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The im­mig­rants who have re­cently come to the United States are the most highly edu­cated in his­tory. A Pew Re­search Cen­ter ana­lys­is of U.S. Census Bur­eau data shows that 41 per­cent of im­mig­rants ar­riv­ing in the past five years had com­pleted at least a bach­el­or’s de­gree. By com­par­is­on, only 20 per­cent of newly […]

In early June, in cities across the U.S., immigration agents arrested more than two dozen Chinese nationals with unfulfilled deportation orders, telling them that after years of delay, China was finally taking steps to provide the paperwork needed to expel them from the U.S. But, not for the first time, […]

When it comes to understanding the relationship between immigration and crime, anecdotes are no substitute for evidence. And, as a new report from the American Immigration Council explains, the evidence has been clear for more than a century: high rates of immigration are associated with lower crime rates, and immigrants […]