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Brendan Bordelon Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) stated his support for a highly-skilled guest worker visa program during a conference call on Monday. His comments gave the program a high-profile Republican backer as the tech industry worries about a potential crackdown on H-1B visas by the incoming Trump administration. “High-skilled workers are essential to […]

Silicon Valley and NYC aren’t the only places with a lot of foreign tech workers. According to a report released Thursday by Brookings Institute, metro areas like Dallas, Detroit and Durham-Chapel Hill have a big share of workers on H-1B visas, the most common visa for highly skilled foreigners. On […]

The US technology industry might finally get the immigration reform that it wants. Bipartisan Senate groups introduced two technology-focused bills this month. The Immigration Innovation Act – which increases the cap on H-1B Visas from 65 000 to 115 000, eliminates per-country limits on visa petitioners and lets spouses of […]