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By Abigail Hauslohner and Andrew Ba Tran, The Washington Post As the national immigration debate swirls around the effort to discourage illegal immigration by separating families at the border, the Trump administration is making inroads into another longtime priority: reducing legal immigration. The number of people receiving visas to move […]

Documenting Lawful Status – What Documents Must I Carry?

15 Jun

Recently, immigrants, nonimmigrants, and even U.S. citizens find themselves asking this question, and wondering what documents to carry daily. With the rapid changes in immigration law and policies, never before has it been more important to know one’s immigration status, legal rights, and the appropriate documents to carry while traveling […]

Since 2015, the EB-5 industry has been caught in limbo in anticipation of new legislation and USCIS regulations that will revamp the EB-5 immigrant investor program. These lingering proposed changes are still not final, not to mention agreed upon amongst government officials.  While the government continues to drag its feet, […]