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Immigration News – 2009

2 Jan

The links to the PDFs below represent immigration news and updates that occurred during 2012 and are provided as resources.

DateNews Stories

12/31/2009Driver’s License Challenge Struck Down
12/31/2009U.S. Government Moving to Deport Longtime Legal Residents with Criminal Convictions
12/31/2009Officials End Pilgrim’s Pride Immigration Inquiry for 4.5MM
12/30/2009Pilgrim’s Pride Announces Settlement Agreement With U.S. Attorney’s Office for Eastern District of Texas and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
12/23/2009Postville’s legacy: Fix immigration law
12/23/2009Deported adults are leaving their citizen children behind
12/23/2009A place where all belong
12/21/2009Immigration Enforcement Fuels Spike in U.S. Cases
12/21/2009Immigration cases fuel jump in federal prosecutions
12/20/2009European Bloc Opens Borders to the Balkans
12/17/2009Thanks to Chicago Terrorists, India Changes Visa Rules
12/17/2009Immigration Reform and the Jewish Community
12/16/2009Gutierrez, Ortiz Introduce Bill in House to Overhaul Nation’s Immigration Laws
12/16/2009Immigration Screening Launches Today in City Jails
12/15/2009House Starts Immigration Reform Push
12/15/2009In-state rates for illegal immigrants attacked
12/15/2009Feds Allege Pennsylvania Staffing Firm Stockpiled Visas
12/14/2009Colorado Supreme Court Rules that Immigrants’ Tax Records are Private, Were Illegally Searched
12/13/2009SEIU Urges Coordination with Dept. of Labor to Target Most Egregious Employers
12/12/2009We Must Resolve to Fix Our Immigration System
12/11/2009Immigration Database Adding Self-Check Option
12/11/2009An Illegal Immigration Patchwork
12/10/2009Send Us Your Tired, Your Poor, But Only if They’re ‘Culturally Unique’
12/9/2009US Seeks Fine From Company in Immigration Case
12/9/2009Howard Industries Official Pleads Guilty in Raid
12/8/2009An Innovation Agenda
12/8/2009Target Workers in Walnut Creek Quit After Questions About Immigration Status
12/8/2009Report Analyzes High-Skilled Immigrants
12/8/2009USCIS H1B Antifraud Letter
12/7/2009CIS Plans to Introduce Program to Validate Employer Information on Visa Petitions
12/5/2009Washington Raid Brings Deportations, Mixed Signals
12/4/2009Audits Becoming the New ICE Raids
12/3/2009Immigrants Get the Runaround
12/3/2009Immigration Detention System Lapses Detailed
12/3/2009Immigrants Get the Runaround
12/2/2009Restaurants Closed After ICE Raids
12/1/2009Persistent Illegal Alient Sentenced, Again
12/1/2009Obama Aunt Anguished by Separation
11/30/2009Owner, Managers and Restaurant Corporations Sentenced for Hiring Illegal Aliens in Mississippi
11/27/2009Teacher Lives in Fear of Deportation
11/23/2009Electronic Employment Eligibility Verification
11/23/2009Columbia Farms Case Shows Need for New Policy
11/23/2009Immigration-Related Worksite Enforcement: Performance Measures
11/22/2009How the Recession’s Affecting Immigration
11/22/2009John W. Meyer in, Llevan Regios a EU Familia… y Negocio
11/21/2009ICE Audit Plan for Employers Includes El Paso, Draws Criticism from Rights Group
11/20/2009Obama Administration to Fine Employers as GOP Pushes to Replace Illegals with U.S. Workers
11/20/2009More than 160 Texas Businesses to be Checked
11/19/2009ICE Assistant Secretary John Morton Announces 1,000 New Workplace Audits to Hold Employers Accountable for Their Hiring Practices
11/19/2009Feds Plan Increased H-1B Site Inspections
11/19/2009ICE Audit Targeting 1,000 Companies 42 Houston-Area Businesses Among Firms that Must Prove They Comply With Immigration Law
11/17/2009Feds Plan 25,000 On-Site H-1B Inspections
11/13/2009Immigration Officials Weigh Fee Increase, Layoffs
11/12/2009Law Enforcement Officials Call for Immigration Reform
11/12/2009SRS Subcontractors Tighten Worker Certification
11/12/2009Balloon Boy Parents Plead Guilty to Lying
11/10/2009Don’t Blame the Workers. Blame the Employers.
11/10/2009Stealing Talent From Uncle Sam
11/10/2009Green Card Gamble: Investing in the U.S.
11/10/2009Diplomat Says Immigration Threw Him in Jail
11/9/20091,200 Janitors Fired in ‘Quiet’ Immigration Raid
11/9/2009Foster Fall 2009 Immigration Update Seminar – Rio Grande Valley
11/6/2009Grassley Pushes Immigration Authorities to Hold Employers Accountable for H-1B Visa Fraud
11/3/2009Justices Seek White House Input on Illegals
11/3/2009Crux of Immigration Case: Did Bosses Know?
11/2/2009Agencies: Glitch With Foreign SS Numbers Is Fixed
11/2/2009Walking A Mile In An Immigrant’s Moccasins
10/31/2009Obama Lifts a Ban on Entry Into U.S. by H.I.V. – Positive People
10/30/2009Federal Complaint: Filipino Teachers Held in ‘Servitude’
10/30/2009Un Balon de Oxigeno Para la Reforma
10/29/2009Slump Sinks Visa Program
10/28/2009Foster Fall 2009 Immigration Update Seminar – Rio Grande Valley
10/28/2009Groups Call for Balance in Labor, Immigration Laws
10/27/2009Worker-Status Checking Gets Done Without Fuss
10/25/2009Making New York ‘Immigrant Friendly’
10/25/2009Billionaire Aids Charity That Aided Him
10/24/2009Temp Agency Got $2.5 Million Using Illegals, Courts Say
10/23/2009Law Enforcement Officials Call for Immigration Reform
10/23/2009DHS Officer Charged with Bribery
10/22/2009Woman Guilty in Immigration Fraud
10/22/2009DHS Adjudications Officer Charged with Bribery – DOJ Press Release
10/21/2009Ignacio Donoso in KTMD-TV Interview, Explains why the U.S. Can’t Trace Foreign Visitors on Expired Visas (en Español)
10/21/2009Congress Passes Green-Card Bill for Spouses of Deceased U.S. Citizens
10/21/2009Minority Businesses Recognized
10/20/2009Ill Workers to File Complaints on E-Verify System
10/20/2009GAO Report Regarding Social Security Admininstration’s Data Exchanges Support Current Programs, but Better Planning Is Needed to Meet Future Demands
10/20/2009Poultry Firm: Deportations Hurt Defense
10/19/2009Immigrant Scientists Create Jobs and Win Nobels
10/19/2009USCIS Reminds Applicants for Travel Documents to Apply Early
10/13/2009Trial to Begin on Illegal Workers
10/13/2009Gutierrez Outlines Core Principles for a New Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill
10/12/2009Waiting Game: Visa Problems Continue to Frustrate Scientists Seeking Entry to the United States. Karen Kaplan Investigates the Roadblocks.
10/12/2009US Visa Nightmares. Barriers Faced by Foreign Scientists Seeking Entry to the United States do More Harm than Good.
10/7/2009FY2010 Conference Summary: Homeland Security Appropriations
10/6/2009O’Brien: Nobel Prizes Remind Us Why Immigration Matters
10/5/2009Nixon Peabody Hiring Partner: Student Recruitment Model is ‘Antiquated’
10/5/2009Houston Buisnessman Guilty of Harboring Cop Killer
10/2/2009Vetting E-Verify
10/2/2009Agency Plans for Visa Push by Residents Made Legal
10/1/2009Union Claims Filipino Teachers Held in ‘Virtual Servitude’ in Louisiana
9/30/2009Immigration Crackdown With Firings, Not Raids
9/30/2009Former Agriprocessors CFO Pleads Guilty
9/26/2009A Commitment to Citizenship
9/25/2009Film Fest
9/25/2009Immigration Faces Shortfall
9/24/2009Attorney Admits to Falsifying Immigration Papers
9/22/2009Pros y contras del E-Verify
9/22/2009Foster Fall Immigration Update Seminar
9/17/2009Foster LLP, 2009 Minority Professional Services Firm of the Year
9/17/2009Mace General Counsel Sentenced to Year of Probation
9/16/2009Man Sentenced for Employing Undocumented Workers
9/15/2009Overseas Stints for U.S. Workers Are Shorter but Still Challenging
9/15/2009Cassville Plant Pays $450,000 Fine in Immigration Case
9/14/2009Official: E-Verify Changes in the Works
9/11/2009Feds Launch E-Verify to Check Workers’ Legal Status
9/1/2009USCIS Update: Federal Contractors Required to Use E-Verify Beginning Sept. 8, 2009
8/28/2009Judge Upholds Verification Rule
8/28/2009Guilty Pleas Entered in Flowood Immigration Raid
8/27/2009USCIS Update: Expiration Date of Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 Extended to Aug. 31, 2012
8/26/2009New Houston Task Force to Fight Immigration Fraud
8/26/2009Kennedy ‘Fashioned the Modern Day’ Immigration System
8/24/2009Alcohol Factors into Increased Visa Denials
8/24/2009Nice Guys Finish Last
8/20/2009Obama Addresses Immigration Reform
8/19/2009Navarrette: Just Admit You’re Scared
8/19/2009Lucio: Of Passports and Midwives
8/18/2009U.S. Intensifies Audits of Employers
8/18/2009Months After Raid, Federal Prosecutors Charge Wash. Company with Hiring Illegal Immigrants
8/15/2009Some Lawyers Said to Prey on Illegal Immigrants
8/12/2009Napolitano Focuses on Immigration Enforcement
8/12/2009Alejandro Mayorkas Sworn in as USCIS Director
8/12/2009At House of Raeford, far fewer Latino Workers
8/11/2009Obama Sets Immigration Changes for 2010
8/7/2009Shipley Pays $1.5 Million for Hiring Illegal Help
8/6/2009Farmers Preparing for Strict Immigration Rules
8/6/2009USCIS to Accept New H-2B Fiscal Year 2009 Petitions
8/6/2009USCIS Reopens Fiscal Year 2009 H-2B Petition Filing Period
7/28/2009Feds Accuse Salt Lake City Law Firm of Helping Undocumented Immigrants Get Jobs
7/25/2009Constitution on Ice: A Report on Immigration Home Raid Operations
7/22/2009Do Not Be a Victim of Immigration Fraud
5/19/2009Magali Suárez Candler in KTMD-TV Interview, Explains Impact of New Policy of Immigration Checks For those Arrested for Any Infraction (en Español)
5/19/2009Immigration Policies and Issues on Health-Related Grounds for Exclusion
4/15/2009America’s Perilous Anti-Immigrant Protectionism
4/11/2009Magali Suárez Candler in KXLN-TV Interview on Nuestra Vida: Immigration Workshop (en Español)
2/2/2009Magali Suárez Candler KTMD-TV Houston Interview on Verificacion de Empleados (en Espanol)
1/30/2009Visa Waiver Program
1/23/2009Immigration-Related Document Fraud: Overview of Civil, Criminal, and Immigration Consequences
1/14/2009Homeland Security Intelligence: Perceptions, Statutory Definitions, and Approaches