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Ted Cruz has for months repeated that when it comes to immigration, he has never supported granting “amnesty” or “legalization” to people in the United States illegally. He’s half right. Cruz once advised a White House working group that crafted President George W. Bush’s ultimately unsuccessful 2004 immigration overhaul, which […]

After days of struggling to explain his inconsistent record and rhetoric on immigration, GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz got a strong endorsement of his anti-immigration bona fides on Saturday. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), who previously blasted his own party’s immigration reform principals as an “extraordinary act of self-sabotage” and suggested […]

Beth Reinhard In 2000, Ted Cruz was known as a Texas-raised, Harvard-trained domestic policy adviser to the George W. Bush campaign. Bush was a two-term governor from a border state who was determined to fix what he saw as a broken, inhumane immigration system. Cruz helped craft the campaign’s immigration […]