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MALAYSIA – New Dependent Pass Requirement and Potential Delays in Employment Pass Adjudication

3 Feb

New Minimum Salary Threshold for Dependent Pass Sponsorship

A higher salary threshold has been set for Employment Pass (EP) holders employed by Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) registered companies who wish to sponsor Dependent Passes (DP) for their spouses or children. The new minimum monthly salary is MYR 5,000.00 (USD $1,375). This minimum salary will also apply to any current EP holders who wish to renew their EPs and their dependents’ DPs this year.

EP holders who are not sponsored by MSC or ICT status companies are not affected by this rule change.

Employment Pass (EP) Projection Requirement for 2015

The Malaysian Expatriate Services Division (ESD) requires companies to file an Employment Pass projection registration application for 2015 before any EP applications can be filed. The processing time for the projection is approximately three (3) weeks from the date of filing. Any company that has not yet submitted its projection for 2015 should account for this 3-week delay when planning to submit a new EP application.

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