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Immigration News – 2014 Part 2

21 Oct

DateNews Stories 

10/16/2014Hondurans fled to the US because their lives were in danger. The US sent them back. 
10/15/2014New York Considers Limiting Immigrant Detention 
10/12/2014The Ireland-Texas connection 
10/11/2014Migrant children: Out of sight, still in mind 
10/9/2014Influx of unaccompanied immigrant children slowed again in September 
10/9/2014Wave of Immigrants to U.S. Resurges 
10/8/2014Immigration activists say feds are stepping up home raids 
10/7/2014ICE removes South Korean woman wanted by Korean authorities for embezzlement 
10/6/2014U.S. deported a record number of undocumented immigrants in 2013, DHS says 
10/6/2014Report: Since Eisenhower, Executive Action Used for Immigration 
10/3/2014Obama: Action on immigration not if, but when 
10/2/2014Nashville looks to avoid immigration ‘cauldron’ 
9/28/2014Illegal Immigrants Seeking Asylum Face a Higher Bar 
9/25/2014Military Path Opened for Young Immigrants 
9/25/2014Without H-1B Visa Changes Microsoft May Continue Foreign Expansion 
9/24/2014Growing religious movement shields undocumented immigrants 
9/23/20147-Eleven Owners Busted for Harboring and Hiring Illegal Immigrants 
9/22/2014Round Rock business indicted for allegedly employing undocumented immigrants 
9/18/2014Speaker John Boehner says immigration reform would help economy 
9/18/2014Against the Odds, Finding Refuge in El Paso 
9/16/2014Push for Immigrants to Become Citizens 
9/16/2014To Help Unaccompanied Minors, New York City Posts Representatives at Immigration Court 
9/15/2014Immigrants aren’t stealing your jobs 
9/11/2014US Sharply Cutting Deportations 
9/10/2014Deportation case against Salvadoran woman criticized as ‘overkill’ 
9/10/2014Immigrant children face uncertain future in courts 
9/9/2014What Obama’s delay on executive action means for immigrant families 
9/8/2014Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson: ‘Worst is over for now’ on border crisis 
9/6/2014Obama to delay immigration action 
9/5/2014In Remote Detention Center, a Battle on Fast Deportations 
9/3/2014Immigration Lawyer Charged With Investment Fraud 
9/2/2014Immigrants find state responses to DACA vary 
8/29/2014Obama Weighing Delay in Action on Immigration 
8/26/2014Obama pressed to expand deportation program for millions of immigrants 
8/22/2014Obama action on immigration could affect midterms 
8/21/2014Employers’ ‘Specialty Occupation’ Dilemma: Why an H-1B Lottery Win Isn’t a Free Pass 
8/20/2014Obama Weighs Broader Move on Legal Immigration 
8/19/2014Advocates Seek to Delay Deportations for Millions 
8/18/2014Obama Weighing Business-Friendly Immigration Actions 
8/12/2014Ex-Bush attorney general backs executive action on immigration 
8/11/2014Two Ways President Obama Could Act On Immigration 
8/11/2014From reunion to reality: Honduran family navigates new life after a decade of separation 
8/7/20147 alleged human smuggling network members arrested in Guatemala 
8/7/2014Flow of child immigrants slows along Texas border 
8/5/2014As U.S. Speeds the Path to Deportation, Distress Fills New Family Detention Centers 
8/5/2014Open to Both Sides, Homeland Security Chief Steps Into Immigration Divide 
8/5/2014SEVP releases quarterly report on international students studying in US 
8/4/2014From DREAMers To Border Crisis, Changing Face Of Immigration Keeps Upending Debate 
8/4/2014Obama Eyes Limits of Executive Power in Immigration Move 
8/1/2014Obama readies executive action on immigration 
7/31/2014Response to border crisis falls apart on Capitol Hill 
7/30/2014What Happens If the Border Funding Bill Fails? 
7/29/2014Immigration battle 2014: House to vote on slimmed-down bill for border 
7/28/2014Obama mulls large-scale move on immigration 
7/25/2014Federal immigration crackdown begins to fall apart 
7/24/2014State Department technical glitch creating major passport, visa delays 
7/24/2014The dark, disturbing world of the visa-for-sale program 
7/23/2014To Cope With Child Immigrants, Competing Plans Emerge From Congress 
7/23/2014The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist 
7/22/2014Immigration Judge Warns Against Swamped U.S. Courts: ‘We Are Reaching A Point Of Implosion’ 
7/22/2014Despite Crush of Children, Illegal Immigration Low 
7/22/2014Secretary Johnson Announces 192 Criminal Arrests in Ongoing Ice Operation to Crack Down On Human Smuggling to the Rio Grande Valley 
7/21/2014Immigration crisis: Children migrant issue turns political 
7/17/2014Lost in a Pressing Crisis: Perpetual Immigration Issues 
7/17/2014With Surge in Child Migrants, New York Forms Task Force on Aiding Them 
7/16/2014Americans Really Worry About Immigration When They Pay Attention to It 
7/15/2014Two Texas Lawmakers Propose Bill To Handle Surge Of Child Migrants 
7/15/2014Here’s How Hard It Is for Unaccompanied Minors to Get Asylum 
7/14/2014U.S. Deports Honduran Children In First Flight Since Obama’s Pledge 
7/10/2014House GOP backer of immigration reform throws in towel 
7/9/2014Fleeing Gangs, Children Head To U.S. Border 
7/9/2014Immigration court backlog adds to border crisis 
7/4/2014Foster Webinar on I-9 and E-Verify 
7/4/2014Obama calls for immigration reform at Independence Day citizenship ceremony 
7/1/2014Here’s What President Obama Said About Immigration Reform 
6/30/2014Obama Announces Unilateral Action on Immigration 
6/30/2014Tea Party Vs. The Tech World: Is Immigration Reform Dead In 2014 
6/30/2014Immigration Bill Officially Dead: Boehner Tells Obama No Vote This Year 
6/28/2014Obama to Seek Funds to Stem Border Crossings and Speed Deportations 
6/27/2014Bleak Prognosis From Both Sides of Aisle in House for Immigration Overhaul 
6/23/2014Flawed system means child immigrants can legally stay in US for years without consequences 
6/21/2014U.S. Moves to Stop Surge in Illegal Immigration 
6/16/2014Stateless babies: Born into a world without citizenship 
6/16/2014Expatriate Americans Break Up With Uncle Sam to Escape Tax Rules 
6/16/2014The Urgency of Immigration Reform: Attracting the World’s Best and Brightest 
6/13/20145 reasons why immigration reform may not be dead after all 
6/12/2014No legal status for new migrant children 
6/10/2014Eric Cantor Defeat Imperils Prospects for Immigration Overhaul 
6/9/2014Too Many, Too Fast: Border Children Swamping Agents 
6/7/2014Youths Facing Deportation to Be Given Legal Counsel 
6/4/2014DHS: Shield against deportation can be extended 
6/4/2014Wave of Minors on Their Own Rush to Cross Southwest Border 
6/2/2014White House wants delay in DoD immigration plan 
6/2/2014Obama Directs Officials To Lead Relief for Children Crossing Border 
5/31/2014Pentagon Plan to Enlist Young Immigrants Is Delayed at White House’s Request 
5/28/2014Guest: Why Washington’s farms need immigration reform 
5/26/2014Prospects Unclear for Narrow Immigration Bill 
5/24/2014The other side of deportation: An American struggles to prepare for life without husband 
5/24/2014Obama Asks Homeland Security Secretary to Delay Deportation Review 
5/23/2014Immigrants Increase to 16.3 Percent of U.S. Workforce, Setting New High 
5/23/2014Dems press Obama to take executive action on immigration 
5/22/2014Schumer: Obama will act on immigration if GOP doesn’t 
5/21/2014Man Who Thought He Was a Citizen Makes It Official 
5/20/2014Boehner Leaves Open a Vote on ‘Enlist Act’ Immigration Measure 
5/17/2014Pittsburgh’s economy has gained from high-skilled immigrants 
5/16/2014Court limits mandatory detention of immigrants in California 
5/16/2014White House Debates How Far to Go in Easing Deportations 
5/15/2014Speakers Discuss Problem of ‘Brain Waste’ Among Skilled Immigrants Educated Abroad 
5/15/2014The shortage of farm workers and your grocery bill 
5/14/2014Immigration court tech crash drags on 
5/14/2014Bipartisan immigration bill would extend visa program 
5/13/2014Law Enforcement Officials Expect ‘Reboot’ Of Secure Communities 
5/13/2014Obama makes new pitch for immigration reform 
5/12/2014STEM Labor Shortage Pushed by Lobbyists To Get More H-1B Visas, Researcher Says 
5/7/2014USCIS On Immigration Consultants Sentenced for Filing Bogus Asylum Applications 
5/6/2014DHS Announces Proposals to Attract and Retain Highly Skilled Immigrants 
5/6/2014Obama administration to let some highskilled immigrant spouses work in US 
5/5/2014Immigration Reform Isn’t Just About Numbers—It’s About Skills, Too 
5/5/2014What happens to children when parents are detained or deported? 
5/1/2014Florida’s Senate Votes to Let Illegal Immigrants Pay In-State College Tuition 
4/29/2014Report: “Nonjudicial” deportations, criminal charges up since 1996 
4/28/2014Visa overstayers comprise 38 percent to 50 percent of unauthorized U.S. residents, per 2006 calculations 
4/24/2014Prosecutorial discretion rarely used in immigration cases 
4/24/2014Obama administration may unveil new deportation policy in two stages 
4/23/2014Computer bug bogs down immigration courts 
4/22/2014How immigration reform will benefit US and Asia 
4/21/2014US weighs curbing deportations 
4/18/2014Sheriffs Limit Detention of Immigrants 
4/18/2014Homeland Security Reissues Immigrant Asylum Rules 
4/17/2014Court deportations take dramatic plunge 
4/15/2014No Executive Action on Immigration Overhaul for Now 
4/15/2014Original Co-Sponsors of H.R. 15 Send Memo Seeking More Discharge Petition Signatures 
4/15/2014Should Obama use the power of his pen to turn the tide on immigration reform? 
4/14/2014Bill would reserve visas for math, science doctorates 
4/13/2014Deported Without Seeing A Judge: One of the Worst Parts of the Immigration System 
4/8/2014Immigration Reform Advocates: Heavy-Handed Obama Deportations Hit Minor Offenders, Not Serious Criminals 
4/8/2014Obama’s Immigration Options 
4/6/2014More Deportations Follow Minor Crimes, Records Show 
4/3/2014GOP lawmakers plan to pass portion of immigration reform 
4/3/2014Tech Industry’s Stance on Immigration Scrutinized 
3/31/2014Bishops seek immigration reform during border trip 
3/28/2014Immigration Advocates Asking Business Leaders for Push 
3/28/2014Tech Executive Sounds Alarm About Need for U.S. Investment in STEM Education 
3/26/2014Democrats Look to Force Vote on Immigration Reform 
3/25/2014Immigration Reform Would Reduce Deficit By $900B In 20 Years, Says Federal Agency 
3/25/2014The changing face of citizenship 
3/24/2014House Democrats press for immigration vote 
3/21/2014Immigration debate takes center stage in Erie 
3/21/2014Son reunited with mother after month of immigration custody 
3/20/2014GOP Optimists Challenge Common Wisdom on Immigration 
3/19/2014Charges reduced, immigrant hopes to stay in US 
3/19/2014Economists: Increasing immigration is one of the ways to spark growth 
3/19/2014Tech flips the script on immigration foes 
3/19/2014Why more skilled immigration would be good for American workers, too 
3/19/2014SEC Press Release on Chicago Case Settlement 
3/18/2014Convictions Surge for Illegal Immigrants Who Try to Return to U.S. 
3/17/2014Irish Americans lobby for immigration reform 
3/17/2014What Does Obama Administration Immigration-Enforcement Review Mean For Deportation Policy? 
3/13/2014Obama, Citing a Concern for Families, Orders a Review of Deportations 
3/11/2014Immigration change gives legal status to undocumented relatives of US military 
3/10/2014Justices Let Stand Ruling That Illegal Aliens Have Standing to Sue for Violations of FLSA 
3/10/2014Tennessee: One immigration bill advances, another stalls 
3/10/2014New York program gets public defenders for immigrants 
3/7/2014O’Brien seeks to avoid immigration-services fraud 
3/4/2014White House Budget Boosts Immigration Enforcement 
3/4/2014Immigration Roundup: Enforcing Enforcement 
3/4/2014Immigration Reform: Obama Proposes Bed Mandate Reduction, Keeps Program That Deputizes Local And State Law Enforcement 
3/3/2014U.S. Supreme Court declines immigration cases By Lawrence Hurley 
3/3/2014South Carolina ‘Show Me Papers’ Dispute Is Settled 
3/3/2014U.S. immigration policies: A little something for everyone to hate 
3/3/2014Report Finds E-Verify Impacts Wages Of Likely Undocumented Immigrant Men 
2/27/2014Paralegal for Immigration Law Firms Charged With Sham-Marriage Fraud 
2/26/2014Washington state expected to enact college aid for undocumented immigrants 
2/25/2014600-plus business groups press for immigration 
2/25/2014Economists Push for Immigration Overhaul, Acknowledge Legislation Faces Uphill Battle 
2/24/2014Glenwood Springs rallies for family tangled in immigration red tape 
2/23/2014Young Immigrants Turn Focus to President in Struggle Over Deportations 
2/22/2014A plea for open doors 
2/19/2014Attorney: Deportation Directives Unevenly Applied 
2/17/2014Polls: Public’s immigration priorities changing 
2/14/2014Why immigration reform matters 
2/13/2014U.S. loses nearly half of deportation cases 
2/12/2014Nebraska City Votes to Keep Rule Aimed at Illegal Immigrants 
2/12/2014Record number of Americans Give up Citizenship 
2/11/2014Farm Group Seeks Immigration Changes 
2/11/2014Federal budget: Government dumps immigrant investor, entrepreneur programs 
2/11/2014B.C. property market hazy after ‘millionaire visa’ scrapped 
2/11/2014Ketchum Business Owner Sentenced for Immigration Fraud 
2/10/2014In Strategy Shift, Immigration Coalition Targets GOP Lawmakers 
2/10/2014Former Guatemalan special forces officer sentenced for covering up involvement in 1982 massacre 
2/9/2014Swiss Voters Narrowly Approve Curbs on Immigration 
2/7/2014Three Reasons Boehner Hit Pause on Immigration Reform 
2/6/2014India extends visa-on-arrival facility to 180 countries 
2/5/2014Report: Immigration Agency Should Seek EB-5 Help 
2/5/2014House GOP Cools to Immigration Overhaul 
2/4/2014Boehner unsure on immigration vote 
2/4/2014Vass firm charged in worker visa fraud scheme 
2/4/2014America needs more immigrants like Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s new CEO 
2/3/2014GOP appears to tap immigration brakes 
2/2/2014How immigration reform is shaping up to affect entrepreneurs, business owners 
1/31/2014Obama Open to House GOP Immigration Plan 
1/30/2014Legal Status, Not Citizenship, in GOP’s Immigration Plan 
1/30/2014Boehner Releases Immigration Principles 
1/28/2014Obama careful on immigration in State of the Union, lawmakers say 
1/27/2014Speakers Discuss Types of Citizenship Paths, How They Play Out Economically, Politically 
1/27/20145 things to watch in the GOP immigration plan 
1/24/2014BPC Report Says U.S. Needs Immigration To Counter Aging of Populace, Build Economy 
1/24/2014For House Republicans, new momentum on immigration reform 
1/23/2014Immigration back on GOP agenda 
1/21/2014States Take Lead in Boosting Immigrants 
1/21/2014State Immigration Laws Spiked in 2013 After Lull in 2012, NCSL Report Shows 
1/19/2014Immigrants Jailed Just to Hit a Number 
1/17/2014U.S. House GOP To Introduce Shortly New Immigration Plan, Including Path To Legal Status 
1/15/2014Inside the House GOP’s immigration push 
1/15/2014Prosecutorial discretion on the rise in immigration courts 
1/14/2014Republican Ideas on Immigration Could Legalize Up to 6.5 Million, Study Says 
1/14/2014Obama is using executive power to affect immigration law 
1/10/2014GOP preps for its big immigration play 
1/9/2014Bob Goodlatte pushes immigration solution 
1/8/2014House Republicans Preparing Plan for Immigration Overhaul 
1/8/2014Christie celebrates DREAM Act signing 
1/7/2014Is 2014 the year for immigration reform? 
1/6/2014California’s ‘Trust Act’ Goes Into Effect, Limiting Deportations of Undocumented Immigrants 
1/3/2014Immigration bills may take months to hit House floor