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Immigration News – 2010

2 Jan

The links to the PDFs below represent immigration news and updates that occurred during 2012 and are provided as resources.

Date News Stories

12/29/2010 Justice Department Settles Allegations of Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices in Oregon and North Carolina
12/23/2010 GOP Shifts Immigration Rhetoric
12/21/2010 Immigration Agency Offers Companies Training in Exchange for Audits
12/21/2010 USCIS Reminds Hiaitians to Register for Temporary Protected Status
12/20/2010 Top Secret America
12/20/2010 The Dream Act Joins a Shameful Tradition
12/15/2010 ICE Arrests 13 on Document Fraud, Conspiracy, Identity Theft Charges
12/15/2010 Senate Bill Would Aid U.S. Entry For Foreign Entrepreneurs
12/13/2010 International HR Adviser: Global Immigration Update
12/12/2010 Opinion – The American DREAM
12/12/2010 Border Security, Immigration Reform Continue to Vex U.S.
12/10/2010 City Council Requires E-Verify for Businesses
12/9/2010 Uproar Over ‘Mass Firings’ At Minn. Chipotle Restaurants
12/9/2010 Salma Hayek: I was an Illegal Immigrant ‘for a Small Period of Time’
12/8/2010 50-Year Permanent Resident Faces Deportation Over a Stolen Tape Deck 30 Years Ago
12/7/2010 District Attorney Vance Announces Guilty Verdict in Case of Phony Chinatown Immigration Consultant
11/26/2010 Employment Visa is not a Foreign National’s Right: HC
11/24/2010 Estimates of the Legal Permanent Resident Population in 2009
11/22/2010 Green-Card Lottery Record — 15 Million Seek to Settle in U.S. Through Visa Program That Leaves it to Chance
11/15/2010 Immigration Enforcement Turns to Firms
11/15/2010 In Denial: Illegal Immigration Enforcers try to Find a Balance
11/10/2010 Justice Department Settles Allegations of Immigration-Related Employment Discrimination Against Hoover Inc.
10/19/2010 Justice Department Settles Allegations of Immigration-related Employment Discrimination Against Catholic Healthcare West
10/14/2010 Justice Department Announces Public Education Campaign Grants to Fight Immigration-related Employment Discrimination
10/14/2010 John W. Meyer in, Perjudica a Vivienda el Cambio Climático
10/4/2010 Abercrombie & Fitch Fined More than $1 Million After I-9 Audit
9/28/2010 Feds Fine Abercrombie $1M Over Immigration Issue
9/9/2010 U.S. Shifts Approach to Deporting Illegal Immigrants
9/3/2010 How Illegal Immigrants are Helping Social Security
9/3/2010 ‘Birth Tourism’ a Tiny Portion of Immigrant Babies
9/2/2010 Number of Illegal Immigrants in US Now Declining
9/1/2010 Dramatic Drop for Illegal Immigration
8/31/2010 Audits: ICE Turning Blind Eye to Undocumented Workers
8/31/2010 U.S. Files New Suit on Ariz. Immigration Issue
8/31/2010 ACLU: Fullerton Company Exploited Immigrants
8/30/2010 Immigrants Make U.S. Workers Richer
8/30/2010 When the Border Patrol Comes Aboard
8/30/2010 Immigrants Don’t Take Jobs From Americans, Fed Study Says
8/29/2010 Border Sweeps in North Reach Miles into U.S.
8/26/2010 Why It’s Getting Harder to Hire Foreign Workers
8/26/2010 Mexico Killings Show Migrants’ Plight
8/26/2010 Immigration Agency Ends Some Deportations
8/26/2010 Migrants Turn to the Sea to Enter U.S. Illegally
8/24/2010 Feds Moving to Dismiss Some Deportation Cases
8/23/2010 District Attorney Vance Announces Indictment of Phony Chinatown Immigration Lawyer
8/21/2010 Chop-Shop Workers and Bootstrappers: Chile Really Wants You
8/19/2010 DHS Annual Report – Immigration Enforcement Actions: 2009
8/17/2010 US Labor Department Obtains Nearly $1 Million in Back Wages and Interest for 135 H-1B Workers of Smartsoft International
8/17/2010 Attorney General Cuomo Shuts Down Seven Companies for Providing Fraudulent Legal Services to Immigrant Communities
8/17/2010 Immigration Bait and Switch
8/16/2010 U.S. Said to Plan Easing Rules for Travel to Cuba
8/15/2010 IT Firms Howling As Visa Fees Leap
8/14/2010 Looking for Action on Immigration
8/11/2010 ICE Chief: We’re Against Amnesty, No Administration’s Been Stronger on Removing Illegal Immigrants
8/6/2010 Senate OKs Bill Boosting Border Funding with Targeted Visa Fee Hikes as Offsets
8/6/2010 New U.S. Visa Fees Would Hit Indian Firms
8/5/2010 Does Restricting Immigration Improve Economic Performance?
8/3/2010 Illegal Immigration, the Real Story: Obama Administration Aggressively Enforces Existing Laws
8/2/2010 Asian Journal Agrees to Pay Nearly $516,500 to 32 Employees Plus a $40,000 Penalty
7/28/2010 Judge Blocks Parts of Arizona Immigration Law
7/27/2010 Immigrant Employment Gains in New York
7/26/2010 Immigration Facts, Figures — and Thoughts
7/26/2010 Immigration Divide May Stall Session
7/23/2010 Attorney General Puts an End to Three Illegal Immigration Services
7/22/2010 Burden Shifts from Workers to Employers
7/22/2010 U.S. Pledges To Speed Up Visa Process For Artists
7/17/2010 Immigration Enforcement Under Obama Returns to Highs of Bush Era
7/17/2010 What’s the Hire Date for E-Verify
7/16/2010 Administration Needs to Trumpet Immigration Success
7/16/2010 Immigration Fines Top $600,000 for Texas Companies
7/16/2010 Federal Prosecution of Immigrants Soared in Spring
7/15/2010 The Shifting Landscape of Passport Fraud
7/15/2010 Policing Illegal Hires Puts Some Employers in a Bind
7/10/2010 NY Woman Questioned Again and Again Over ID Mix-Up
7/9/2010 ICE Launches Secure Communities Strategy in 24 Additional North Texas Counties
7/9/2010 Illegal Workers Swept From Jobs in ‘Silent Raids’
7/6/2010 Civil Immigration Enforcement: Priorities for the Apprehension, Detention, and Removal of Aliens
7/6/2010 Justice Dept. Sues Arizona Over Its Immigration Law
7/4/2010 Houston’s Clergy Unites to Urge Support for Immigration Reform
7/2/2010 Kenya: Common Visa Favored for 5 East African Nations
7/1/2010 Obama Urges Fix to ‘Broken’ Immigration System
7/1/2010 In Speech, Obama to Argue for Immigration Overhaul
7/1/2010 Remarks by the President on Comprehensive Immigration Reform
6/30/2010 ICE Arrests 43 in Fullerton’s Raid
6/28/2010 Arizona Immigration Law to be Considered by US Supreme Court
6/24/2010 New York Mayor, CEOs for Immigration Reform
6/24/2010 Immigrant Farm Workers’ Challenge: Take Our Jobs
6/24/2010 US Cities, Companies Team up on Immigration Reform
6/23/2010 SPIN METER: Defining ‘Border Security’
6/21/2010 Nebraska Town Votes to Banish Illegal Immigrants
6/21/2010 27-Year Sentecne for Plant Manager
6/21/2010 Justice Department Settles Citizenship Status Discrmination Claims Against Morton’s Restaurant in Portland, Oregon
6/17/2010 Rebranding at ICE Meant to Soften Immigration Enforcement Agency’s Image
6/15/2010 Harvard Sophomore Faces Deportation After Growing Up in the U.S.
6/14/2010 Immigration Riles Republicans
6/14/2010 Justices Ease Deportation Rule in Minor Drug Cases
6/14/2010 The Immigration Brain Drain
6/14/2010 Arizona Immigration Law May Increase Phoenix Foreclosures
6/11/2010 Do You Take This Immigrant?
6/10/2010 Dems’ Tough New Immigration Pitch
6/9/2010 Feds Proposing $75 Immigration Residency Fee Hike
6/9/2010 Fee Increase for Immigration Papers Planned
6/9/2010 U.K. Introduces English Test for Immigrants
6/7/2010 Former Manager of Iowa Slaughterhouse is Acquitted of Labor Charges
6/7/2010 Reform Efforts put Immigration Laws Under Scrutiny – Charles Foster Featured
6/7/2010 Reviving Fast Lanes at Security
5/29/2010 Administration Opposes Arizona Law That Penalizes Hiring of Illegal Immigrants
5/29/2010 It’s Time to Bridge the Gap on U.S. Immigration Policy
5/28/2010 Maine Business is Shut Without a Renewed Visa
5/27/2010 A Massachusetts Move on Immigration Law
5/27/2010 E.U. Offers Visa-Free Travel to 2 Balkan Nations
5/20/2010 H-1B Visa Holders Earn More Than U.S.-Born IT Professionals, Study Claims
5/18/2010 A Generation Gap Over Immigration
5/12/2010 Joe v Jose
5/11/2010 U.S. Immigration Policy Critical for Tech Firms
5/11/2010 USCIS to Issue Redesigned Green Card
5/10/2010 Phoenix Could Lose $90M from Immigration Fallout
5/7/2010 Illegal Status of Army Spouses Often Leads to Snags
4/30/2010 Study: Illegal Immigrants Worth $1.8 Trillion to U.S.
4/29/2010 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Immigration and Border Security
4/28/2010 Dems Resolve to Move Reform Bill Without Republicans
4/26/2010 Managers of 2 Suburban Staffing Companies Charged with Hiring Illegal Aliens
4/23/2010 Frequently Asked Questions: Federal Contractors and E-Verify (Revised April 2010)
4/22/2010 Major Restaurateur Charged with Illegal Hiring
4/21/2010 ICE Plans for More Visa Security Units
4/21/2010 Tough Enforcement Against Illegal Immigrants is Decried
4/21/2010 San Diego-area Bakery, its Owner and Manager, Indicted on Federal Charges for Hiring Undocumented Workers
4/21/2010 Immigration Legislation Gains Tractions
4/21/2010 Do Databases Cross a Line in Border Checks?
4/19/2010 Immigration Reform Could Lead to Biometric Social Security Card
4/16/2010 Immigration Raid Targets Vast Network
4/15/2010 Study Belies Image of Immigrants in the Work Force
4/15/2010 Immigration Raids Focus on Shuttle Vans
4/15/2010 US ICE Press Release: Commercial Transportation Companies Implicated in Sweeping ICE Investigation Targeting Arizona Human Smuggling Networks
4/15/2010 Think Like an Immigrant
4/14/2010 Attorney General Cuomo Shuts Down Fraudulent Immigration Services Organization and Obtains $1.2 Million for Victims
4/14/2010 65,502 Foreign Workers Got Green Cards in 2009, Down 13.7 Percent From 2008
4/13/2010 Reid Hits Pause Button on Immigration
4/10/2010 From Senate Majority Leader, a Promise to Take Up Immigration Overhaul
4/9/2010 Traba EU a Inversionistas Mexicanos
4/9/2010 Mexicans Facing Reduced U.S. Visa Limits
4/7/2010 Open Government Plan – U.S. Department of Homeland Security
4/4/2010 Immigration Authorities to Search for Violations
4/3/2010 Opinion – Start-Ups, Not Bailouts
4/2/2010 Asylum Approvals for Mexicans Up
4/2/2010 Terror Victim’s Widow Mired in Immigration Battle
4/2/2010 Commends Release of Administration’s Surface Transportation Security Priority Assessment
4/2/2010 Report Faults Training of Local Officers in Immigration Enforcement Program
4/2/2010 Court: Defendants Entitled to Immigration Advice
3/31/2010 Court Requires Warning About Deporation Risk
3/30/2010 Mentally Ill Detainees’ Care Criticized
3/29/2010 Ready for Your Biometric Social Security Card?
3/27/2010 ICE Officials Set Quotas to Deport More Illegal Immigrants
3/24/2010 MALDEF, ACLU Win Permanent Injunction of Third Farmers Brach Anti-Immigrant Ordinance
3/24/2010 Television Review ‘The Senators Bargain’
3/23/2010 Unemployed Immigrants
3/22/2010 Immigration Overhaul Urged
3/22/2010 Justices to Weigh Law on Gaining Citizenship via Parents
3/21/2010 America’s Real Dream Team
3/21/2010 Recent Restaurant Raids show Immigration Agency’s New Strategy
3/21/2010 Sliicon Valley is Losing Foreign-Born Talent
3/19/2010 Immigrant Yearns to Leave the Sahdows
3/18/2010 2 Senators Offer Immigration Overhaul
3/18/2010 Senators Draft Plan to Rework U.S. Immigration Policy
3/17/2010 Federal Immigration Agents on Trenton Scare: We Don’t Raid at Random
3/16/2010 Work to Cease on ‘Virtual Fence’ Along U.S.-Mexico Border
3/11/2010 Immigration Courts Filled with Cases, Not Judges
3/11/2010 Justice Department Notice on Non-Discrimnatory Hiring Practices
3/11/2010 Eagerness to Relocate to Packs Event
3/10/2010 The Immigrant Stories and Economic Impact
3/10/2010 John W. Meyer featured in, Busca Casa en Texas? Prepare más Impuestos
3/9/2010 Opinion – Immigration Reform Affords Chance to Improve
3/9/2010 ID Card for Workers Is at Center of Immigration Plan
3/8/2010 Crackdown on Business Owners Reflects Change in Immigration Enforcement
3/8/2010 Annual Report of Immigrant Visa Applicants in the Family-sponsored and Employment-based preferences Registered at the National Visa Center as of November 1, 2009
3/8/2010 E-Verify: ‘E’ is for Error
3/5/2010 Five Common Misconceptions About Foreign Workers Offshore
3/5/2010 New Way Pushed to Verify Workers’ Legal Status
3/4/2010 ICE’s Role in Wyatt Death Debated
3/3/2010 Lawsuits Renew Questions on Immigrant Detention
3/3/2010 Why Old People Should Love Immigrants
3/2/2010 ICE Serves 180 Audit Notices to Businesses in 5 States
3/2/2010 AZ May Criminalize Presence of Illegal Immigrants
3/2/2010 Deportations to Tear Apart S.F. Family
3/2/2010 Who’s Creating US Jobs? Mexicans.
2/27/2010 U.S. ‘Surge’ Targets Illegal Immigrants Who Have Criminal Records
2/25/2010 E-Verify Misses Half of Illegal Workers, Report Finds
2/25/2010 Report: E-Verify has Difficulty Spotting Illegal Workers Who Use Fraudulent Identities
2/24/2010 Illegal Workers Slip by System
2/24/2010 U.S. Says IT Firm Underpaid H-1B Workers
2/22/2010 Editorial: One Small Step on Immigration
2/21/2010 Opinion – Porous Border Not so Scary
2/21/2010 Questions Over Drop in Migrant Population
2/20/2010 Opinion – Immigrants Contribute Greatly to Our Military
2/18/2010 Pasaporte Al Exito Workshop
2/18/2010 Low-risk, Legal Immigrants Being Deported
2/18/2010 Judge Keeps His Word to Immigrant Who Kept His
2/17/2010 The Criminal Alien Program: Immigration Enforcement in Travis County, Texas
2/15/2010 Poll: 52% Back Visa or Path to Legal Status
2/12/2010 Informants Can Greatly Aid U.S. Authorities But Still Face Deportation
2/12/2010 New Guest-Worker Rules Seek to Increase Wages
2/12/2010 $500K Fine for Immigration Violations Paid by Koch Foods
2/12/2010 Immigration Law Forces Encalada Family’s Painful Separation
2/11/2010 Green Cards for Green Cars
2/10/2010 U.S. Illegal Immigrant Popluation Declines for Second Year
2/9/2010 Estimates of the Unauthorized Immigrant Population Residing in the United States: January 2009
2/9/2010 Lawyers Back Creating New Immigration Courts
2/8/2010 Britain Plans to Cut Flow of Foreign Students
2/5/2010 Houston Bus Companies Were Links in Illegal Immigrant Network
2/3/2010 Bus Companies Accused of Immigrant Smuggling
2/2/2010 Suit Points to Guest Worker Program Flaws
2/2/2010 Report Cites Problems in Immigration System, Calls for Overhaul
2/2/2010 Feds Conduct Immigration Raids Around Houston
2/1/2010 Suspected Illegal Immigrants Say They Were Held Against Will
1/28/2010 2010: Año Para Empujar por la Reforma Inmigratoria
1/28/2010 2010: Year to Push for Immigration Reform — Before the November Elections
1/25/2010 Man Landed Two Local Jobs Using Oklahoma’s ID
1/22/2010 Thriving Military Recruitment Program Blocked
1/19/2010 Editorial – Secrets of the Immigration Jails
1/15/2010 Obama Gives Haitians in U.S. Illegally Temporary Protected Status
1/15/2010 Nonimmigrant Overstays: Brief Synthesis of the Issue
1/14/2010 Clinton: Immigration Status for Haitians Extended in US
1/14/2010 Immigrant-Services Groups and Their Founder Are Frauds, Suit Says
1/14/2010 Audit Leads to Mass Firings
1/13/2010 Phoenix Business Owner Gets 6 Months in Fraud Case
1/12/2010 Sen. Hutchison Unveils Texas Border Security Plan
1/12/2010 Study: Legalizing Undocumented Adult Latinos Would be Boon to State’s Economy
1/12/2010 Study: Amnesty Would Help Fix State’s Financial Woes
1/10/2010 Immigrants Invest in U.S. Businesses in Exchange for Visas
1/10/2010 SSA Fail to E-Verify 19 Percent of New Hires, IG Says
1/8/2010 A Special Visa Program Benefits Abused Illegal Immigrants
1/8/2010 Former Houston Law Office Employee Pleads Guilty to Immigration Fraud
1/7/2010 Legalizing Unauthorized Immigrants Would Help Economy, Study Says
1/6/2010 From ICE Woes to EEOC Complaint
1/6/2010 Tree Fruit Company Fires Workers After ICE Audit