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Leading firms in WWL: Corporate Immigration 2018 by number of listed lawyers

12 Apr

This year’s research features 639 leading corporate immigration attorneys who come highly regarded for their experience in the legal immigration and naturalisation of skilled workers. The individuals listed here specialise in assisting corporate entities navigate the increasingly complex regulatory environments in jurisdictions around the world through sophisticated immigration planning and counselling advice.

Leading Firms
Who’s Who Legal does not list law firms, only individual lawyers. The leading firms are those in each region whose listed practitioners received the most total nominations in our research.

Immigration powerhouse FRAGOMEN DEL REY BERNSEN & LOEWY achieves an impressive 26 listings in its offices across the US.
Daryl Buffenstein in Atlanta is regarded as “one of the greats” of US immigration law due to “his tremendous experience and expertise”. Sources are quick to point out his “foundational” influence on the development of the area.
The “excellent” Kevin Miner is a leading name at Fragomen. He comes “highly recommended” for his skill in immigration planning and strategy.
Bo Cooper is a huge name for immigration strategy who “does outstanding work” in the policy space. His deep experience in both private practice and the US Immigration and Naturalization Service make him a strong choice for clients seeking advice.[RW1] Steven Ladik enjoys an excellent reputation for his expertise in the sports industry and strong compliance practice.

Full-service immigration firm WOLFSDORF ROSENTHAL sees 12 standout practitioners listed here.
“First-class practitioner” Bernard Wolfsdorf ”has built a major powerhouse practice”, according to sources. He is widely regarded as one of the leading names in the immigration law in the USA.
Founding partner Cliff Rosenthal is a huge name for green card and US citizenship applications, and enjoys a superb reputation for his work in the space.
Avi Friedman is described as “the go-to person when it comes to consular processing issues”, say interviewees, who add, “He is very knowledgeable with questions concerning US consulates abroad.”
David Fullmer is held in high regard for his expertise in corporate and investment-based immigration. Sources say, “He is extremely diligent and responsive to client needs.”

With ten listings, FOSTER performs well in this year’s research.
Firm chairman Charles Foster is an outstanding lawyer who is widely endorsed for his extensive knowledge across a broad range of immigration matters.
Robert Loughran is a go-to in Texas who is “one of the best” for complex immigration and nationality issues.
Todd Fowler is highly visible in the market and receives international endorsements for his deep expertise in the space.

Specialist immigration firm KLASKO IMMIGRATION LAW PARTNERS achieves three listings.
The “impressively knowledgeable” Ronald Klasko is highly regarded as “a great leader of the immigration bar”. Peers speak highly of his expertise in EB-5 visa applications.
The “bright and creative” William Stock is known as “a really knowledgeable adviser with an excellent mind for the details”. He has more than 20 years’ experience representing businesses of all sizes in complex immigration issues.
Peers regard Elise Fialkowski as “a wonderful lawyer” and “one of the best immigration attorneys” in the market, highlighting her deep expertise in policy and compliance.

Full-service SEYFARTH SHAW sees seven highly regarded lawyers listed here.
Angelo Paparelli is “a real warrior” for his clients and boasts fantastic expertise in the immigration aspects of M&A and restructuring. Peers say “He is a longstanding player in the US market and is a very highly regarded immigration attorney.”
Senior counsel Dawn Lurie draws praise for her commercial insights and is recognised as one of the leading lawyers for EB-5 investment strategy.
Sharon Cook Poorak is a prominent figure in the market who enjoys a superb reputation as “one of the top lawyers” for H and L visa applications and compliance.

Five immigration specialists from KUCK IMMIGRATION PARTNERS are recognised here.
Charles Kuck occupies a prominent position at the forefront of the US market. He is “a very bright and dedicated” practitioner who is held to be “one of the best” for large-scale corporate immigration issues.
Dustin Baxter “is a great lawyer” with an outstanding reputation for his expertise in US immigration and nationality law. He is a seasoned litigator of whom peers speak highly for his work in complex disputes.

SISKIND SUSSER is home to four highly regarded practitioners.
Gregory Siskind is “a tremendous advocate” who “is really attuned to the political environment. He has a very good sense of how to get things done in Washington.” Peers speak highly of his expertise in physician immigration.
Lynn Susser is regularly engaged by multinationals from a broad range of industries to assist with complex immigration matters. She impresses peers with her strong practice and regularly appears before the Memphis Immigration Court and USCIS.

Two lawyers from CYRUS  D MEHTA & PARTNERS are listed here.
Cyrus Mehta is “the best lawyer in New York City”, say peers, who add, “He is at the top of his game and a leader in his field.” He is an esteemed expert in Indian and US immigration and is one of the most highly ranked individuals in this year’s research. One source comments: “Everyone should have a direct line to Cyrus.”
Cora-Ann Pestaina is recommended for her expert handling of complex immigration issues for major multinational clients in the IT, healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

MILLER MAYER achieves five listings in the corporate immigration arena.
Stephen Yale-Loehr “is an incredibly smart attorney” who is widely regarded as “a leading authority on US immigration law”. He boasts more than 30 years of experience and is once again named among our Thought Leaders in this space.
Rosanne Mayer is a seasoned expert in EB-5 investor visa matters and is a trusted adviser to a range of clients from the technology and medical sectors.
Carolyn Lee chairs AILA’s EB-5 committee and is a great authority on all matters relating to investor-based visas. Peers hold her in extremely high regard as “a leading EB-5 attorney”.

Three esteemed practitioners from Boston-based immigration firm CLARK LAU are highlighted here.
Vincent Lau is a revered practitioner for US immigration matters with a superb reputation for his broad expertise in accomplishment-based visas.
The “excellent” Steven Clark is a longstanding fixture in the market and comes highly recommended for his extensive knowledge of H, O and L visas.
Erin Hogan has broad experience in immigration and citizenship matters. Peers endorse her expertise advising clients in the science and arts sector.

FREDRIKSON & BYRON achieves three listings in this year’s research.
Peers regard Laura Danielson as a “go-to” lawyer for all visa matters in the arts sector. She is highlighted for her expertise in investor-based visa applications.
Robert Aronson is “absolutely brilliant” for complex immigration issues in the healthcare and IT sectors.
Loan Huynh is a highly regarded practitioner who “is very well versed in a broad range of immigration matters”.

Standalone immigration firm BARST MUKAMAL & KLEINER sees three outstanding lawyers listed here.
Deborah Notkin is an expert across a full spectrum of immigration issues. Peers speak highly of her expertise in E-2 visas and sophisticated advice to entrepreneurs.
Alexis Axelrad is held in high esteem as “a very critically thinking attorney who produces practical results for her clients in a very efficient way”.
Emre Ozgu is a seasoned immigration adviser who enjoys a superb reputation for his work in the space.

CASCADIA CROSS-BORDER LAW specialises in US and Canadian immigration matters and sees two practitioners listed here.
Margaret Stock is “the leading name in Alaska” say peers, who highlight her as a “very knowledgeable” lawyer, particularly in relation to military immigration.
Greg Boos is a “highly recommended” adviser to a range of major multinationals with deep expertise in complex immigration strategy.

LAURA  DEVINE SOLICITORS’ New York office is home to two highly regarded lawyers.
Anastasia Tonello heads the firm’s US offering and stands out as “an outstanding practitioner” with a superb reputation for her expertise in consular-based adjudications.
Jennifer Stevens impresses peers with her “in-depth knowledge and commitment to improving the quality and consistency of UK immigration law”.

Two immigration specialists at ZULKIE PARTNERS are mentioned here.
Paul Zulkie is “a big name” in Illinois who comes “highly recommended” for his razor-sharp policy expertise.
Susan MacLean is a renowned expert across a broad spectrum of immigration issues and comes highly regarded for her work in corporate matters.

Two Colorado-based practitioners from JOSEPH LAW FIRM are highlighted in this year’s edition.
Jeff Joseph draws praise for his “high-level knowledge on a wide variety of immigration issues” and strong expertise in I-9 and H-2B visas.
Kirby Gamblin Joseph is a “highly recommended” attorney who is endorsed as “a leader in practice management education”.

HAIGHT LAW GROUP in Los Angeles achieves two listings.
Catherine Haight is commended as “an outstanding employment practitioner who does great work for her clients”.
Lorna De Bono “is a really smart, plugged in lawyer” with broad expertise in immigration law. She regularly advises clients from the IT, finance, sports and entertainment sectors.

DICKINSON WRIGHT is a full-service firm that sees two esteemed lawyers listed here.
Kathleen Campbell Walker is “a really knowledgeable lawyer at the top of the field” and impresses sources with the dedicated and responsive client service she provides to major clients from the healthcare and manufacturing sectors.
Lisa Duran is an esteemed immigration attorney who is highly regarded for her expertise in green card and E visas.,5KJ7V,9GRWCK,LMMJM,1