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The University of Farmington in Farmington Hills, Mich., billed itself as a “nationally accredited business and STEM institution,” with an innovative curriculum, flexible class schedules and a diverse student body. But it had no curriculum, no classes and no real students, the authorities said this week. The university in the […]

The lottery for H-1B skilled guestworker visas will be getting an overhaul a mere two months before it takes place. A final rule released Jan. 30 by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services switches the order that the lottery is run to maximize the number of visas awarded to workers with […]

In the two years since President Donald Trump’s inauguration, the country’s immigration enforcement policy has expanded: Where once Immigration and Customs Enforcement focused on removing undocumented immigrants with criminal records, ICE officers have now expanded their scope to target all undocumented immigrants, regardless of background. According to a new report […]

Lists of potential noncitizen registered voters, provided by the Texas secretary of state’s office for investigations into possible voting irregularity, contain a “significant” number of names that should not have been included, county elections officials said Tuesday. Many names will be removed from the lists as validly registered U.S. citizens, […]