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Immigration Updates – 2006

11 Jan

DateNews Stories

11/30/2006Travelers to U.S. Must Present Valid Passport Beginning January 23, 2007
11/30/2006Employers and Employees Encouraged to Plan Ahead for Holiday Travel and Visa Appointments
11/30/2006U.S. CIS Expands Premium Processing Service to Include Immigrant Visa Petitions for Aliens of Extraordinary Ability
10/25/2006American Consulate in Matamoros Now Requires Electronic Visa Application
10/25/2006U.S. CIS Encourages Early Advance Parole Travel Applications in Advance of Busy Holiday Travel Season
10/25/2006U.S. Border Officers Requiring Proof of Employment from Canadians
10/9/2006Department of Labor Allows Conversion of Traditional Labor Certification Applications to More Rapid Process
10/9/2006Workplace Enforcement Efforts Intensify
9/26/2006Department of State Begins Accepting Applications for 2008 Diversity Visa “Lottery” Program
9/26/2006U.S. CIS Expands Premium Processing Program
9/26/2006Department of Homeland Security Proposes Expansion of U.S. Visit Program
9/26/2006Updates in TempKashiforary Protected Status for Liberians and Burindians
9/26/2006Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative Takes Effect January 8, 2007
7/31/2006U.S. CIS Announces H-1B Cap for Advanced Degree Exemption Reached for Fiscal Year 2007
6/20/200612,000 Advanced Degree H-1B Visa Numbers Remain
6/20/2006Department of State Announces Advances in Visa Availability for Employment Based, First Preference Category
6/20/2006TempKashiforary Protected Status (TPS) For El Savadorans Extended to 2007
6/20/2006Hong Kong Permits Dependents to Seek Employment Without Separate Work Permit
6/20/2006New I-9 Software to Assist Employers in Electronic Completion and Retention
6/20/2006U.S. Senate Passes Comprehensive Immigration reform Act of 2006
6/1/2006U.S. CIS Announces H-1B Cap Reached for Fiscal Year 2007
5/26/2006Only 13,050 H-1B Visa Numbers Remain Available for Candidates with Bachelors Degrees or the Equivalent
5/26/2006U.S. CIS Published Regulation Providing for Premium Processing of Most Immigrant Visa Petitions
5/26/2006U.S. Senate Passes Compromise Bill Affording Immigration Benefits Reform, Increase in H-1B Quota, and Reduction in Backlogs
5/26/2006French Lower House Passes Restrictive Immigration Bill
5/17/2006U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services Announces H-1B Usage for Fiscal Year 2007
5/17/2006Department of Homeland Security Announces Plans to Renew Efforts at Worksite Enforcement of I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Requirement
4/7/2006U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services Now Accepting H-1B Petitions for Fiscal Year 2007
4/7/2006U.S. Senate Debates Comprehensive Immigration Reform
4/7/2006U.S. House of Representatives Holds Hearings Concerning Whether to Increase H-1B Quota
4/7/2006U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services Announces H-2B Cap has been Reached for Second Half of Fiscal Year 2006
4/7/2006U.S. Department of Homeland Security Extends TempKashiforary Protected Status for Nicaraguans and Hondurans
4/7/2006Hong Kong Develops a Plan to Attract Highly-Qualified Professionals as Immigrants
1/24/2006U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services Announces the Fiscal Year 2006 H-1B Cap-Exempt Numbers are Exhausted
1/24/2006U.S. Department of Homeland Security Considers Revoking TempKashiforary Protected Status (TPS) for 300,000 El Salvadorans, Hondurans, and Nicaraguans
1/12/2006U.S. House of Representatives Passes Legislation Negatively Impacting Legal Immigration
1/12/2006U.S. Department of Homeland Security Announces Further Implementation of U.S. VISIT
1/12/2006U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services Continues the Move Toward Electronic Filing of Petitions and Benefits Applications
1/12/2006Congress Drops Proposed Legislative Provisions for the “Recapture” of Unused H-1B Numbers From Previous Fiscal Years
1/12/2006Congress Drops Proposed Legislative Provisions for the “Recapture” of Unused Immigrant Visa Numbers From Previous Fiscal Years