22/2011 Upcoming Foster Seminar: Government Investigations, Employer Sanctions and I-9 Compliance
8/22/2011 Upcoming Foster Immigration Update Seminar: The New Normal in Immigration: Handling Increased Government Scrutiny
8/22/2011 Justice Department Settles Allegations of Immigration-Related Employment Discrimination Against Missouri Pork Producer
8/22/2011 DHS Plan to Review Immigration Cases May Cause Boost in Work Authorizations
8/21/2011 How a change to the visa laws could reverse the housing slump
8/19/2011 Investigation Reveals Widespread Insider Hacking at Immigration Agency
8/18/2011 Fewer Youths to Be Deported in New Policy
8/18/2011 Report Rips ICE on Enforcement
8/18/2011 Businesses Told Penalties Severe if They Don’t Comply with Immigration Law
8/17/2011 Scare Tactics on the Border
8/17/2011 ‘Birth tourism’ not a widespread practice in U.S., data show
8/15/2011 ICE’s Forensic Document Lab serves as authentication authority
8/15/2011 Iranian national sentenced to 51 months for illegally exporting missile parts
8/15/2011 Immigration Audits Drive Illegal Workers Underground
8/9/2011 Family disputes immigration group’s findings
8/9/2011 States introduced record number of immigration bills this year
8/9/2011 Mexico-Bound Immigrants Face Scrutiny at Border
8/8/2011 Witness Feels Betrayed as U.S. Plans to Divide Family
8/4/2011 The EB-5 Program: Create American Jobs, Get a Green Card
8/4/2011 Four Criminal Aliens Plead Guilty to Bribing ICE Employee
8/3/2011 On Immigration, A Step In the Right Direction
8/2/2011 Progress on Immigration, Education Key to Reviving Jobs, Tech Leaders Say
8/2/2011 U.S. to Assist Immigrant Job Creators
8/1/2011 Feds Raid Northern Virginia University
8/1/2011 Travis County District Court Declares Department of Public Safety’s Denial of Licenses Illegal
7/30/2011 Farmers Oppose G.O.P. Bill on Immigration
7/28/2011 Infosys Employee Testifies on Alleged Visa Fraud
7/27/2011 Justice Department Files Lawsuit Alleging Immigration-Related Employment Discrimination by Farmland Foods Inc. in Missouri
7/26/2011 14 Indicted in Calif. on Charges of Arranging Sham Marriages for Russian, Ukrainian Immigrants
7/26/2011 Business Leaders Press for More Work Visas
7/25/2011 Flagstaff Family Indicted in Forced Labor Scheme Lenghty ICE-led Investigation Leads to Arrest of Wedding Shop Owners
7/24/2011 Amid Unemployment, Spain Aims to Limit Romanian Influx
7/23/2011 ICE fines New England Companies Hiring Unlawful Employees Worksite Enforcement Strategy Holds Employers Accountable for Violations
7/21/2011 Justice Department Settles Allegations of Employment Discrimination by Louisiana Industrial Services Company
7/18/2011 Michigan Governor Wants to Encourage Immigration
7/18/2011 EU Pressures Denmark on New Border Controls
7/15/2011 As Immigration Audits Increase, Some Employers Pay a High Price
7/15/2011 Mexican National Sentenced to Nearly 4 Years in Prison
7/13/2011 Michigan Dairy Farmers Plead Guilty to Employing Illegal Aliens, Fined $2.7 Million
7/13/2011 Justice Department Files Lawsuit Alleging Immigration-Related Employment Discrimination by Farmland Foods Inc. in Missouri
7/13/2011 Prince George’s County Public Schools agrees to pay $4.2 million in back wages for violations of H-1B temporary foreign worker program
7/8/2011 For Mexicans Looking North, a New Calculus Favors Home
6/30/2011 Denmark Leads Nationalist Challenge to Europe’s Open Borders
6/29/2011 Misuse of US Visas May Be Widespread
6/28/2011 B-1 Visa Holders in Demand on Job Portals
6/27/2011 Justice Department Files Lawsuit Alleging Immigration-Related Employment Discrimination by Farmland Foods Inc. in Missouri
6/25/2011 Immigrants Add Luster to Metro Detroit
6/24/2011 Deported Immigrants Released Back Into US
6/23/2011 My Life As An Undocumented Immigrant
6/22/2011 Indian Company Under Scrutiny Over U.S. Visas
6/21/2011 ICE Arrests Over 2,400 Convicted Criminal Aliens, Fugitives in Enforcement Operation Throughout All 50 States
6/20/2011 6 Charged in New Jersey with International Alien Smuggling Conspiracy Hundreds of Aliens from Brazil and India Smuggled into the U.S. via Mexico and Caribbean
6/20/2011 New Rules Could Spare Some Immigrants From Deportation
6/16/2011 Separate Bills Focus on Two Pieces of Immigration Puzzle
6/15/2011 Crackdown on Illegal Labor Intensifies
6/13/2011 Program Gives Investors Chance at Visa
6/13/2011 Pastor Sentenced to 1 Year for Visa Fraud, Ordered to Forfeit Building Housing Former Religious School
6/13/2011 National Initiative to Combat Immigration Services Scams
6/12/2011 National Initiative to Combat Immigration Services Scams DHS, DOJ and FTC Collaborate with State and Local Partners in Unprecedented Effort
6/11/2011 Let Them In: How Brazilians Could Help the U.S. Economy
6/10/2011 New Effort to Protect Immigrants from Tricks
6/10/2011 Police Chiefs Reaffirm Opposition to Sanctuary Cities Legislation
6/10/2011 ICE Announces Employment Authorization Eligibility for Certain Libyan Students
6/10/2011 Should Perry Be Thankful for Unanswered Prayer?
6/9/2011 Attorney General Greg Abbott, Federal Officials Launch Multi-Jurisdictional “Notario” Crackdown
6/8/2011 Report Documents Dramatic Shift In Immigrant Workforce’s Skill Level
6/6/2011 Justice Department Resolves Citizenship Status Discrimination Claim Against Canvas Corporation
6/2/2011 5 Managers and Supervisors at Mambo Seafood Indicted for Haboring Illegal Aliens
6/1/2011 11 Arrested Following Their Grand Jury Indictment for Using Fraud Documents to Gain Employment in the US
6/1/2011 Kansas Man Who Lived in Rwanda During 1994 Genocide Convicted of Visa Fraud
6/1/2011 Former Serbian Paramilitary Police Officer Pleads to Immigration Fraud
5/31/2011 A Crackdown on Employing Illegal Workers
5/31/2011 Justice Department Settles Allegations of Immigration-Related Employment Discrimination Against American Academy of Pediatrics
5/30/2011 Department of State Responds to Senator Grassley on B-1 in Lieu of H-1 Concerns
5/29/2011 ICE Arrests 108 at Phoenix Human Smuggling Drop House
5/23/2011 ICE Deports Pakistani Man Investigated During The Failed Time Square Bombing
5/23/2011 Federal Program Offers Investors Visas, Alot of Risk
5/20/2011 USCIS Proposes Significant Enhancements to EB-5 Visa Processing to Help America Win the Future
5/19/2011 2 Charged in Elaborate Scheme to Obtain Valid California Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Aliens
5/17/2011 Justice Department Resolves Citizenship Status Discrimination Charge Against New Jersey Employer Iflowsoft LLC
5/16/2011 Justice Department Settles Allegations of Immigration-Related Employment Discrimination Against Maricopa Community College District
5/16/2011 ICE Announces Expanded List of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Degree Programs
5/16/2011 Five Arrested in Austin-Based Visa Fraud Scheme
5/12/2011 5 Arrested in Austin-Based Visa Fraud Scam
5/11/2011 Tech Talents From India, Other Countries Leaving Silicon Valley
5/9/2011 Nevada DMW Employee Charged with Bribery Following ICE Probe
5/7/2011 Long-Prized Tech Visas Lose Cachet
5/3/2011 The E.U.’s Balancing Act on Open Borders
4/26/2011 Justice Department Settles Allegations of Immigration-Related Employment Discrimination Against Wendy’s Franchise Owners in Maine
4/26/2011 Immigration, Offshoring and American Jobs
4/21/2011 Immigration Crackdown Widens with Criminal Probe and Arrests at Restaurant Chains
4/21/2011 3 Restaurant Chain Executives Indicted on Federal Immigration, Tax Charges
4/21/2011 Colorado Man Charged with Exporting Defense Articles Without a License
4/21/2011 3 Individuals and 2 Companies Indicted for Conspiring to Export Millions of Dollars Worth of Computer-Related Equipment to Iran
4/21/2011 Bay Area Man Sentenced for Impersonating ICE Officer and Attempted Extortion
4/21/2011 3 Men Charged in ICE Probe Targeting Central California Phony Document Ring
4/20/2011 WikiLeaks Cables Describe H-1B Fraud Attempts
4/20/2011 Previously Deported Convicted Felon Charged with Illegally Re-entering the US
4/20/2011 Another Key Republican Calls For H-1B Cap Hike
4/19/2011 Immigration Is Lead Topic as Leaders Are Gathered
4/15/2011 Owner and Madame of Korean Room Salon in Virginia Sentenced
4/15/2011 Immigrants Are Subject of Tough Bill in Georgia
4/13/2011 Savannah Area McDonald’s Employees Indicted for Conspiring to Sell Stolen Identities
4/11/2011 Appeals Court Rules Against Arizona Law
4/10/2011 America’s ‘National Suicide’
4/8/2011 Justice Department Settles Allegations of Immigration-Related Employment Discrimination in Iowa Against LF Staffing Services Inc.
4/6/2011 Prince George’s County Public Schools Charged with Violating Provisions of H-1B Temporary Foreign Worker Program
4/6/2011 Owners of L.A. – Area Immigration Consulting Business Arrested for Visa Fraud
3/30/2011 Employers Have Paid Over $3 Billion in Mandatory Fees to Hire Skilled Foreign Nationals in Past Decade
3/30/2011 How Immigration Works for America
3/28/2011 Coming as Tourists, Leaving With American Babies
3/25/2011 Visa Loophole
3/24/2011 Anchorage Man Sentenced for Falsely Claiming US Citizenship
3/22/2011 Missouri Woman Sentenced to 12 Months for Employing Illegal Aliens
3/13/2011 Lawsuit Alleges Indian Workers Lured to U.S. on False Promises
3/9/2011 ICE Deports Canadian Convicted of Plotting to Blow Up Trans-Alaska Pipeline
3/9/2011 6 Indicted for Conspiring to Purchase and Issue Unlawful Tennessee Driver’s Licenses
3/6/2011 Former CIS General Counsel’s Article on Year in Obama’s DHS
3/4/2011 Illegal-Hiring Bill Spurs Jest and Jeers
3/2/2011 Texas Immigration Bill has Big Exception
2/28/2011 Analysis: U.S. Immigration Probe Fears Weigh on Chipotle
2/26/2011 US Employee Alleges Large-Scale Visa Fraud at Infosys
2/25/2011 Alleged Supporter of Terrorist Group Extradited from Paraguay
2/25/2011 Howard Industries Pleads Guilty to Employment-Related Immigration Conspiracy
2/24/2011 Fake Marriages with Foreigners Surge
2/24/2011 22 Alleged Members of Sophisticated, Violent Fraudulent Document Ring Indicted
2/23/2011 Attorney General Abbott Takes Legal Action to Halt Six South Texas “Notarios”
2/23/2011 How I Passed My U.S. Citizenship Test: By Keeping the Right Answer to Myself
2/23/2011 Arizona Lawmakers Push New Round of Immigration Restrictions
2/23/2011 Filling Labor Shortages Through Immigration: An Overview of Shortage Lists and their Implications
2/22/2011 Austria Agrees New Immigration Law Amid Protests
2/19/2011 Immigration Policies Hit Fashion Jobs
2/18/2011 ‘Sanctuary City’ Bills Catching Heat
2/18/2011 ICE Announces More Audits of Hiring Records
2/18/2011 Mayorkas Outlines 2011 Goals for USCIS, Including Focus on Promoting Consistency
2/17/2011 Feds Target Illegal Hires
2/17/2011 U.S. Businesses Everywhere: Are Your Immigration Papers in Order?
2/17/2011 U.S. News: Feds Target Illegal Hires – Expanded Government Audits
2/17/2011 Taking a Hard Line: Immigrants and Crime
2/11/2011 DPS Eases Rules for Immigrant Truckers
2/11/2011 Questions and Answers: USCIS to Issue Employment Authorization and Advance Parole Cards for Adjustment of Status Applicants
2/11/2011 USCIS to Issue Employment Authorization and Advanced Parole Card for Adjustment of Status Applicants
2/11/2011 GOP Torn Between Anti-Immigrant Fervor, Business
2/11/2011 Arizona to Countersue Feds Over Immigration Issues
2/11/2011 GOP Pushes Mandatory Use of E-Verify
2/9/2011 E-Verify: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Proposals for Reform
2/8/2011 Q+A: How do I-9 Audits Find Illegal Workers in U.S.?
2/7/2011 Company Violated INA by Failing to Pay H-1B Holder for Work Travel Time, ARB Says
2/7/2011 US. Fast Food Caught in Immigration Crosshairs
2/4/2011 ‘Anchor Baby’ Myth is Pure Fear-Mongering
2/3/2011 States Seek to Copy Arizona Immigration Law
2/3/2011 New Ga. Bill Targets Illegal Immigrants and Government Officials Who Hire Them
2/3/2011 How We See Immigration — and Why We’re Wrong
2/2/2011 Illegal Immigration in U.S. Stabilizes
2/2/2011 Immigration Officer Put Wife on Terrorist List to Get Rid of Her
2/2/2011 Shareholders Bring Novel Suits Over Workforce
2/2/2011 Help Fund a Project, and Get a Green Card
2/1/2011 Immigration Scammers Charged Fees for No Services, FTC Says
2/1/2011 Illegal Immigrants: Here to Stay
2/1/2011 11.2 Million Illegal Immigrants in U.S. in 2010, Report Says; No Change From ’09
2/1/2011 Illegal Immigration Declines Dramatically in South Carolina
1/31/2011 Immigration Scam Shut Down by FTC
1/31/2011 Telemarketers Allegedly Posed as U.S. Immigration Officials
1/26/2011 Alpharetta Immigration Atty. Indicted
1/25/2011 Immigration Attorney Indicted for Filing False Visa Applications, Alien Harboring
1/25/2011 Statute Meant to Protect Jobs Isn’t Enforced
1/24/2011 GOP to Target Employers Who Hire Illegal Workers
1/24/2011 Trucker to be Resentenced for ’03 Smuggling Deaths
1/24/2011 Charge: Woman Held Teenage Illegal Immigrant as Slave
1/21/2011 Immigrant Start-Ups Seen as Key to Reinventing Michigan
1/20/2011 Crackdown on Illegal Workers Grows
1/20/2011 Even Bloomberg Can’t Escape Complexity of Immigration
1/20/2011 Over a Million Immigrants Land U.S. Jobs in 2008-10
1/14/2011 Racket to Fake Entry to and Exit from the US Uncovered
1/13/2011 El Paso Sheriff Fears Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s Anti-Immigration Push
1/13/2011 Report Criticizes Immigration Enforcement
1/12/2011 Automation Touted as Central to Repairing the Immigration System
1/11/2011 Innovation Requires Immigration, Top U.S. Executives Say
1/4/2011 Birthright Citizenship Looms as Next Immigration Battle
1/3/2011 Online Visa System for Sri Lanka to Start Trials at End of January
1/2/2011 Japan Keeps a High Wall for Foreign Labor