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New poll reveals 72% of Hispanics favor merit-based immigration system

25 Jan

By Camilla Rambaldi,

SAN ANTONIO – A new Harvard-Harris poll shows nearly three quarters of Hispanics favor a merit-based immigration system rather than chain migration.

The poll was released just two weeks shy from Congress finding a compromise on immigration reform.

As a result, the future of the Deferred Action for Arrivals program, or DACA, remains in limbo.

“Every day feels like we are in a countdown. It’s really affecting us emotionally and physically,” said Jessica Azua, a local DACA recipient.

Azua has been with the program since 2012 and is a graduate of Texas A & M University. She currently works for the Texas Organizing Project in San Antonio on the West Side.

“What we really want is just an opportunity to get better. I think that’s the American Dream,” added Azua.

The Harvard-Harris poll revealed 72% of Hispanics prefer merit-based immigration instead of chain migration. or family based migration

“I was really encouraged that we are much more unified in our country stance on immigration than previously thought,” said Karen Marshall, President of The Young Republicans of Bexar County.

Marshall said she would support a DACA compromise, but under a few circumstances.

“It would need to include not just authorization but actual funding for a border wall in whatever form that may take in some areas. The new deal (needs to) eliminate chain migration and instead move to (a) skill-based immigration system,” explained Marshall.

We also asked Azua how she feels about the poll’s strong results for a merit-based immigration system.

“We have proven ourselves in the things that we are achieving. The things that we are doing. My life is here. I went to school here, I learned the language. I graduated from the University here. have my job here. My roots are here in my community here in San Antonio,” added Azua.

However, whatever the outcome may be, the local Dreamer said she’s sure of one thing.

“They can take DACA away, but one thing they won’t be able to take away is my education,” said Azua.

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce also released this statement to Fox San Antonio regarding the Harvard-Harris immigration poll.

“It’s clear that the majority of Americans are descendants of immigrants and are largely supportive of keeping our Dreamers in school or working and contributing to the U.S. economy. The Harvard-Harris Poll results are misleading because of the way that the questions were asked that may have been leading to the responses they sought to achieve to mislead how America truly feels about immigration.” -Ramiro A. Cavazos President & CEO, San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.