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When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston last year, people from all over the country poured into the city to help complete strangers. I was so inspired by the selflessness of those who assisted others whose homes were flooded. It made me so proud to be an American, in a country where […]

The H-1B category is one of the most sought-after nonimmigrant classifications for foreign workers in the United States, but for years, a major limitation of the category was the fact that spouses of H-1B holders couldn’t work. Beyond the inability of these nonimmigrant households to have dual incomes like nearly […]

Fair Play

23 Jul

Life’s not always fair. There’s nothing like two decades of immigration law practice to hammer that home. Even so, while we know life’s circumstances are not always fair, we do expect a certain sense of fair play in U.S. government adjudications. But we are in danger of seeing that precious […]

Documenting Lawful Status – What Documents Must I Carry?

15 Jun

Recently, immigrants, nonimmigrants, and even U.S. citizens find themselves asking this question, and wondering what documents to carry daily. With the rapid changes in immigration law and policies, never before has it been more important to know one’s immigration status, legal rights, and the appropriate documents to carry while traveling […]