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By NICHOLAS KULISH, CAITLIN DICKERSON and RON NIXON In Virginia, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents waited outside a church shelter where undocumented immigrants had gone to stay warm. In Texas and in Colorado, agents went into courthouses, looking for foreigners who had arrived for hearings on other matters. At Kennedy […]

Communities across upstate New York say an influx of refugees has helped alleviate decades-long struggles with dwindling populations and opportunities. By JESSE McKINLEY BUFFALO — Newcomers have filled up hundreds of empty homes and apartments, and poured money and energy into destitute neighborhoods. Former churches have been reborn as mosques […]

By Deepti Hajela and Amy Taxin In Orange County, California, dozens of immigrant parents have signed legal documents authorizing friends and relatives to pick up their children from school and access their bank accounts to pay their bills in the event they are arrested by immigration agents. In Philadelphia, immigrants […]

President Trump signed two Executive Orders on January 25, 2017, addressing both border security and interior enforcement.  These Executive Orders significantly expand the federal government’s priorities on who might be targets for removal (deportation) from the United States and authorize local and state law enforcement officers to act as immigration […]