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Turkey and the United States Resume Reciprocal Visa Issuance

8 Jan

Escalating tensions between the United States and Turkey resulted in the October 2017 suspension of all nonimmigrant visa services at U.S. consular posts in Turkey. Turkey then reciprocated by terminating the same services at Turkish consular posts in the United States, including the e-Visa service for U.S. nationals, which allowed business travelers to obtain visas on arrival to Turkey rather than applying for a physical visa at a Turkish consulate abroad.

Turkish nationals may now apply for U.S. visas at U.S. consular posts in Turkey

Citing assurances from the Turkish government that U.S. Department of State employees at consular posts in Turkey would not be detained or arrested for performing their official duties, the United States resumed limited visa services in Turkey in November 2017 and full visa services in late December 2017.

U.S. citizens may now apply for Turkish visas at Turkish consular posts in the United States and utilize e-Visa service

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs reciprocated by confirming that all Turkish consular posts in the United States would begin issuing tourist and business visas to U.S. citizens. Additionally, it appears that the e-Visa application process has again been made available for U.S. citizens.