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Going to court is scary. Going to immigration court can be even scarier because, if you lose, then you could be detained and removed from the United States.  For some people who are fearful of returning to their country, it could also mean death or murder upon returning to their […]

By Lomi Kriel A Houston immigration judge who hasn’t heard cases for 10 months in the overwhelmed downtown court is no longer employed by the Department of Justice, a spokeswoman said Thursday. Judge Mimi Yam, who came to Houston from San Francisco in 2004 and had an unusual allergy to […]

By Lomi Kriel The backlog in Houston’s overwhelmed downtown immigration court grew more than 460 percent between 2010 and 2016, swelling from about 6,400 to 36,100 pending cases, according to a new analysis released Tuesday. With only six immigration judges on the bench, Houston’s court could see its case load […]