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Immigration News – 2013

1 Jan

The links to the PDFs below represent immigration news and updates that occurred during 2012 and are provided as resources.

Date   News Stories

12/29/2013   Deportations of parents can cast the lives of U.S.-citizen kids into turmoil
12/28/2013   A Civil Servant in Mexico Tests U.S. on Asylum
12/23/2013   Immigration reform moves to the top of Congress’s to-do list
12/23/2013   Houston Immigration Court has Thousands of Cases
12/21/2013   Chris Christie just took a big risk on immigration
12/17/2013   Deportations Drop as Obama Pushes for New Immigration Law
12/16/2013   Homeland Security inspector general who was under probe steps down
12/16/2013   Senate confirms new homeland security secretary
12/13/2013   Ohio restaurant owners, managers indicted for hiring illegal workers
12/11/2013   A Different Approach on Immigration
12/10/2013   Goodlatte hopes for immigration reform ‘sometime’ in 2014
12/8/2013   Advocates Struggle to Reach Immigrants Eligible for Deferred Action
12/5/2013   How Republicans Can Benefit From Immigration Reform
12/4/2013   Supporters Of Immigration Overhaul Remain Focused
12/3/2013   Boehner Hire Signals Possible Action on Immigration
11/27/2013   Obama Administration Quietly Authorizes Immigration Policy Change For Visa Waiver Program
11/26/2013   We’ve failed on immigration reform. Here are five ways to get back on track.
11/26/2013   Behind Obama’s Immigration Push
11/25/2013   Immigration Prosecutions Reached All-time High in FY 2013
11/25/2013   Much of Alabama’s far-reaching immigration law permanently blocked in final settlement of lawsuits
11/25/2013   4 ways immigration reform still could happen — or not
11/22/2013   What Happened to Immigration Reform?
11/22/2013   ICE San Antonio office deports man wanted for fraud in Mexico
11/22/2013   The Immigration-Reform Movement Grows Weary
11/21/2013   $15 million award in Oakland immigration scam
11/20/2013   Immigration Reform Bill 2013: Obama Says Piecemeal Is A Deal
11/20/2013   U.S. Schools Educate Foreign Students But Immigration Law Extricates Them
11/19/2013   H-1B Program Study: Participants Needed
11/18/2013   New Security Enhancement Helps E-Verify Deter Employee Fraud
11/18/2013   Latin Migrants Shift Sights From U.S. to Neighbors
11/15/2013   Obama Relying More on Immigration Rule Changes
11/14/2013   Immigration overhaul dead in the House?
11/13/2013   Boehner Rules Out Negotiations on Immigration
11/12/2013   GOP Nixes Immigration Reform In 2013 — And Probably 2014 Too
11/11/2013   Key Democrat: ‘Shame On’ Obama, Dems, GOP for Failing on Immigration
11/7/2013   Understanding evangelicals and immigration reform
11/7/2013   Poll indicates support for immigration reform
11/6/2013   Lessons on Immigration in Two Governors’ Races
11/3/2013   Officials target immigrants with criminal records
11/1/2013   Immigration compromise would unite torn-apart families
10/30/2013   Why I stood with Obama on immigration reform
10/30/2013   Fleeting hopes for immigration reform
10/30/2013   Indian Corporation Pays Record Amount To Settle Allegations of Systemic Visa Fraud And Abuse of Immigration Processes
10/28/2013   More Than 600 Conservative Leaders Urge Congressional Action on Immigration Reform
10/28/2013   Rubio favors piecemeal immigration approach over comprehensive bill
10/26/2013   Republican congressman Jeff Denham will join Democrats in immigration overhaul push
10/26/2013   Corporations Push for Immigration Legislation
10/25/2013   House GOP plans no immigration vote in 2013
10/24/2013   Republicans After Shutdown Seen Losing Again Defying Immigration
10/23/2013   Shutdown Hit Visas for Agriculture Workers
10/22/2013   DREAMers Have a New Dream
10/22/2013   House Republicans Drafting Immigration Measures
10/22/2013   Silicon Valley readies immigration push
10/22/2013   Is Immigration Really Dead in the House?
10/17/2013   Obama to nominate Jeh Johnson, former Pentagon official, as next DHS secretary
10/17/2013   Webb: Let’s remember the children as we reform immigration
10/17/2013   After Shutdown, Immigration Reform Push Picks Up
10/16/2013   Obama plans immigration push after fiscal crisis ends
10/14/2013   Good (and Bad) News for Air Travelers
10/14/2013   Due To Partial Government Shutdown, Immigration Status Check System ‘E-Verify’ Is Actually Not Verifying
10/14/2013   Britain Makes Overture to Repair Strained Ties With China
10/9/2013   Despite gridlock, immigration advocates keep up fight for reform
10/6/2013   Ailing Midwestern Cities Extend a Welcoming Hand to Immigrants
10/4/2013   Indian, Chinese Passports Among Least Attractive for Global Visa Waivers
10/3/2013   Democrats, With Outside Support, Get Behind Comprehensive Immigration Bill
10/3/2013   Investor Alert: Investment Scams Exploit Immigrant Investor Program
9/30/2013   Immigration Roundup: Will an Overhaul Happen?
9/30/2013   House Republicans Work Immigration Reform Bill Behind The Scenes
9/24/2013   Temporary visa opens up world for young immigrant
9/23/2013   Central American migrants on the rise
9/20/2013   Republicans depart House immigration group
9/19/2013   When the Feds Come Knocking
9/18/2013   Arizona expands ban denying driver’s licenses to immigrants
9/17/2013   Speakers Express Optimism Immigration Bill Will Pass Congress, Despite House Approach
9/16/2013   Bill would protect undocumented immigrants from fraud, financial abuse
9/14/2013   Immigrants lacking papers work legally — as their own bosses
9/12/2013   2013 Immigration Reform Makes Cantor’s Legislative Agenda, But Uncertainty Remains Over Undocumented
9/11/2013   San Diego FBI building financed by Chinese seeking U.S. visas, senator says
9/11/2013   Immigration Crackdown on immigration fraud overdue
9/11/2013   Tech still pressing on immigration
9/10/2013   GOP rep expects October immigration reform vote
9/9/2013   Justice Department Reaches Settlement with Staffing Company to Resolve Immigration-related Unfair Employment Practices
9/9/2013   Canadians with mental illnesses denied U.S. entry
9/9/2013   The Border Is a Back Door for U.S. Device Searches
9/9/2013   Unauthorized immigration consultant shut down, ordered to pay restitution
9/8/2013   Congress considers bills targeting notarios
9/7/2013   North Carolina Lawmakers Override Veto of Measure Providing E-Verify Exemptions
9/6/2013   The ‘Plan B’ alternative: If immigration reform fails, what’s next?
9/3/2013   Congress May Go After Con Artists Who Offer Help In Immigration Cases
9/3/2013   House GOP Puts Immigration on Back Burner
9/2/2013   Walking the Path to Citizenship
9/1/2013   Immigration Bill Knot: ‘Special’ Citizenship Path
8/29/2013   Former slaughterhouse manager admits to immigration scheme
8/29/2013   ‘Bibles, Badges and Business’ come together for immigration reform
8/28/2013   Obama’s Immigration Nuclear Option: Stopping Deportations Unilaterally
8/27/2013   Three Missourians Sentenced for Defrauding Consumers Seeking Immigration Services
8/27/2013   Former Salvadoran military officer sentenced for perjury and concealing information from US government
8/22/2013   DOMA ruling’s overlooked benefit: Immigration rights
8/22/2013   Local Cops Divided Over Continuing To Help Federal Immigration Agents
8/21/2013   For Small Firms, Visas Are a Big Headache
8/21/2013   On the Killing Floor, Clues to the Impact Of Immigration on Jobs
8/20/2013   House Judiciary chairman rejects ‘special’ path to citizenship, promises to fight Senate bill
8/20/2013   Immigration Reform Could Boost U.S. Economy
8/20/2013   Global Entry Program Expands
8/19/2013   Texas firms tap little-used source of capital
8/19/2013   Carwash Managers Held in Immigration Raids
8/16/2013   Wish granted: Elyria dad gets to stay
8/15/2013   Office of Special Counsel Update
8/15/2013   In First Year of New Program, Deportation Is Deferred for 400,000 Young Immigrants
8/15/2013   A Federal Program to Ease Congestion at Border Crossings
8/15/2013   Elyria husband, caregiver fights federal deportation case that could break up family
8/11/2013   Immigration debate ensnares foreign workers
8/10/2013   For mixed-status families, U.S. immigration reform would end anxiety
8/8/2013   Businesses Push for More Low-Skill Visas
8/7/2013   Entrepreneurship and Innovation Update
8/6/2013   Psychologists say ‘group-level narcissism’ linked to negative attitudes toward immigrants
8/6/2013   Immigration road show hits Cleveland, pushing for reform
8/4/2013   Immigration Idea Offers Compromise
8/3/2013   U.S. Businesses Help Immigrants Obtain Citizenship
7/31/2013   Immigration reform backers see hopeful signs in House
7/30/2013   Businesses call for action on immigration
7/29/2013   Menu for House GOP: Immigration à la carte
7/26/2013   DHS Nominee Says He Followed the Law
7/26/2013   Silicon Valley steps up role in immigration debate
7/26/2013   Man arrested for becoming US citizen by fraud, failing to disclose Bosnian war crimes
7/25/2013   The Immigrant Brain Drain: How America Is Losing Its High-Tech Talent
7/24/2013   Small Businesses Say U.S. Background-Check System Has Drawbacks
7/24/2013   Sign of Hope Seen in House for Immigration Overhaul
7/23/2013   Homeland Security official Alejandro Mayorkas probed
7/23/2013   House GOP, Democrats Clash Over Immigration
7/23/2013   Immigrants’ Kids Get Support From Some House Republicans
7/21/2013   Common Definition of STEM Jobs Ignores Millions of Skilled Workers, Researcher Says
7/17/2013   Bipartisan House immigration group weighs when to unveil plan
7/17/2013   Immigration bill 2013: House ‘gang’ punts immigration bill again
7/16/2013   Asylum Requests from Immigrants on the Rise in US
7/16/2013   Rwandan national sentenced to 10 years for fraudulently obtaining citizenship
7/15/2013   On immigration reform, more Americans hew to the Democrats’ stance
7/15/2013   Legal Immigrants Seek Reward for Years of Following the Rules
7/13/2013   Immigration measure hits a wall in the House
7/12/2013   Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security chief, to head UC
7/12/2013   Statement by Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano
7/11/2013   Key GOP House chairman open to citizenship path
7/11/2013   Boehner Sticks With Step-by-Step Approach on Immigration
7/11/2013   Foreign Students Fill Science Ranks at Universities in United States
7/10/2013   Republicans in House Resist Overhaul for Immigration
7/10/2013   House Republicans set for critical meeting on immigration reform
7/8/2013   Boehner: Boost border security before legalizing immigrants
7/8/2013   Boehner’s Immigration Dilemma
7/8/2013   John Boehner Says No House Vote on Senate Immigration Bill
7/7/2013   The case for regional immigration
7/3/2013   US official: US orders diplomats to leave Egypt
7/2/2013   Coalition of Immigration Advocacy Groups to Push House Toward Comprehensive Bill
7/2/2013   What Immigration Reform Could Do for Deported Immigrants
7/1/2013   Immigration and Entrepreneurship
6/30/2013   Jeb Bush and Clint Bolick: A Republican Case for Immigration Reform
6/30/2013   Gay Married Man in Florida Is Approved for Green Card
6/30/2013   Croatia joins European Union amid mixed response
6/28/2013   House Republicans mull ways to advance immigration bill
6/27/2013   Senate, 68 to 32, Passes Overhaul for Immigration
6/26/2013   Immigration Reform: Good News for Contractors
6/26/2013   Green Cards and Marriage Equality
6/25/2013   Senate passage of immigration bill on track
6/25/2013   G.O.P. in House Leaves Immigration Bill in Doubt
6/21/2013   Evidence That Increased Immigration Reduces Black Unemployment Rates
6/21/2013   Senate Likely to Vote on Immigration Overhaul Before July 4
6/21/2013   Immigration Bill Will Pass in Senate If Changes Avoided
6/20/2013   Border deal greatly improves chances for immigration bill
6/20/2013   Senators Reach Border Security Deal in Immigration Bill
6/18/2013   Immigration Law Changes Seen Cutting Billions From Deficit
6/17/2013   U.S. Seizes 14 7-Eleven Stores in Immigration Raids
6/16/2013   Deals for industries, immigrants tucked in Senate bill
6/16/2013   As U.S. Plugs Border in Arizona, Crossings Shift to South Texas
6/15/2013   Deferred action seen as turning point in fight for immigration reform
6/15/2013   Fears of National ID With Immigration Bill
6/10/2013   Split House GOP threatens immigration reform, Boehner’s future
6/10/2013   Immigration Legislation Draws Many Amendments as It Heads to Floor
6/7/2013   U.S. Senate takes up contentious immigration issue
6/7/2013   Same-Sex Couple Seeks Immigration Relief From High Court
6/6/2013   In House, Immigration Spurs Push by G.O.P.
6/5/2013   Senate immigration bill teeters as it tilts rightward
6/4/2013   Why VCs and Foreign Founders Want the ‘Entrepreneur Visa’
6/2/2013   Schumer: Immigration overhaul will pass Senate by July 4
5/30/2013   Cyber-sting nets Chinese national in attempt to export sensitive technology
5/29/2013   Attorney General’s Office Shuts Down Fraudulent “Notarios” and Unauthorized Immigration Consultants in South Texas
5/29/2013   U.S. extends halt on deportations to El Salvador
5/29/2013   Colorado Farms Push Bennet on Immigration as Peppers Rot
5/28/2013   Senate Democrats Plan June 10 Start on Immigration Bill
5/28/2013   One-way trips to U.S. frustrate immigration authorities
5/27/2013   Immigration-reform deal could pass by August: Pelosi
5/27/2013   Towers Rise on EB-5 Funds
5/24/2013   3 Things Blocking Immigration Reform in the House
5/23/2013   5 Reforms To Watch As The Immigration Debate Heats Up
5/22/2013   Immigration bill gets Senate boost; House effort teetering
5/21/2013   McConnell won’t block immigration bill from hitting Senate floor
5/21/2013   Judiciary Committee nearing final big decisions in shaping immigration bill
5/21/2013   U.S. Quietly Monitors Foreigners’ Departures at the Canadian Border
5/21/2013   First Hurdle Cleared in Immigration, but Bigger Ones Remain
5/21/2013   Senate panel approves sweeping immigration reform bill
5/20/2013   Veteran Senator Emerges as Player on Immigration Overhaul
5/16/2013   Boehner urges U.S. House action on immigration amid deep splits
5/16/2013   Immigration plan continues moving through Senate
5/16/2013   House immigration group announces ‘agreement in principle’
5/16/2013   House group agrees on immigration reform
5/15/2013   House Republicans threaten to quit immigration group
5/15/2013   Senators protect fragile compromise on H-1B visas, fend off immigration bill amendments
5/13/2013   High-tech pushes for more in immigration bill
5/12/2013   Green card lottery, a ticket to hope for many, could be eliminated
5/12/2013   Taxing Problem for an Immigration Plan
5/11/2013   Some Countries Lobby for More in Race for Visas
5/9/2013   Senate Bipartisanship on Display, Briefly, as Committee Focuses on Border Security
5/9/2013   GOP Puts Focus on Securing Borders
5/9/2013   E-Verify triggers privacy, cost concerns
5/8/2013   Deportees See Hope for Second Chance in U.S.
5/8/2013   Social Security Agency Says Immigration Bill Would Boost Revenue
5/8/2013   Bureaucratic High-Tech Visas
5/7/2013   Senate immigration bill elicits a flood of amendments
5/6/2013   Gang of Eight plots path to Senate supermajority
5/5/2013   Transformation of a Town Underscores Immigrants’ Impact
5/3/2013   Lawmakers struggle over guest workers in immigration bill
5/3/2013   Foreign Students to Face New Checks at U.S. Borders
4/29/2013   Tech companies driving the Lobbying on Immigration
4/29/2013   Milken conference panel: Immigration reform would boost economy
4/28/2013   Reform tied to immigrant taxes
4/25/2013   US hospitals send hundreds of immigrants back home
4/25/2013   House Republicans offer piecemeal approach on immigration
4/25/2013   Executives’ immigration dilemma: ‘We can’t find the workers’
4/25/2013   Under pressure, Border Patrol now counts getaways
4/24/2013   Switzerland: Quotas on Europeans
4/24/2013   Immigration Overhaul Seems On Track Despite Boston Tragedy
4/24/2013   Boston Bombing Could Impact Refugee Policy In Immigration Bill
4/24/2013   Immigration Bill Uncertain in House By Patrick O’Connor and Corey Boles
4/20/2013   Immigration and Fear
4/18/2013   What Immigration Reform Advocates Don’t Like About The New Senate Bill
4/17/2013   How the immigration deal got made
4/17/2013   High hurdles on path to citizenship in Senate’s immigration proposal
4/17/2013   How Immigration Reform Revamps Employment Visas
4/17/2013   Immigration bill filed in Senate; opponents hope to use delays to kill it
4/16/2013   An Immigration Blueprint
4/16/2013   How Unlimited Visas Could Affect Immigration
4/16/2013   Beside a Path to Citizenship, a New Path on Immigration
4/16/2013   Immigration bill: No path to residency without a secure border
4/16/2013   What Senate Bill Means for Different Immigrants
4/15/2013   Senators plan to unveil immigration bill Wednesday
4/13/2013   The jobs machine
4/12/2013   Do Illegal Immigrants Depress Wages, Job Opportunities?
4/11/2013   Immigration Bill Expected to Focus on Work Skills
4/11/2013   Tech Firms Push to Hire More Workers From Abroad
4/10/2013   Broad Outlines of Senate Immigration Agreement Emerge
4/10/2013   Construction Booming in Texas
4/9/2013   Senate immigration bill would boost high-tech visas but senators at odds on worker protections
4/9/2013   Bipartisan immigration reform bill is expected this week
4/8/2013   USCIS to Implement Customer Identity Verification at Field Offices
4/8/2013   USCIS Reaches FY 2014 H-1B Cap
4/7/2013   Immigration reform: What the last ‘path to citizenship’ did for immigrants
4/7/2013   What’s Next for Immigration Reform
4/6/2013   Disabled War Vet Fights New Battle: His Wife’s Deportation
4/6/2013   Saudis to Delay a Measure Deporting Foreign Workers
4/5/2013   Conservative groups back immigration reform
4/5/2013   Plan Eyes Fast Green Cards for Farmworkers
4/3/2013   Labor, faith leaders oppose cuts to family immigration visas
4/2/2013   Capping Low-Skilled Worker Visas Central to Compromise
4/1/2013   Visa Demand Jumps
3/30/2013   Immigration talks: Business, labor are said to agree on terms of new guest-worker program
3/30/2013   Sides reach broad agreement on immigrant guest workers
3/28/2013   Main Street and Silicon Valley find themselves united around immigration reform
3/28/2013   Immigration reform gaining support in Congress
3/28/2013   Dispute over guest-worker program puts immigration talks at risk of delay
3/26/2013   Former employee of New Jersey defense contractor sentenced for exporting sensitive military technology to China
3/22/2013   Guest-Worker Visas Sticking Point on Immigration Rewrite
3/22/2013   Immigration reform impasse deepens between labor, business
3/22/2013   Young Immigrants, Seeking Deferred Action Help, Find Unexpected Path
3/22/2013   Plan to hike H-1B cap to 300,000 seen dead; 130,000 cap still possible
3/21/2013   Senators lean toward point-based immigration system, giving workers more of an edge
3/20/2013   Visas for high-skilled workers could double under bipartisan Senate plan
3/20/2013   Emerging immigration deal receives House leaders’ bipartisan backing
3/19/2013   G.O.P. Opposition to Immigration Law Is Falling Away
3/18/2013   Grassley introduces H-1B visa reform bill amid immigration reform discussions
3/17/2013   A Senate Plan Alters Waiting Periods for Immigration
3/17/2013   In immigration fight, farm visas provide an opening
3/15/2013   Senators Eye Higher Visa Fees
3/15/2013   Bipartisan House Group Nearing Agreement on Immigration Blueprint
3/14/2013   Senators aim to reach bipartisan immigration deal next week
3/14/2013   Senate group considers large reduction in family visas as part of immigration deal
3/14/2013   Judges Urged to Close Cases, Clear Dockets
3/13/2013   Execs favor easier immigration for skilled workers
3/12/2013   Lack of Cow Milkers for Yogurt Drives Immigration Debate
3/12/2013   Coalition forms on immigration reform
3/11/2013   Senators agree on path to legal status for illegal immigrants
3/11/2013   Slow system leaves Tenn. couple in immigration limbo
3/10/2013   Senators Struggle Over Work Visas
3/8/2013   Wealthy Mexicans Fleeing Drug Violence Find a New Home in San Antonio
3/8/2013   Guest Worker Visa Troubles Visit McDonald’s
3/7/2013   What Undocumented Workers Really Want
3/7/2013   Immigration reform crucial to Midwest, study finds
3/6/2013   Amnesty For Immigrants Spurs Greater Employment in U.S.
3/6/2013   McCain: Visa Overhaul Key Hurdle in Immigration Talks
3/6/2013   Immigrants Buoy the Housing Market
3/5/2013   Senators look to early April for immigration bill
3/5/2013   Citizenship for Immigrants Divides Republicans
3/4/2013   5 Reasons Immigration Reform Might Actually Pass
3/1/2013   McCain, Graham, Flake met with House hardliners to promote immigration plan
2/28/2013   State Department Press Briefing: What did the State Department do to reduce Visa Wait Times and increase visa processing capacity in the past year?
2/28/2013   House Immigration Negotiators Mull Citizenship Compromise
2/28/2013   Immigrants with language, medical specialties get on fast track to US citizenship with Army
2/27/2013   Keeping families together, a challenge for immigration reform
2/25/2013   House Republican Expresses Support for Guest-Worker Program
2/25/2013   The GOP’s Immigration Dilemma
2/25/2013   New sources of support for immigration reform
2/25/2013   Mayor Bloomberg joins Silicon Valley push for high-skill immigration
2/24/2013   Syracuse teen’s college dreams hinge on immigration debate
2/22/2013   Written testimony of U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for a Senate Committee on Appropriations hearing titled “The Impacts of Sequestration”
2/21/2013   Odd bedfellows alert: Chamber, AFL-CIO reach an immigration agreement
2/21/2013   Big business, labor find common ground on immigration
2/21/2013   Report: Half of Texas construction workers undocumented
2/21/2013   American Tech Workers Challenge H-1B Visa Story
2/20/2013   Senators in Immigration Talks Mull Federal IDs for All Workers
2/19/2013   Families look for relief from immigration bill
2/18/2013   Other countries court skilled immigrants frustrated by U.S. visa laws
2/18/2013   U.S. Struggles to Nab Visitors Who Overstay
2/15/2013   Houston manufacturers stand to benefit from ripple effects of immigration reform
2/14/2013   The data shows Top H-1B users are offshore outsourcers
2/14/2013   Immigration tactics aimed at boosting deportations
2/13/2013   Obama emphasizes economic benefits of immigration overhaul
2/13/2013   Senate hearing on immigration reform touches on human cost of the debate
2/12/2013   Immigration and Innovation
2/12/2013   State of the Union’s special guests: undocumented immigrants
2/12/2013   Silicon Valley and Immigrant Groups Find Common Cause
2/9/2013   The art of the deal on immigration reform
2/8/2013   “Pathway to citizenship” is the sticking point on immigration talks
2/5/2013   House G.O.P. Explores Immigration Changes Short of Citizenship
2/4/2013   Immigration Hearings Set to Open in the House
2/4/2013   Immigration bills dwindle at Texas Legislature
2/4/2013   Secretive House group close to immigration-reform agreement
2/3/2013   Reid: Immigration bill will pass Senate
1/31/2013   Immigration is the Easy Problem
1/31/2013   For Asian-Americans, Immigration Backlogs Are A Major Hurdle
1/31/2013   Senator outlines obstacles to immigration deal
1/31/2013   Obama says he’d like to see immigration reform deal completed in first half of 2013
1/30/2013   House group secretly crafts immigration plan
1/29/2013   Obama unveils his own proposal for immigration reform
1/29/2013   Obama launches push for immigration overhaul
1/29/2013   Immigration reform: Similarities and differences between Obama, Senate proposals
1/28/2013   Gang Of 8’s Path To Citizenship Is Still A Rocky Road
1/28/2013   Skilled Science Workers at Focus of Second Senate Proposal on Immigration
1/27/2013   Technology firms holding out hope for high-skilled immigration
1/27/2013   Illinois Driver’s Licenses For Undocumented Immigrants Bill Signed Into Law Sunday
1/27/2013   Immigrants take guilty pleas without lawyers and can later be deported
1/27/2013   Bipartisan group of senators to unveil framework for immigration overhaul
1/26/2013   Boehner: It’s ‘time to deal’ with immigration
1/26/2013   Boehner says bipartisan group ‘basically’ has deal on immigration reform
1/23/2013   Analysis: One year after Romney’s “self-deport,” parties can’t ignore immigration reform
1/23/2013   Rubio: Immigration Reform Can Keep Tech Jobs in U.S.
1/23/2013   Iowa DOT reverses course, will issue driver’s licenses to young immigrants
1/23/2013   Immigration advocates happy at inaugural mention, eager for action
1/21/2013   Axelrod: Immigration reform coming ‘early’ in Obama’s agenda
1/18/2013   Creating a vision for a better Houston
1/18/2013   More Republicans start calling for immigration changes
1/18/2013   Borrowed time: Immigrant entrepreneurs step out of the shadows
1/17/2013   Corporate America Lobbies for Immigration Reform
1/17/2013   Immigration advocates promise to put ‘muscle’ behind reform push
1/16/2013   6 Potential Roadblocks to Immigration Reform
1/15/2013   Tech Experts: Immigration Reform Needs To Happen
1/15/2013   Citing Rubio’s ideas on immigration reform, White House sees hope for bipartisan deal
1/14/2013   Dems and Reps inching toward immigration reform
1/14/2013   How a Big Immigration Bill Could Actually Pass
1/14/2013   Obama and Rubio Immigration Plans: What’s the Difference?
1/13/2013   Floridians join big push for immigration overhaul
1/13/2013   Rubio Outlines Bold Plan Giving 12 Million Illegals Legal Status
1/13/2013   After Decades, Cuba Eases Travel Rules to Maintain Ties
1/12/2013   Obama Will Seek Citizenship Path in One Fast Push
1/10/2013   High-tech workers can increase their earnings sixfold by coming to the United States. We should let them.
1/10/2013   US Chamber pushes for immigration reform to include boost in high-skilled visas
1/10/2013   Small Changes Could Make Big Difference for Immigrants
1/10/2013   Canadian talent consultant charged in visa scam involving aspiring actors
1/9/2013   Texas Legislature Reverses Course On Immigration Laws
1/9/2013   Is immigration reform starting to take shape?
1/9/2013   Immigrants with advanced degrees unable to stay in U.S. because of cap on visas
1/8/2013   Illegal immigrant driver’s licenses bill sent to governor
1/7/2013   Connecticut to issue driver’s licenses to young people under ‘deferred action’ immigration program
1/6/2013   Illegal immigrants in Colorado seize upon new visa waiver
1/5/2013   Canada’s guest worker program could become model for U.S. immigration changes
1/4/2013   McCain, Flake lead way on immigration-reform proposal
1/4/2013   Waiver allows illegals married to citizens to apply for green card
1/3/2013   White House pushes forward on immigration ahead of bigger reform fight
1/2/2013   White House eases path to residency for some illegal immigrants
1/2/2013   Immigration Change to Ease Family Separations