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UPDATE – Document Legalization Services Resume in Venezuela

13 Jun

On June 11, 2017, SAREN, the government agency in Venezuela that is authorized to issue Apostilles and legalizations on Venezuelan documents, announced that it has resumed document legalization services.

Last week SAREN’s offices suffered significant damages during anti-government protests, forcing the agency to suspend services. However, as a result of major recovery efforts conducted over the weekend, SAREN has been able to bring the electronic and computer systems that administrate its legalization services back online. Services have resumed at all agency offices throughout the country.

Foster cautions that inconsistent service delays continue to affect Venezuelan government operations more generally, and in spite of SAREN’s most recent update, individuals may still experience delays in legalization processes on specific requests.

Foster will continue to monitor events in Venezuela and will provide further updates on any immigration-related developments via our website at or Immigration Updates©.