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Immigration News – 2012

1 Jan

The links to the PDFs below represent immigration news and updates that occurred during 2012 and are provided as resources.

Date   News Stories

12/31/2012   Controversial anti-illegal immigration program to continue in Pr. William jail
12/30/2012   Lure of Green Cards Brings Big Investments for Remote Resort in Vermont
12/30/2012   Obama says immigration reform will be priority
12/30/2012   Obama To Introduce Immigration Reform Bill In 2013
12/27/2012   Filipino nurses sue NY firm for employment fraud
12/26/2012   Debating The Impact Of An Immigration Crackdown
12/25/2012   Immigration and Policing
12/23/2012   Audits of companies for illegal immigrants rise
12/21/2012   More people moving to U.S.
12/20/2012   US Chamber, AG resolve immigration dispute
12/20/2012   Is The Border Secure Enough To Tackle The Immigration System?
12/19/2012   Republicans Name Hardliner to Head House Immigration Subcommittee
12/18/2012   Feds: Lawyers helped Chinese lie to stay in US
12/17/2012   NJ residents reach settlement with immigration officials over pre-dawn home raids
12/13/2012   Citizenship Becomes Focus of Immigration Fight
12/13/2012   Government dismisses immigration charge that targeted reserve deputy from Canada
12/13/2012   Some jails may limit federal immigration ‘holds’
12/12/2012   Enforcement of Georgia’s immigration law will vary
12/11/2012   Cal creates $1M fund for undocumented students
12/11/2012   Rubio, McCain huddle on immigration reform
12/11/2012   Rubio, McCain huddle on immigration reform
12/11/2012   Families divided by immigration enforcement call for ‘humane reforms’
12/9/2012   Baltimore Says, ‘Immigrants Welcome’
12/9/2012   ‘Green cards’ por la vía rápida (Spanish)
12/7/2012   Obama plans push for immigration reform
12/7/2012   Young illegal immigrants fly kites and dream of freedom
12/6/2012   Baca shifts course on compliance with deportation program
12/6/2012   The new faces of illegal immigration
12/4/2012   Suit against immigration detainers to go forward
12/4/2012   Illinois moves to give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants
12/4/2012   UNO study: Immigrant workers boost local economy
12/4/2012   About 15,000 young immigrants in Florida apply to avoid deportation
12/3/2012   Dreamers to fight for immigration reform alongside their parents
12/2/2012   ‘Dreamers’ Convene to Celebrate—and Embrace Parents
11/29/2012   Conn. official faults US handling of immigrant
11/29/2012   Dream Act immigrants eligible for Nevada driver’s licenses
11/28/2012   US pushes to keep entrepreneur jobs in the country
11/28/2012   Ga. denied full court hearing on immigration law
11/27/2012   Senators introduce GOP alternative to Dream Act
11/27/2012   Among young immigrants, applications for deportation relief have slowed
11/26/2012   Asian-American says Latinos not only ones hit by Ariz. immigration law
11/26/2012   Hope Turns to Despair for Many Trying to Stay in the U.S.
11/25/2012   Fiscal battles could sideline U.S. immigration reform
11/25/2012   Despite Talk, Immigration Overhaul Not A Guarantee
11/24/2012   Biggest challenge to immigration reform may be guest workers
11/24/2012   This time, it’s different
11/23/2012   GOP immigration bill would expand science, tech visas, make reuniting families easier
11/20/2012   Immigrants to Pay Tuition at Rate Set for Residents
11/20/2012   Illegal Immigration: Who’s Applying for Obama’s ‘DREAM Act’ Deferrals
11/19/2012   Analysis: What is the Economic Impact of Immigration Reform
11/19/2012   Contractors seek changes in employment law
11/19/2012   Political heavyweights line up behind undocumented immigrant driving bill
11/18/2012   State to widen tuition breaks to include immigrants
11/17/2012   Cloud lifts over young immigrants seeking legal status, but concerns remain
11/17/2012   Nearly 205K Deportations of Parents of U.S. Citizens in Just Over Two Years
11/17/2012   Immigration reform may be on horizon
11/16/2012   More Young Illegal Immigrants Apply for, and Receive, Reprieves
11/16/2012   Immigrant job creator faces deportation
11/16/2012   Mass. worker charged in scam to defraud immigrants
11/15/2012   Immigrant Detention Facilities Inhumane, Study Claims
11/15/2012   Fed judge OKs SC law allowing immigration checks
11/14/2012   Why Republicans Are Suddenly Pro-Immigration Reform
11/14/2012   Obama Expresses Confidence in Early Action on Immigration
11/13/2012   Five reasons why time may be right for immigration reform
11/13/2012   Evangelical Leaders Plan Big Immigration Reform Push
11/13/2012   Alabama left behind on immigration, GOP now courting Latino voters with talk of reform
11/12/2012   Airport customs expands as F1 fan arrivals loom
11/12/2012   NM DREAMers Become Doers, Thanks to Deferred Action Program
11/9/2012   New momentum for path to citizenship, but it won’t be easy
11/8/2012   Speaker ‘Confident’ of Deal With White House on Immigration
11/7/2012   L.A. council approves ID cards for city residents
11/6/2012   Florida college students with undocumented parents to get tuition break in spring
11/6/2012   Md. voters approve ‘Dream Act’ law
11/5/2012   Jamaican citizen sentenced to prison for illegally re-entering US
11/5/2012   Feds delay review of Obama immigration program
11/3/2012   Michigan’s immigrant youths put in legal limbo
11/1/2012   Innovative Immigrants
11/1/2012   Report: Immigration courts falling behind despite more judges
10/31/2012   Island Havens for Investment Citizenship
10/31/2012   Berkeley council says “no” to federal immigration detainers
10/31/2012   Some immigrants charged in Alameda County courts could avoid deportation under DA’s new guidelines
10/31/2012   Feds charge Wichita fast-food firm over illegal immigrant
10/30/2012   DREAM Act youths might be worth billions to Texas
10/29/2012   Immigrant Jobs Keep New York City Running During Sandy
10/27/2012   Pentagon Reopens Program Allowing Immigrants With Special Skills to Enlist
10/27/2012   Young immigration activists wary of delayed deportation policy
10/27/2012   Immigrants in Arizona face resistance to getting visas after being victims of crimes
10/24/2012   Napolitano says 200K illegal immigrants have applied for deferred deportation
10/24/2012   Immigrants come out of the shadows to fulfill a dream
10/22/2012   Prince William County renews focus on immigration
10/21/2012   Romanian immigrant reunited with family in Phoenix
10/19/2012   New Jersey man charged with impersonating federal officer
10/19/2012   Alabama law may be blocking legal immigrants from licenses
10/18/2012   Courts Hand Arizona a Victory on Immigration Law, But Say No to Part of Alabama’s
10/18/2012   Tampa man sentenced for exporting millions of dollars of computer equipment to Iran
10/18/2012   For immigrant, a long and stressful journey to citizenship
10/16/2012   IDs for Illegal Immigrants Take a Step in Los Angeles
10/16/2012   Immigration enforcement change angers Prince William officials
10/16/2012   Unaccompanied migrant youth in U.S. detention centers rises 50%
10/15/2012   No GED? Some undocumented immigrants hit barriers in quest for legal status
10/14/2012   Anatomy of a Deferred-Action Dream
10/12/2012   Thousands of Immigrants Get Deferrals
10/11/2012   Probe reveals rampant ripoffs hitting immigrants
10/10/2012   Laws Steer Immigrants From Starting U.S. Businesses, Study Finds
10/9/2012   Obama’s new program for young illegal immigrants: How is it going?
10/9/2012   Many Apples, Few Pickers
10/4/2012   In Alabama, Legal Immigrants Wanted for Dirty Jobs
10/4/2012   Los Angeles to Cease Transferring Some Immigrants
10/3/2012   After run-in with law, Cambodian immigrant’s permanent residency is at risk
10/3/2012   Mitt Romney Camp Says He Will Not Continue Deferred Action After Taking Office
10/2/2012   One-quarter of U.S. tech startups founded by immigrants, study finds
10/2/2012   DHS Announces Taiwan’s Designation into the Visa Waiver Program
10/2/2012   Mitt Romney would honor deportation exemptions issued to young illegal immigrants under President Obama’s executive action but would not grant new ones
10/1/2012   Calif. gov. OKs driver licenses for illegal immigrants, rejects ‘anti-Arizona’ legislation
9/28/2012   Same-Sex Couples Granted Protection in Deportations
9/27/2012   A Flood of Applications, With a Trickle of Approvals
9/27/2012   Microsoft Pushes Plan to Pay for STEM Education With H-1B Visa Fees
9/25/2012   Young Arizona immigrant gets deferred action
9/24/2012   Alabama Immigration Law Has Surprise Result
9/24/2012   Tech industry keen on STEM visas
9/23/2012   Woman’s immigration status puts dreams on hold
9/22/2012   Deferred immigration action packets require detective work to assemble
9/21/2012   Arizona: No ‘dreamer’ driver’s licenses
9/21/2012   Bitter Harvest: U.S. Farmers Blame Billion-Dollar Losses on Immigration Laws
9/20/2012   House rejects visas for foreign nationals with advanced degrees
9/20/2012   Immigration Officials Suspend Enforcement Program in North Carolina County
9/20/2012   Deportation deferral program not a permanent fix
9/19/2012   Arrests after immigration raids at city restaurants
9/18/2012   Republicans Push Bill to Help Foreign Science Graduates Stay
9/18/2012   Arizona immigration: ‘Show me your papers’ enforcement to begin
9/18/2012   Justice Department: North Carolina sheriff and his deputies unlawfully targeted Latino drivers
9/14/2012   Republicans ready ‘STEM Jobs Act’
9/13/2012   Documentation for deferred action leads to confusion among illegal immigrants
9/12/2012   Young migrants may get Arizona college tuition break
9/12/2012   Feds use new strategy against employers of illegal immigrants
9/11/2012   Quick Start to Program Offering Immigrants a Reprieve
9/11/2012   If You Want More Jobs, You Should Want More Immigrants
9/9/2012   Young Immigrants Pause on ‘Deferred Action’ Offer
9/6/2012   Visas-for-Dollars Program a Boon to Hotel Developers
9/6/2012   Arizona Immigration Law Survives Ruling
9/6/2012   Mexican national pleads guilty to illegally reentering the US
9/5/2012   Los Angeles manufacturing company and its owner criminally charged in HSI probe targeting hiring violations
9/5/2012   21 individuals charged in “Operation Knot So Fast 2012”
9/5/2012   Key Part of Arizona Immigration Law Cleared to Take Effect
9/5/2012   Court Rulings Help Illegal Immigrants’ College-Bound Children
9/4/2012   Judge rules for students in immigrant-tuition suit
8/31/2012   A Romanian migrant detained, a family in limbo
8/31/2012   California okays driving licenses for some illegal immigrants
8/29/2012   In Arizona, young illegal immigrants battle governor’s policy
8/28/2012   Reprieve from deportation frees American DREAMers
8/28/2012   Report details complaints of profiling in wake of new Alabama immigration law
8/26/2012   Pittsburgh looking to increase immigrant population
8/26/2012   U.S. immigration policy splits families when parents are deported
8/25/2012   Young and Alone, Facing Court and Deportation
8/25/2012   Visa Offers Path for Immigrant Youth in State Care
8/25/2012   New U.S. immigration program can help farmworkers
8/23/2012   Agents Sue Over Deportation Suspensions
8/22/2012   Rick Snyder: World-class talent is key to Michigan’s future
8/21/2012   The Track-Star Economy
8/21/2012   Republican Platform Calls for Guest-Worker Program
8/21/2012   Justice Dept. sets up civil rights unit in Ala., after state crackdown on illegal immigration
8/21/2012   Immigrant detainees land in limbo in Alabama jail
8/20/2012   Shift sought on immigration
8/20/2012   Perry: “Deferred Action” Doesn’t Change State Policies
8/20/2012   Hells Angels Sues Over Visa Denials for Foreign Members
8/20/2012   Court blocks provisions in immigration laws, lets some controversial ones stand
8/17/2012   Young illegal immigrants get chance to stay, but challenges complicate path to college degree
8/17/2012   Congressional Fund-Raiser Charged With Immigration Fraud
8/16/2012   Illegal Immigrants Flock to Youth Program
8/16/2012   States Split on Immigrant Licenses as U.S. Lets Them Work
8/16/2012   Arizona Dream Act supporters ready for legal battle against state services ban
8/15/2012   For most undocumented immigrants, life in the shadows continues
8/15/2012   Pa. city tries again to enact immigration rules
8/15/2012   Houston Immigrants Apply for Deferred Action Program
8/14/2012   Immigrant-Owned U.S. Companies Said To Generate $775 Billion
8/13/2012   Obama, Romney Immigration Silence Hurts Economy
8/13/2012   Young Immigrants, in America Illegally, Line Up for Reprieve
8/12/2012   Young illegal immigrants may seek reprieves amid questions
8/12/2012   As Obama policy kicks in, young illegal immigrants set to apply for deportation reprieve
8/11/2012   For some, GED key to avoiding deportation
8/11/2012   European Countries Compete to Attract, and Retain, Foreign Students
8/10/2012   Immigrant halts deportation after challenging Border Patrol arrest
8/9/2012   Illegal Immigrants See Opportunity in New Rule
8/8/2012   Court: NJ student wrongfully denied tuition help due to mother’s immigration status
8/8/2012   Mo. woman receives deferral on immigration issue
8/7/2012   360k more immigrants eligible for late deportation
8/7/2012   Obama’s ‘DREAM Act’: How it will work is still a work in progress
8/7/2012   Ag leaders push for immigration reform
8/6/2012   Visas come up short for entrepreneurs
8/4/2012   Iowa sees evolving immigrant workforce
8/3/2012   Immigration-Policy Details Emerge
8/3/2012   Young Immigrants Can File to Defer Deportation Aug. 15
8/3/2012   Illegal immigrants warned of fraud
8/2/2012   The Renouncers: Who Gave Up U.S. Citizenship, and Why?
8/2/2012   Deported Mexican returns to U.S. to fight for custody of kids
8/1/2012   Immigration activists gear up for Aug. 15 opening of 2-year work permit process
8/1/2012   Young immigrants prepare for new U.S. deportation policy
8/1/2012   Microsoft hosts skilled immigration roundtable
8/1/2012   San Antonio ICE office deports record number of aliens so far in 2012
7/31/2012   Staffing shortage temporarily closes Sushi Zushi restaurants
7/31/2012   Indiana immigration law partially unconstitutional, says attorney general
7/31/2012   Program Tracks Arrests in Group of Immigrants
7/30/2012   Report: Inconsistencies Found in State Enforcement of E-Verify Policies
7/29/2012   New Haven resident card program reaches 5 years
7/26/2012   Lawsuit: Austin business fleeced immigrants
7/26/2012   Infosys visa issues: Will the case hold in US court?
7/25/2012   New York Initiative Aims to Shield Illegal Immigrants From Fraud
7/25/2012   Judge overrules immigration authorities, orders Va. Muslim be naturalized
7/25/2012   Attorney General Abbott Charges Austin Group with Providing Unauthorized Legal Services
7/24/2012   State may use federal immigration data in checking voters’ eligibility
7/24/2012   Baltimore puts out welcome mat for immigrants, hoping to stop population decline
7/23/2012   Advocates Warn of Immigration Scams
7/21/2012   Hispanics feel harassed under Alabama’s immigration law
7/19/2012   Secretary Napolitano Clarifies President’s Deferred Action Plan…Again
7/19/2012   Obama Deportation Deferral Program Hinges on Details
7/19/2012   2 more convicted for attempting to smuggle 652 assault rifle magazines to Mexico
7/18/2012   Twice-deported Mexican national in Wisconsin sentenced to 15 months in federal prison for illegally re-entering US
7/18/2012   Opinion: Demand for H-1B Visas High Among Program’s Biggest Critics
7/17/2012   Gap in policy forces woman to deport herself, reluctantly
7/16/2012   Feds expanding state access to immigration database for purpose of voter roll cleansing
7/16/2012   Immigration debate keeps law school graduate a few steps from his dreams
7/16/2012   Police take wait-and-see approach after federal immigration pact ends
7/16/2012   ‘Prosecutorial discretion’ barely dents immigration case backlog after a year
7/12/2012   Immigrant files proposed class action suit over U.S. gay marriage ban
7/11/2012   US citizen sues federal government after being wrongly flagged as deportable immigrant under Secure Communities program
7/11/2012   Weld DA unveils program to help immigrants prevent, report crime
7/11/2012   Postville, Iowa, Is Up for Grabs
7/10/2012   Tattoo Checks Trip Up Visas
7/10/2012   Milford and ICE are partners in work program
7/9/2012   Judge keeps South Carolina immigration law on hold after Arizona ruling
7/8/2012   Advocates warn immigrants of scams
7/5/2012   Man convicted in New Jersey of immigration fraud extradited to U.S. from India after fleeing to avoid prison
7/3/2012   Fugitive Mexican cartel member deported following capture in Los Angeles
7/2/2012   Fraud a danger for immigrants offered work permits
7/2/2012   Farms a casualty of immigration war
7/1/2012   Another Thing Immigrants Do for the Economy: Invent Cool Things
6/30/2012   Immigrants and Small Business
6/30/2012   America’s New Tiger Immigrants
6/29/2012   New policy leads to confusion, concerns of legal fraud
6/29/2012   Texas GOP Shift May Show Way Out of Immigration Stalement
6/29/2012   ‘Investment immigration’ coming to D.C. following Gray’s China trip
6/29/2012   U.S. “Genius” visa attracts entrepreneurs and Playmates
6/28/2012   South Texas woman sentenced to 30 months in prison for human smuggling
6/28/2012   Feds look to streamline backlogged immigration courts
6/27/2012   22 charged in multi-state scheme to obtain real driver’s licenses with fraudulent documents
6/26/2012   State immigration law challenges to move forward
6/26/2012   Arizona police see “difficulties” enforcing immigration law
6/25/2012   Blocking Parts of Arizona Law, Justices Allow Its Centerpiece
6/25/2012   2 Mexican nationals plead guilty to transporting illegal aliens within United States
6/25/2012   Top court’s decision on Arizona will affect other states, too
6/22/2012   Some Immigrant Students Still Dreaming Of Clarity
6/22/2012   Immigration policy shift creates benefits for K-12 students, schools
6/21/2012   30 sought in illegal driver’s license scheme
6/21/2012   76-year-old south Texas woman arrested for arranging sham marriages
6/21/2012   Report: More Than 600,000 Immigrants Were Naturalized in 2011
6/21/2012   Technology Company Agrees to Pay More than $740,000 in Back Wages to 73 H-1B Workers Following US Department of Labor Investigation
6/20/2012   Immigrants hoping to qualify for Obama program urged to gather data
6/20/2012   How Skilled Immigrants Create Jobs
6/20/2012   Midwest farm town, transformed by immigration, thrives
6/20/2012   How 6 States Address the Immigration Issue
6/18/2012   In a Shift, Biggest Wave of Migrants Is Now Asian
6/18/2012   DREAMers Welcome Obama’s Immigration Shift, But Pledge Caution
6/17/2012   Alabama law drives out illegal immigrants but also has unexpected consequences
6/17/2012   Obama Immigration Order Comes Too Late for Some
6/16/2012   Governor’s recruitment chief: Texas wants every job it can get
6/15/2012   Supporters praise immigration order, call for permanent solution
6/15/2012   U.S. to Stop Deporting Some Illegal Immigrants
6/15/2012   Obama Administration to Stop Deporting some Young Illegal Immigrants
6/15/2012   Obama administration sparing some from deportation
6/14/2012   Want to Move a Worker
to the U.S.? Good Luck
6/13/2012   A year after deportation policy eases, many fear knock on door
6/13/2012   Migrants Keep Small-Business Faith
6/12/2012   ‘Immigration consultants’ must register with state starting July 1
6/11/2012   Citizenship for sale: Foreign investors flock to U.S.
6/11/2012   France Repeals Measure Limiting Students’ Stay
6/11/2012   Georgia’s Accidental Immigration Activist
6/10/2012   Virginia student graduates from high school, braces for deportation
6/9/2012   New policy slow to clear deportation backlog
6/8/2012   Woman to plead guilty for helping businessmen commit visa fraud
6/6/2012   Ruling May Fuel Challenges to Arizona Immigration Law
6/6/2012   Deportations Continue Despite U.S. Review of Backlog
6/6/2012   Civil rights groups urge immigrants to use hot line
6/5/2012   Behind the SEC’s New Interest in Immigration
5/31/2012   Which Crimes Can Get Legal Immigrants Deported?
5/31/2012   Woman arrested in LA, posed as ICE agent
5/30/2012   In Alabama, strict immigration law sows discord
5/30/2012   The Innovation Costs of Reducing the Flow of Immigrants and Travelers to the U.S.
5/29/2012   The High Cost of Tough Immigration Enforcement
5/25/2012   To Help Fill Demand, Australia Eases Labor Restrictions on Foreigners
5/25/2012   Garfield County violence victims fear deportation
5/24/2012   ICE deports former Bosnian-Serb police commander tied to Srebrenica genocide
5/22/2012   U.S. needs Houston Plan for immigration reform
5/22/2012   First online immigration application now available
5/22/2012   U.S. Sees Other Countries Luring Expatriates to Return
5/22/2012   VT now part of feds’ ‘Secure Communities’
5/21/2012   Supreme Court rules for government on immigrants’ residence
5/17/2012   Immigration Doesn’t Hurt City Economies or Ratings, S&P Says
5/17/2012   Court to review request of illegal immigrant to practice law
5/16/2012   Lawmakers approve tweaks to Alabama immigration law
5/15/2012   South Carolina Immigration Case Tests New Deportation Policy
5/15/2012   ICE deports Mexican national wanted for murder
5/15/2012   2 Mexican nationals indicted for alien harboring
5/14/2012   Bartsch graduates, immigration status still in limbo
5/14/2012   Expanded federal fingerprint program opposed in NY
5/13/2012   Some Ala. farmers cut back crops, citing crackdown
5/11/2012   Despite Opposition, Immigration Agency to Expand Fingerprint Program
5/11/2012   Down Under looks to Houston to fill energy jobs
5/11/2012   DHS Announces Expanded List of STEM Degree Programs
5/11/2012   Basalt woman works on two fronts to stay in U.S.
5/10/2012   Dayton’s Immigration Strategy for Growth is Drawing Notice
5/9/2012   Immigrant Mothers Make Tearful Pleas To Stay In U.S. With Kids
5/9/2012   HSI dismantles multi-state prostitution ring based in Indianapolis
5/9/2012   Medical supply company owner sentenced for healthcare and immigration fraud
5/9/2012   Immigrants help to raise average wages
5/9/2012   Activists to Obama Administration: Don’t deport immigrants who don’t deserve it
5/8/2012   Feds to launch Secure Communities program in Mass.
5/8/2012   On the rise: Immigrant entrepreneurs
5/8/2012   New Jersey License Standards Tough on Immigrants
5/8/2012   Rwandan woman convicted of immigration fraud
5/7/2012   Illegal immigrant crackdown coming to New Hampshire
5/7/2012   Welcoming Michigan kicks off campaign to boost immigration
5/7/2012   Heidelberg grad seeks a normal life in U.S.
5/7/2012   Nigerian immigrant faces deportation after seeking political asylum
5/7/2012   Rwandan national convicted of visa fraud, false statements, perjury and obstruction
5/7/2012   New rules to obtain TX driver’s license
5/6/2012   Ecuadorean facing deportation OK’d to stay in NYC
5/5/2012   Immigration Policy at Issue in Democratic Primary for Sheriff in Travis County
5/4/2012   Feds: Alabama immigration law caused spike in Hispanic student absences
5/3/2012   Immigration nightmare: Army soldier’s wife detained after Arizona traffic stop
5/3/2012   US Motel Industry Tells Story of Indian-American Immigrants
5/2/2012   Fresh Raids Target Illegal Hiring
5/2/2012   HSI targets bandit crews that exploit the Arizona border
5/2/2012   Fresh Raids Target Illegal Hiring
5/2/2012   A Change in Police Policy Has Immigrants Hoping for More
5/2/2012   Immigrant smuggler sentenced to 18 years
5/2/2012   Immigration law opponents hold rally
5/2/2012   A look at how Congress has dealt with immigration in the past 25 years
5/1/2012   National visa center: the gateway to visa processing
5/1/2012   Visa Plan Poses Bipartisan Test
4/30/2012   Top court to follow up on immigration lawyer case
4/30/2012   ICE arrests 13 during enforcement operation targeting convicted criminal aliens in the Boston-area
4/30/2012   Austin pair planning to offer barbecue, country music to international fans of F1
4/28/2012   Fate of Brooklyn mom is on ICE as feds move to close 16,000 immigration cases
4/27/2012   Fewer Illegal Immigrants Stopped for Traffic Violations Will Face Deportation
4/25/2012   Justices Seem Sympathetic to Central Part of Arizona Law
4/24/2012   Immigration officials offer to shelve 7.5 pct of deportation cases under review
4/24/2012   America’s Secret Growth Weapon: Why Immigration Really, Really Matters
4/23/2012   Feds say Wash. farm rehired illegal immigrants
4/23/2012   High court review of immigration enforcement a tale of opposing views
4/23/2012   Justices to Rule on Role of the States in Immigration
4/20/2012   Thousands of Immigration Court Cases Closed Since August
4/20/2012   Ellis Island building gets turned into a museum of immigration
4/19/2012   NY-Based Attorney Pleads Guilty to Role in Extensive Immigration Fraud Mill
4/18/2012   In Arizona, Immigrants Make Plans in Shadows
4/18/2012   Immigrant Labor Concentrated at Both Ends of Labor Spectrum
4/18/2012   I Am Undocumented: A Face of Legal Immigration Gone Wrong
4/17/2012   Born to American mom, in-vitro twins denied citizenship
4/16/2012   Immigrants Scammed in Search of Legal Status: DA
4/16/2012   Announcement of Ten-Year Visa Validity for Colombians Visiting the United States
4/15/2012   Immigrants’ deportation cases stumble over U.S. policy change
4/15/2012   Making Visas-for-Dollars Work
4/15/2012   Making Visas-for-Dollars Work
4/14/2012   Russian engineers, once turned back, now flowing to Boeing again
4/12/2012   Whistle-Blower Claiming Visa Fraud Keeps His Job, but Not His Work
4/12/2012   Facing deportation in days, Mexico native gets a year’s reprieve
4/11/2012   Wanted Brazilian national deported from the US
4/11/2012   9 suspected illegal immigrants die in Texas van wreck; 8 survivors in custody, others at large
4/11/2012   U.S. Visa Rules Deprive Stages of Performers
4/10/2012   Skilled-Worker Visas See a Surge in Demand
4/10/2012   India challenges U.S. immigration rules at WTO
4/4/2012   Immigration advocates optimistic about policy aimed at keeping families together
4/3/2012   ICE announces employment authorization eligibility for certain Syrian students
4/2/2012   Lucha libre using immigration to attract U.S. fans
4/2/2012   Earl Seth David, aka Rabbi Avraham David, pleads guilty to massive immigration scam
4/2/2012   ICE arrests more than 3,100 convicted criminal aliens and immigration fugitives in nationwide operation
4/2/2012   Immigration officials arrest more than 3,100
4/1/2012   Backlog wipeout will close thousands of immigration applications
3/30/2012   Guilty plea leads to probation for man who hired illegal immigrants
3/30/2012   USCIS Changes Look and Feel of Form I-797C
3/30/2012   USCIS Proposes Process Change for Certain Waivers of Inadmissibility
3/30/2012   Jury orders Morningside lawyer Alfred Placeres to pay man 1M for bungle
3/30/2012   Immigration Lawyer Charged
3/29/2012   Supreme Court rules for Queens businessman in immigration case
3/29/2012   DHS expanding deportation case reviews to 4 more cities, will temporarily suspend court docket
3/28/2012   In Southern States, Immigration Law Battle Rages On
3/28/2012   Hong Kong Court Overturns Ruling on Domestic Workers
3/27/2012   Connecticut first state to set rules for holding undocumented immigrants for ICE
3/27/2012   U.S. looks to foreign tourism to add jobs, revenue
3/26/2012   Georgia Immigration Law Targets Water Services, Marriage
3/26/2012   Mayor proposes green jobs investment program for Austin
3/26/2012   Restrictive laws push undocumented in shadows
3/25/2012   Illegal Immigration Law Targeting Renters Costs Texas Town $5 Million
3/22/2012   Court Upholds Ruling against Texas Town’s Immigrant Housing Law
3/22/2012   Justice Department Settles Document Abuse Claim Against Ross Stores Inc.
3/22/2012   Canadian man sentenced for alien smuggling
3/22/2012   Wanted Brazilian national deported from the US
3/22/2012   Wanted Brazilian national deported from the US
3/21/2012   Written testimony of Office of Policy Assistant Secretary David Heyman for a House Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security hearing titled “Secure Identification: The REAL ID Act’s Minimum Standards for Driver’s Licenses and Identification Cards”
3/21/2012   Mexican immigration defendant could benefit from new “fast-track” program in Tulsa federal court
3/21/2012   Written testimony of DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano for a Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearing on The President’s Fiscal Year 2013 budget request for The Department of Homeland Security
3/20/2012   ICE deports convicted child predator wanted in Canada for child sex crimes
3/20/2012   Pittsburg mom’s deportation delayed after close call
3/19/2012   In vitro babies denied U.S. citizenship
3/19/2012   South Carolina Immigration Law Exempts Sitters, Housekeepers, Farmworkers
3/18/2012   Undocumented immigrants in jail: Who gets deported?
3/17/2012   Wife fights to keep husband in U.S.
3/16/2012   Why immigrant workers are critical to the economic recovery
3/16/2012   Recently Released USCIS Statistics Show Denials on the Rise
3/16/2012   Justice Department Settles Charge of Employment Discrimination by Puerto Rico Security Company
3/15/2012   Gridlocked Out
3/15/2012   5,000 deported from Georgia
3/15/2012   Murderer turned over to Guatemalan authorities
3/14/2012   California City Accused of “Profiting” from Undocumented Immigrants
3/14/2012   Montgomery County student wins reprieve from deportation
3/13/2012   ICE opens its first-ever designed-and-built civil detention center
3/13/2012   ICE ERO deports Mexican accused murderer
3/13/2012   Fresno-area man pleads guilty to role in driver’s license fraud scheme
3/13/2012   IBDC Amasses Foreign Business Investments
3/13/2012   Detention for Immigrants That Looks Less Like Prison
3/12/2012   GOP Senator Grassley still blocking Irish and hi-tech immigration bill in US Senate
3/12/2012   DREAMers personalize cases to stall deportation
3/12/2012   llinois congressman to aid S.C. immigrant facing deportation
3/12/2012   Is poor communication within DHS leading to mistakes?
3/12/2012   Adviser to immigrants accused of misrepresentation
3/9/2012   NC judge could terminate parental rights of deported worker, put US-born sons up for adoption
3/9/2012   Appeals court blocks two more parts of Alabama immigration law
3/7/2012   Belizean gang member sentenced to 64 months for illegally re-entering US
3/7/2012   Salt Lake City chief testifies against immigration bill
3/7/2012   Miami high school valedictorian gets deportation reprieve
3/6/2012   Tech Titans Fund Undocumented Students
3/6/2012   Separated couple awaits immigration law change
3/6/2012   Mexican immigrant with NYC law degree is in limbo
3/5/2012   HSI’s fast actions lead to capture of Los Angeles-area double murder suspect
3/5/2012   Group canceling Mobile meeting: Immigration law affected sense of safety, comfort
3/4/2012   Immigrants could take up slack for aging Alabama
3/2/2012   Mayor seeks to allay immigrant fears
3/1/2012   31 charged as part of decade-long human smuggling organization
2/29/2012   Fremont wrestles with immigration
2/27/2012   Pew survey in Phila. finds positive attitudes toward immigrants
2/27/2012   Illegal immigrant runs for student body president at Texas A&M
2/27/2012   One Venture Capitalist’s Personal View On Innovation and Immigration
2/24/2012   Fingerprint rule shakes Conn. city
2/23/2012   LAPD Chief Says Illegal Immigrants Should Get Drivers Licenses
2/22/2012   Immigration director seeks to reassure Silicon Valley on keeping foreign entrepreneurs in US
2/21/2012   Judge rejects part of Nebraska immigration law
2/20/2012   Connecticut Officials Wary Of Federal Immigration Program
2/18/2012   Noncitizen veterans protest possible deportation to Mexico
2/18/2012   ICE delivers hefty fines for paperwork errors
2/17/2012   Immigration enforcement program to be shut down
2/16/2012   Federal illegal immigration program expands in Md.
2/15/2012   U.S. Agrees To $350,000 Settlement In Conn. Immigration Raid Cases
2/15/2012   Statement of Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement Hearing on USCIS Oversight: Safeguarding the Integrity of the Immigration Benefits Adjudication Process
2/13/2012   Immigration from China surges in Iowa
2/10/2012   Study shows increase of work visa denials in U.S.
2/10/2012   Labor Dept. Issues New Rules for Guest Workers
2/9/2012   Save the Date – Spring 2012 Immigration Update Seminar
2/9/2012   Immigrant impact commission report finds positive overall impact in Maryland
2/6/2012   Before and After the ICE Subpoena Arrives
2/5/2012   Man’s immigration status puts kidney transplant on hold
2/4/2012   Quinn announces 7 members of Dream Fund Commission to raise immigration scholarship money
2/3/2012   Travelers Say They Were Denied Entry to U.S. for Twitter Jokes
2/2/2012   Stolen Babies? Immigrant Mother Loses Four Kids
1/29/2012   Foreign workers face being sent home over work permit snarl
1/28/2012   A Divide on the Payoff of Legalizing Immigrants
1/28/2012   Farmers, immigrants unite against E-Verify
1/27/2012   Randall Davis Galleria tower rising on foreign investment
1/27/2012   Immigrant husband, father spared from deportation
1/26/2012   Texas tweaks tuition rule for illegal immigrants
1/25/2012   Eased Immigration Laws May Spur Growth, U.S. Chamber Report Says
1/25/2012   Alleged Ringleader of Massive Immigration Fraud Mill Extradited from Canada to Face Charges in Manhattan Federal Court
1/24/2012   Mexicans in South Carolina “Confused” About Immigration Law
1/22/2012   Posthumous US asylum bid highlights gang debate
1/21/2012   After immigration crackdown, farmers mull planting
1/21/2012   Illegal immigration deportation policy comes under fire
1/19/2012   Executive Order — Establishing Visa and Foreign Visitor Processing Goals and the Task Force on Travel and Competitiveness
1/19/2012   Obama eases visa rules to boost U.S. tourism
1/19/2012   In Deportation Policy Test, 1 in 6 Offered Reprieve
1/18/2012   Immigration law’s wrinkle blocks deportation in Calif.
1/18/2012   ICE HSI Tip Line generates investigative leads
1/17/2012   US Border Patrol to toughen policies on illegal immigrants
1/16/2012   Justice is variable as US hears immigrants’ appeals
1/15/2012   France Moves to Lift a Barrier to Jobs for Foreign Graduates
1/14/2012   Immigrant economic engine
1/13/2012   Despite deadline on immigration cases, parts of Denver pilot project to carry on
1/12/2012   Republican Snyder Woos Immigrants to Refill Depopulated Michigan
1/11/2012   50 individuals charged in Puerto Rico with allegedly trafficking identities of Puerto Rican US citizens
1/11/2012   Nashville school board backs DREAM Act
1/11/2012   Fraud & Noratios – Chris LaRiche seduces immigrants with lies
1/11/2012   ICE deports man wanted for murder in El Salvador
1/11/2012   Las Vegas woman sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for cocaine smuggling
1/10/2012   Admin. extends Salvadoran deportation freeze
1/9/2012   ICE, CBP release report on 2011 counterfeit seizures
1/9/2012   ICE HSI agents arrest fugitive, member of Juarez kidnapping ring
1/9/2012   Controversial “Secure Communities” Immigration Program Will Be Mandatory by 2013
1/6/2012   Kosovar, Deme Nikqi, extradited from Albania to US to face human smuggling charges
1/6/2012   Notarios: Immigrant Friend or Foe?
1/6/2012   Tweak in Rule to Ease a Path to Green Card
1/5/2012   Deportation threat lifted from S.F. gay spouse
1/4/2012   Justice Department Settles with University of California San Diego Medical Center
1/4/2012   Justice Department Settles with University of California San Diego Medical Center
1/3/2012   Controversial Immigration Laws Go into Effect Around the Country