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By Kevin Robillard Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly called on Congress to fix the nation’s immigration laws, arguing his department shouldn’t have as much discretion as it does on deportations. “I would argue, Chuck, that we have to straighten this out,” Kelly told host Chuck Todd of NBC […]

By Liz Robbins For years, it was an uneventful ritual. Unauthorized immigrants who weren’t considered a priority for deportation would meet with an Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer and be told simply, “See you next year.” The deportation officers, as they are known, were employing prosecutorial discretion, which let them […]

Federal immigration officials Tuesday evening denied that a new policy by Sheriff Sally Hernandez led them to conduct a major enforcement operation in the Austin area. But, in a hint of their changing strategy, federal agents said more enforcement is needed in places such as Travis County where local authorities […]