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Trump Administration Proposes Electronic Registration for H-1B Lottery Before Filing Petitions

6 Dec

On Monday, December 3, 2018, U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (CIS) published a notice of proposed rulemaking in the Federal Register, proposing to introduce an electronic registration requirement and a change in the lottery process for H-1B petitions filed under the annual H-1B quota.

Under the proposed rule, employers would be required to register petitions through an electronic registration process.  Registrations would be subject to a random selection process (lottery), and only selected registrations would be permitted to proceed with a full H-1B petition under the annual quota.

Additionally, the proposed rule would invert the order in which the CIS conducts the U.S. Master’s Cap and H-1B Regular Cap lotteries.  Currently CIS conducts the Master’s Cap lottery first, and all U.S. Master’s petitions not selected in the Master’s lottery are entered into the Regular Cap lottery for a “second bite” at the apple.  Under the proposed change, CIS would conduct the H-1B Regular Cap lottery first, and then enter any unselected U.S. Master’s petitions in a second lottery to select the separate 20,000 Master’s cases exempted by statute from the regular quota.  The CIS indicates the agency expects the result to be a greater percentage of U.S. Master’s cases selected overall and a smaller percentage of Regular Cap cases selected overall.

Implementing a pre-registration process prior to the upcoming H-1B Cap filing season, for which H-1B petitions should be filed beginning April 1st, would be a monumental task.  It is likely that the system will not be in place and ready for implementation in time for the upcoming filing season; however, the CIS may seek to push forward with plans to invert the order for conducting the H-1B Regular Cap and U.S. Master’s Cap lotteries.  Such a change, though more impactful on odds of selection, would be least impactful on overall filing procedures and could conceivably be implemented for the upcoming cap season.  Before implementation, there is a notice and comment period which will expire on January 2nd, and the CIS must consider all comments submitted during the comment period. Click here to provide comments.

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