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Premium Processing Now Available for E-3 Specialty Occupation I-129 Petitions

25 Feb

On February 24, 2021, US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) expanded the availability of premium processing services (15-day adjudication) to include E-3 nonimmigrant petitions. 

The E-3 nonimmigrant classification is reserved for Australian citizens working in a specialty occupation on a temporary basis in the U.S.  A  position is generally considered to be a specialty occupation if it is one for which a bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent degree in a particular field of study is normally required.  

Premium Processing is a benefit that the USCIS offers to petitioners to expedite the adjudication of certain petitions if an additional filing fee is paid. The current filing fee for premium processing service is $2,500. Under standard adjudication, E-3 petitions filed with the USCIS are currently taking on average between 6 to 8 months. With Premium Processing, the E-3 petition will generally be adjudicated within 15 calendar days. 

There are two ways for an individual to obtain E-3 status in the U.S.  If the Australian national is outside the U.S., he or she may apply for the E-3 nonimmigrant visa at the U.S. consulate abroad.  If the Australian national is already inside the U.S. in a valid nonimmigrant status, the petitioner may file a Form I-129 petition requesting either a change to, or extension of, E-3 status with the USCIS. Thus, it is only those E-3 petitions that can be filed with the USCIS that are eligible for Premium Processing.  

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