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MOZAMBIQUE – Some Embassies Now Requiring Pre-Approval of Visa Applications

2 Dec

Certain Mozambique embassies and consulates now require pre-approval of visa applications by the Mozambique Immigration Services in Maputo, Mozambique before issuing an entry visa. Embassies taking part in the program estimate that this process will add approximately 8-15 business days to the processing times of most visa applications.

At this time, while many Mozambique embassies and consulates in Europe and the United States have not yet implemented this requirement, employers and applicants for entry visas should be aware of this potential process change and take into consideration the additional time it may take to secure a Mozambique entry visa on a forward basis.

As always, Foster will continue to monitor changes to visa requirements and procedures at foreign consular posts in the U.S., and around the world, and will provide future updates via our firm’s website at