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By REUTERS AUG. 9, 2017 MONTREAL — Canada has deployed soldiers to erect tents near the U.S. border to temporarily house hundreds of asylum seekers crossing from New York state, officials said on Wednesday, an influx of mostly Haitians prompted by fear of deportation by the U.S. government. Around 250 […]

By JONATHAN TEPPERMAN | JUNE 28, 2017 During a speech in Iowa last week, in the middle of his red-meat calls for a border wall and tougher immigration enforcement, President Trump called for something decidedly less sanguinary: “a total rewrite of our immigration system into a merit-based system.” This is […]

Canada has recently announced the implementation of a Global Skills Strategy aimed at prioritizing the adjudication of work permit applications in key “high-demand” occupations. As part of the new Strategy, the LMIA process will be streamlined through the removal of standard recruitment activities for certain qualifying employers. Additionally, certain work […]