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Immigration Updates – 2005

11 Jan

Date News Stories

11/10/2005 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Announces Long-Term Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Strategy – DHS Plans Include Increased Worksite Enforcement
11/10/2005 Erroneous PERM Labor Certification Application Denials and PERM System Glitches Prevalent
11/10/2005 Department of Labor (DOL) Backlog Elimination Centers (BEC) Provide FIFO Procedural Clarification
11/10/2005 The New E-3 Visa – Requirements and Procedures for Application
11/10/2005 Senate Committee Clears Proposed Legislation “Recapturing” Unused H-1B Numbers from Previous Fiscal Years
11/10/2005 Visa Waiver Program Travelers Must Now Present Passports with Digital Photographs
11/10/2005 Senate Committee Clears Proposed Legislation “Recapturing” Unused Immigrant Visa Numbers from Previous Fiscal Years
11/10/2005 The Netherlands Relaxes Work Permit Requirements
9/13/2005 H-1B Non-Immigrant Visa Numbers Remains
9/13/2005 FEMA Clarifies Which Foreign Nationals are Eligible for FEMA Disaster Relief Assistance
9/13/2005 Further Retrogression of Immigrant Visa Availability
9/13/2005 DHS Partially Waives Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Requirements
8/11/2005 H-1B Cap Alert Does Not Impact Filings
8/11/2005 FY 2006 H-1B Cap Could Be Reached
8/2/2005 U.S. Department of Labor Continues to Address Glitches in the Perm Labor Certification Process
8/2/2005 Tindall & Foster Attorney to Accompany Clients
8/2/2005 Visa Bulletin Reflects Continued Unavailability of Immigrant Visa Numbers for Employment-Based, Third Preference (EB-3)
8/2/2005 Backlogs for Nonimmigrant Visa Appointments at U.S. Consulates
8/2/2005 Visas For Chinese Students and Exchange Visitors to be Issued for One year, Multiple Entries
8/2/2005 DHS Announces Changes to Passport Requirements for Visa Waiver Program Travelers
8/2/2005 H-1B Cap Alert