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Immigration Updates – 2011

5 Jan

Date   News Stories

12/16/2011   Immigrant Visa Availability Advances Significantly for EB-2 India and China
12/8/2011   Foster, LLP Announces That Gary Endelman Has Joined The Firm
12/1/2011   Immigrant Quota System May Change to “First-Come, First-Served” in 2014
11/30/2011   Foster, LLP Announces Three New Partners
11/23/2011   U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) Announces the H-1B Cap Has Been Reached
11/21/2011   Foster Immigration Update – Doing Business in Brazil: Ensuring Your Employees are Compliant with Brazilian
11/17/2011   H-1B Cap Likely to be Reached Soon
11/10/2011   Foster Immigration Update on Immigrant Visa Availability-EB-2 Advances for India and China
11/10/2011   Big December Advancement Of EB‐2 Cut‐Off Dates For China & India
11/7/2011   USCIS Will Return to Prior, Longstanding Practice of Sending Original Form I-797 Approval Notices to the Attorney of Record
11/4/2011   USCIS Redesigns Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and Certificate of Citizenship
11/2/2011   Blanket L-1 Visa Applications in India will be Consolidated in Chennai
11/1/2011   H-1B Visa Usage Continues Steady Increase; H-1B Cap Could be Reached Before the End of November
10/27/2011   Fiscal Year 2012 H-1B Quota Likely to be Reached Soon
10/24/2011   Heavy Scrutiny Continues for B-1 Business Visitor Visa Program
10/19/2011   DHS Extends Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Sudan and Announces New TPS for South Sudan
10/11/2011   November Advancement of EB-2 Cut-off Dates for China & India
10/5/2011   Upcoming Foster Immigration Update Seminar: The New Normal in Immigration: Handling Increased Government Scrutiny
9/29/2011   Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Relaxes Restrictions on Driver’s License Issurance to Visitors
9/22/2011   U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Now Sending Original I-797 Approval Notices Directly to the Petitioner/Applicant
9/16/2011   USCIS Initiative to Promote Foreign Start-ups and Changes in the Social Security Administration’s Number Policy
9/16/2011   Immigrant Visa Numbers Unavailable Until October 1, 2011
9/15/2011   U.S. Embassy and Consulate Procedures
9/15/2011   Priority Cases for Removal and Changes in CIS B-2 Adjudications
8/22/2011   Upcoming Foster Immigration Update Seminar: The New Normal in Immigration: Handling Increased Government Scrutiny
8/5/2011   DOL Suspends Issuance of Most Prevailing Wage Determinations
7/5/2011   Advisory on B-1 Visa Program Scrutiny
6/16/2011   ICE Issues 1,000 New Form I-9 Notices of Inspection
5/31/2011   TPS Extended For Haitian Nationals
5/27/2011   U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Immigration Law
5/25/2011   F-1 OPT Extensions and H-2B and H-1B Visa Caps
5/24/2011   CIS Document Tracking and Immigrant Visa Availability
5/18/2011   Global Immigration Compliance Webinar
5/16/2011   CIS Launch of New New I-9 Central Web Resource
4/28/2011   Termination of NSEERS Registration
4/28/2011   F-1 OPT Extensions
4/26/2011   B-1Visa Program Enforcement and H-1B Enforcement
4/13/2011   Resumption of Social Security No-Match Letters to Employers
4/11/2011   H-1B Cap Count and Immigrant Visa Availability
4/7/2011   What Happens with Immigration if the U.S. Government Shuts Down?
3/28/2011   Foster Immigration Update on H-1B Petitions, E-Verify, and Consulate & Embassy Closures
2/28/2011   Foster Spring Immigration Update Seminar
2/16/2011   Export Controls Attestation, B-1Visas, and Combined EAD and Advanced Parole Travel Cards
2/3/2011   Save the Date: Foster Immigration Update Seminars
1/28/2011   H-1B Cap Reached
1/13/2011   New M-274 Handbook for Employers Fills Gaps in Form I-9 Guidance
1/5/2011   H-1B Visa Quota & Global Entry Program