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E-Verify & Form I-9 Audits

Comprehensive services to assist clients with Form I-9 compliance, record keeping, and verification requirements

The firm’s I-9 team provides expertise in all matters related to verification and anti-discrimination regulations governing the hire and retention of employees. In addition, the firm provides internal audits and guidance to support clients in avoiding federal employer sanctions for Form I-9, Social Security, and other employment-related violations.

Immigration Compliance Services

Foster LLP assists and advises employers throughout Houston, Dallas, Austin, and beyond with top-tier immigration compliance services. In today’s ever-changing environment, it’s more important than ever for employers to stay up to date with the latest rules in state and federal immigration law. Properly completing and maintaining the necessary immigration-related employment records (I-9 forms) and keeping careful records are important steps in retaining compliance. Our firm offers comprehensive services to help in these matters, including: 

  • Educating and advising managers and staff on the proper recordkeeping procedures
  • Reviewing current I-9 records and practices
  • Helping clients correct discrepancies in existing I-9 records
  • Helping employers develop plans for regular internal reviews
  • Monitoring changes in the immigration compliance laws
  • Developing comprehensive response plans for government requests, raids, audits, and other actions

If you want to minimize liability and ensure that your records are kept properly, retaining the services of a qualified insurance compliance professional is an important first step. Our experienced firm offers detailed advice and comprehensive assistance from start to finish; from auditing your company’s current practices to representing your interests before officials and investigators, we will help streamline your operation and provide peace of mind. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

Foster Services in Relation to Form I-9 Compliance Include:

  • Comprehensive Form I-9 Solver Audits Involving:
    • Form I-9 error mitigation advice;
    • Supervision of lawful correction of pre-existing errors;
    • Digitization of records including calendaring, reverification dates and retention dates;
    • Legal advice in the selection of compliant form I-9 software;
    • Lawful purging of documents not required to be retained;
  • Advice on the implementation of E-Verify;
  • Advice regarding temporary protected status;
  • Advice regarding E-Verify completion, implementation, compliance and business impact of E-Verify Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs);
  • Assistance in the resolution of Tentative Non Confirmations (TNCs) and Final Non Confirmations (FNCs);
  • Representation before E-Verify officials and ICE investigators;
  • Subpoena and notice of inspection representation and response;
  • Development and implementation of corporate strategies for verification and record-keeping;
  • Counsel and solutions for successfully avoiding employer sanctions for verification, anti-discrimination, and record-keeping violations;
  • Counsel and guidance for clients in distinguishing employees from independent contractors;
  • Representation in administrative proceedings before the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and OCAHO;
  • Training and education of staff and corporate leadership regarding state and federal legal and regulatory requirements.


Below is a listing of links to detailed information on Form I-9 procedures provided by the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and Social Security Administration.

Foster is not responsible for the content of the articles. Changes in immigration laws and policies occur frequently and the articles may not be immediately updated. Please be advised that interpretation of general information should not take the place of legal advice provided by an experienced immigration lawyer familiar with the specifics of your case.